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Top 10 Valentines Day Gifts For Your Partner



Keeping aside the discussion of ‘a gift’s a gift’, no matter what you choose to present to your loved ones, it should be meaningful. That’s the whole point of it, right?

When the time for personalization is already out of the question and Valentines Day is already knocking on the door, with sparkles and crackers stuffed in its coat, you better hurry and get something for your peeps that they’ll instantly fall for.

I am not saying you need to go down the ‘Kanye’ road and bombard (not spoil) your friends and family with exaggeratingly lavish presents, like a private jet or be Jamie Chua sending hundreds of Birkins bags to your acquaintances.

So what could you do? I’ve got your back on this. The best are the gifts that aren’t too obvious. Yet, these gifts convey a deeper meaning to a person every time they make use of what you gifted them.

So, below is a list of gifts you could buy for your partner, apart from that boring watch or that cliche pendant. Let me help you turn the present into something that’s gonna put a lasting impact on them. Something that doesn’t make them feel like it’s just an obligatory gesture on holidays.

So, Gift showers! Here we come! 

1.  Let’s Eat France

They say ‘the way to the heart goes through the stomach.’ Well, they say, right! If you’ve ever been to France, I am sure you can still savour the burst of flavours French enthuse in their meals. Even in the simplest of omelettes and the most sophisticated of pasta!  Flambeing, braising, poaching, and sautéing- all of this is what makes French food one of the best in the world. Succinctly, French food is tingling all the five senses and harmoniously adding the pleasure of taste to life.

Are you telling me you don’t know how to cook French food? It’s okay, neither do I.

This is why Let’s Eat France! makes the perfect addition to the stack of your foodie friend or the passionate ‘try-it-all’ chef who just can’t keep the spatula down. It’s a feast for food lovers and Francophiles. Combining equal parts fun and taste, bringing you a compendium of everything, the book gives you ‘larger than life’ feels. If you think it’s just another recipe book, I’ll pull you out of your delusion beforehand- it’s NOT! From a complete encyclopedia to a visual pleasure of infographics, Let’s Eat France! is a monster of 6 pounds that is sure to give your food enthusiast friend or the relative unbridled joy.

Part learning and part travelling.

What brings it to the top of the list is the lightheartedness of the book. Who doesn’t want to bring in a ray of humourous sunshine to the life of their loved ones? From recipes of mayonnaise to cassoulet to a delve in the country’s culture, its bread and wine and dishes you can’t spell names of, Let’s Eat France! isn’t just a gaudy book but a mix of nostalgic reverence and wit in equal parts.

Your forage to the secret recipe to the best of French Cuisine with answers to millions of questions you’ve always needed answers about French food ends here… C’est merveilleux.

2. Tom Ford Oud Wood Eau De Parfum

Didn’t I just say something about cliche gifts? Yes, but personally, perfumes are never a cliche gift for me; Whenever I have to choose something ‘special’ to gift someone that could actually deeply and inextricably link them to me, I choose the scent.

Do you ever just halt in your path to take in the smell of fresh marmalades that take you back to the warm, happy days? Or take the whiff of your partner’s aftershave that gives you a sense of comfort (and some major missing)?

That is the kind of power fragrances have on us. And what better gift to bring with you to your New Year peep than a fragrance that shall always be a part of them, reminding them of you and the warmth attached.

It’s true that fragrances are superpersonal to individuals. However, if you gift something that’s always a classic, it means even more to them. There’s nothing more elegant or classic than a Tom Ford EDP. The Wood Oud from Tom Ford has a slight spicy touch with a dash of sweetness. Tingling the senses provoking boldness, confidence, and luxury, it stays on for really long. Like a second skin, wearing it isn’t like wearing an additional scarf over the thick jacket and long boots. In simple terms, it becomes a part of you. It’s legit woody. Thus, if you know someone who is a frenzy for musk and earthly tones like the versatile wood, Tom Ford Oud EDP will definitely tune them in for some adventure and elegance.

3.  Which Would You Choose? 50 Amazing Dilemmas

You’ve been busy the whole year, and now it’s finally the time that you yearned the most. It’s time to share some laughter with your family and friends.

Hustling through work and studies, do you feel guilty for not having given enough time to your family and friends?

Yes? New Year is still your chance to make some lasting memories with After Dinner Amusements: Which Would You Choose? 50 Amazing Dilemmas.

This hilarious decision-making game is exactly what it sounds like: an adorable tin of cards that is sure to give you the laughs, make you knit your brows and roll with happiness over a keg of beer and luscious pizza.

Oh, there are kids? Cut off the beer, and you can still enjoy it as much. It asks participants to choose between downright ridiculous but thought-provoking questions. Questions that can have equally absurd, good, unpleasant, or funny answers. No rules!


The petite tins are portable, so you can carry the game with your friends on a trip. It’s a perfect gift to get a little loose, set the mood, and start with the lively conversation, trivia, and endless laughs.

Get ready to have moments imprinted in your memories for years to come.

4.Caymus Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon (1.5L Magnum) 2014

Party Code #101: Never come to the party empty-handed, or you’re definitely not getting invited again. When you’re running late for the countless reasons that start falling in all the wrong places, there’s not much you could contemplate about what to gift.

Wine comes laid on horseback to save you from your party distress with elegance and luxury beaming on its face.

The point is, a bottle of wine makes the best fail-safe gifting option when you’re running for the last-minute purchase. However, you should not buy any wine and gift it just for the sake of doing it. With about 10,000 varieties of wine grapes that are used to make countlessly different wines, buying one bottle and knowing that it’s perfect gets difficult.

Especially when you see all those bottles crammed up on the shelves of a local store.

What to do? You know what! Choosing a wine that isn’t too weighty and can go with most food that will be available at the party is the safest option to go with, and where the option is Caymus Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Magnum Wine. This wine is much more than a symbol of luxury and class. With a mix of fun festive bubbles and high palatability, Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Magnum Wine can greatly narrow down your hunt for wine. It is indeed a delicacy most enjoyed at the table. One that your recipient will definitely fall in love with.

5.Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker

For most of the workaholics and professional individuals, their life revolves pretty much around caffeine.

The whole of America runs on this energy-booster. There’s not a day a significant portion of Americans can go without it.

However, are we even starting to talk about the plights in finding quality coffee?

How nice would it have been waking up on a rainy day (or any other day) with sheets of cloud shrouding the tallest of buildings and finding a pre-made cup of hot brewing coffee concocted with just the right amount of strength, flavour, and beans?


Well, it doesn’t have to be a dream anymore with Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker.

Ah! The coffee maker, again!

Hold that thought before you go ahead with that. Saying everyone gets those cliche coffee-makers on family occasions and weddings isn’t so right. The justification here is that it’s SMART. With Alexa inbuilt technology, not just coffee, that automated voice makes a lot of things easier for your friend. If you had always considered her to only read forecasts, read newspapers or turn off and on some lights, there’s good news- she can now make coffee for you.

The smart controls can take the receiver of this cutting-edge machine by surprise with its easy app controls. The front fill, auto shutoff, drip-free carafe, and options for brewing strength to get the desirably tastiest coffee brewed in the span of seconds make it all the more ideal an option for a new year gift.

This smart coffee maker can be a delightful addition to the kitchen of caffeine addicts. Yes, I am talking about those that can’t function without sipping on at least 4 cups of coffee a day.

With work-from-home and the winters around, they could use some help from Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker. It brings out the most flavorful bursts of sensational coffee as soon as the cup hits the mouth.

6. Fizzics DraftPour Beer Dispenser

From being ruby-pink to cloudy grey, beer is perfect. Period. Whether you’re enjoying a pint with your friends or sharing bottles at an indoor party, beer loosens the tongue. It’s the beer that makes it all rainbows and ‘beer’cons with its socializing abilities.

No, really! Beer is a sociable drink, and why shouldn’t it be? If you are fanatic about beer, you’d know that the certain smooth taste, the fizz, and the taste isn’t common to every single beer. This makes them notoriously hard to shop for. However, you weren’t going to buy your friends a keg of beer, of course- I’ve got something that lies way outside the conventional presents box, the Fizzics DraftPour Beer Dispenser.

For every beer aficionado in your friends or family list, Fizzics’ DraftPour Beer dispenser can be an ‘indispensable’ gift! Get the joke? At home, beer is a great way to allow yourself to relish the rich texture watching Netflix and stuffing on popcorn, once in a while by putting a pause at the rest of the world. Fizzics DraftPour converts any natural beer carbonation into the right fizz consistency. Delivering the best of taste, aroma, and a balanced mouth-feel Fizzics DraftPour Beer Dispenser is through and through the best.

The best part is that it works with any beer. So whoever you’ll be gifting this gem won’t have to worry about which can to buy. I know that cracking open an ice-cold beer is extremely satiating and refreshing. However, at a point when you want your space and enjoy the greatness of beer from your home, there can be nothing better than some freshly poured beer on draft.

Fizzics Draft Pour Beer Dispenser makes it easy for your friend or family member to transform any bottled beer into nitro-style drafts to supercharge themselves into being bubbly and a mix of happy and outgoing for a while.

Let’s not forget how it’s going to be the star of any house-party!

7. 12 Months Book of the Month Subscription

Do you know someone whose definition of indulging means a book in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other? Maybe their library is stacked with books they’ve already read. But they are constantly in search of new books to read, explore, and treasure the characters with them?

Surely gifting them one single book isn’t going to be of any help out there. They will read the book in a week, and poof- it’s gone. So, what can you do? The simplest way to keep reminding your bibliophilic loved ones of your affection and warmth is to keep sending them recurring books. On a monthly basis.

But isn’t it going to be too hectic searching for a new book they’d like and then sending it over? Not with a subscription. If you haven’t heard of book subscriptions before, you’ve missed on some seriously amazing stuff, mainly during the lockdowns.

The Book Of The Month 12-Month subscription is supposedly the best in the market. From picks curated on YA to steamy romances, to thrillers and audacious comedies- Book Of The Month has it all! The boxes are adorably packed and deliver cutting-edge reads, most frequently with some goodies. These additions add a little tip to the corners of your bibliophile’s mouth. 

The BOTM team selects five new hardcover books from which the subscribers can choose to pick one that they want to read in the first month. Or, you can let the team select for you and see how the magic happens. The team has a really good choice at picking a genre and the best of books in it. The good part is that the subscriber has the power to skip a month’s subscription. This is in case they haven’t finished the book delivered previously.

From bestsellers to guilty pleasures, BOTM has it all. Supporting your geeky reader can not get better than sending them a Box Of The Month 12-Month Subscription to keep them ‘indulged’ into books and everything good all year.

8. Dodow Sleep Aid Device

It’s totally understandable when people don’t have time to catch up with each other. Most of the year, they have been hustling, trying to make ends meet, and making the most out of days. However, doing a run-in-the-mill job and working out simultaneously, thinking it’s going to make you fitter, is a notion. If you have been missing out on sleep, there’s nothing you can do to ensure a healthy life.

Again, there are some people that so desperately want to get lulled into sleep. However, as soon as they hit the bed, it’s a struggle between their thoughts of ‘what’s wrong with them’ and contemplation of ‘what they can do’! If your loved one is suffering from insomnia or just doesn’t get quality sleep due to depression or stuff, it can mess up with their health. If they keep waking up in the middle of the night with a greatly disrupted sleep pattern, Dodow Sleep Aid Device can be the best help.

A peaceful sleep can possibly be the best New Year gift for a troubled sleeper. Dodow Sleep Aid Device makes it possible.

Giving gifts is about the gratuity and gestures of care and wishing health. There’s no way better to wish someone good health than gifting the Dodow Sleep Aid device. It unambiguously bestows some quality sleep on them. It actually works and claims to have made 300,000 users sleep peacefully and faster. The soft blue light from the device allows the body to relax without inhibiting melatonin production. The intensity of the light could be changed depending on how sleepy you’re NOT. The metronome-type system allows individuals having difficulty sleeping, stimulating an effective relaxation response without the aid of pills or drinks.

Your loved one will thank you for every good night’s sleep they’ll be getting. Your thoughtful gift idea would be the first thing they’d think of when they put on their slippers and start their morning anew.

9. Goldbely 3-Month Pizza Subscription

There’s no reason anyone would NOT love pizza! I mean, seriously, it’s the epitome of a perfect snack. The feeling of the gooey cheese dripping down, the condiments bursting in the mouth, and the savoury sauce concealed underneath. Who doesn’t love that?

When you are downright baffled with all the choices of gifting around you, the safest and the most delicious to go for is a pizza subscription.

Trust me on this; they are going to love it!

Goldbely 3-Month Pizza Subscription is like Cindrella’s shoes for a gourmand and an absolute pizza-fan. Only that this shoe fits all. Now, they can not just savour it while watching a movie. They can go for a Netflix Marathon, or just spend the day in bed, lazily munching on pizza, or cook themselves a quick dinner with it. The possibilities are many, and so are the irresistible flavours and selections in Goldbely’s endless array of absolute deliciousness! From Chicago’s Iconic Deep Dish Pizza from Gino’s East to Nebraska’s Unique Rocket Inn Pizza, Goldbely has covered it all.

Trying to butter up your loved ones with a New Year bash? It couldn’t be better than getting them a 3-Month Goldbely Pizza Subscription. This allows them to get whatever luscious bliss they like, whenever they like.

It’s the safest bet.

Do they like traditional wood-fired pizzas with a hint of Italian dripping from it? Or are they into the deep dish thin-crust? Do they want extra cheese? Goldbely’s extensive list of toppings and doorstep delivery makes its Pizza Subscription one of the greatest in the town.

10. Apple Watch Series 6

A wristwatch is more than just a fashion statement- it moulds the way the recipient of it will perceive time. Gifting a watch is a daily reminder that no matter what, you’re always with them. With a watch, you’re giving them grim reminders of impending assignments and serving to speak of elegance.

Now it can be more than that! Smartwatches have changed the way people look at the classics. I’m not saying that the classics make a bad gift. But why not opt for something that can help your loved one stay healthy. Think of gifting a watch that keeps them in touch with the right technology that can potentially keep them fit?

Every year, people make resolutions to get lean, get back in shape, buff up or cut some extra pounds off the weight. All of this eventually dissolves as the months pass, but there’s one way to keep them going. Apple Watch Series 6 isn’t just the perfect gift for your iPhone-toting recipient; it’s the improved and ‘smarter’ way of saying ‘I care for you’. Apart from being timelessly cool, Apple Watch Series 6 is packed with some mind-blowing features. The improved always-on Retina display and the accurate blood oxygen sensor unlock a whole new era of wellness tracking.

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