Be it any genre, you will find a podcast that will drive your soul. From long car drives to doing household work, or while getting bored, the world cannot deny the fact that podcasts have become our best friends. Spotify offers a variety of podcasts. So, when you have nothing to do, you can dive into these podcasts for a little escapade.

We are all simply obsessing over these trends of the new world that are here to stay. But the best thing about podcasts is that there is one for all of your moods and personalities. However, have you ever thought about this – what makes a podcast worthy? In my opinion, the podcaster is who brings the essence to the table, and keeps the audience involved. With the content from the narration to the interviews, a podcaster isn’t the magician, he is the magic.

He or she, I am not a sexist!

The podcaster is the real hero here, as he is who ensures that you get to listen to one hell of a podcast. 

But not everything audible is John Legend (never mind, was just referencing ‘not everything that glitters is gold’). With so many podcasters that are flooding the industry as podcasts start getting the limelight, it can be difficult to find the right podcast hosts, follow them and listen to some of their best work. 

Now, you know who comes to save the day? Me! I have combed through several podcasters on Spotify who have made a name for themselves with their skills and storytelling. Digging into their lives, in a legal manner I assure you, I’ve learnt as much as I can about them to bring you a list of top 20 podcasters. These are people you NEED to follow on Spotify because they are too good to not be followed. 

Not to compare but they are John Legend(s) of the podcast industry if he ever did a podcast, that is!

  • Marc Maron 

Marc David Maron is a podcaster, actor, writer, and stand-up comedian (yes! So many things). From being a guest on the Late Show with David Letterman to making several appearances on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Marc is best known for hosting his podcast named WTF with Marc Maron. Having made an impactful appearance in GLOW and Joker, Marc is also a great actor. He isn’t just brimming with energy but also belly-aching humour that can tickle your nerves.

Which Podcast To Listen To:

WTF with Marc Maron: A podcast where Marc interviews several celebrities, authors, comedians, and musicians in an absolute witty and humorous way, WTF with Marc Maron is a podcast that takes place in Marc’s garage in Highland Park, LA. In one of the episodes of WTF with Marc Maron, Todd Glass made a public revelation that he was gay. This already gives an idea about how the show can not just be funny but also insightful. 

The podcast is very open. The various topics that Marc talks about are careers, past, different experiences, and fun life stories. The show has had quite an impact in these past years, and it is definitely worth it.

  • Lauren Lapkus

An American impressionist, comedian, voice actress, and actress, Dorthea Lauren Allegra Lapkus is popular for her role in OITNB. Lauren is also well-known for portraying Jess in the series named Crashing. 

Lauren has made appearances in several television shows including The Middle, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Jurassic World, @midnight, and Hot in Cleveland, among several others. Her podcast appearances include improv4humans, Bang! Bang, and her very own With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus, among others. Lauren has also been the voice of the character named Lotta in Harvey Girls Forever.

Which Podcast To Listen To:

With Special Guests, Lauren Lapkus: A podcast where Lauren makes the guest, the HOST, this show is an interesting watch that has a different take on the mainstream podcasting! If you are really into fun podcasts, then this one’s for you. Lauren puts all of her hosting duties onto a new friend every week and she is always the guest. The show is always up for surprises and you never know what’s going to happen in the next episode. Lauren landed on this podcast’s idea from the fact that she did not like to host things (oops! And still makes a great podcast host).

When the podcast started, Lauren used to come up with her own character, but eventually, it turned into a tradition. Gradually, the host started to decide Lauren’s character and tell her about it right before recording. Now, this is what makes the podcast more interesting, calling for improvisation.

  • Phoebe Judge

An American journalist, and a well-known personality, Phoebe Judge is well-known for hosting as well as co-creating two podcasts named This Is Love and Criminal. Phoebe is the recipient of several awards and her work has been featured on several radio programs on a national level. 

Judge anchors and interviews Here & Now, while she has also worked as the host, reporter, and producer of The Story, a public radio program listened to by millions of Americans.

Which Podcast To Listen To:

This Is Love: A podcast about low drama and beautiful narration, This is  Love is a podcast that aims to get out the mysteries and the chemistry of how relationships, romance, and such feelings impact a human. I may sound a little hyperbolic but the show is so respectful, well-paced and excellently narrated that it talks about personal issues from rage to career choices in a deep and impactful way. 

  • Nicole Byer 

Nicole Byer is an American podcaster, comedian, television host, actress, and writer popular for her portrayal in Nailed It! that earned Byer a nomination for the Primetime Emmy Award. She went on to succeed in terms of career as a podcaster, actress, and everything else that’s outstanding.

Which Podcast To Listen To:

Why Won’t You Date Me?: As boisterous and brazen as its host, Why Won’t You Date Me is a podcast where Nicole Byer talks about everything exciting with the comedians that come as guests. Nicole talks to them about their life, past, dating history, what being single feels like, sexual experiences. Her podcasting skills make them spill the beans in a healthy yet subtle manner.

Nicole has made it a trend to end the podcast by asking each of the guests a very tricky question- Would You Date Me? A few of the many guests that have been on Why Won’t You Date Me? include Brooks Wheelan, Emily Heller, Rachel Bloom, Joel Kim Booster, Jameela Jamil, Vicky Vox, Joel Kim Booster, and Sasheer Zamata, who if not rolled with laughter, have at least laughed out hard! The podcast revolves around love, sex, and relationships, and Byer’s hosting skills make it part interesting and part refreshingly bold.

  • Sam Harris

Sam Harris, popularly an author by profession has given five New York Times bestsellers to the world as he has written Future of Tolerance, Free Will, Lying, Waking Up, and Islam, The Moral Landscape, Letter to a Christian Nation, and The End of Faith. His writings cover several topics including meditation, human violence, religion, moral philosophy, and neuroscience among several other heavy topics that not everyone talks about. 

Harris’s work has been published in over 20 languages and it has also been highlighted in several publications including Rolling Stone, Nature, Scientific American, Time, and The New York Times. He is the creator of the Waking Up App, which is the golden ticket (or app) to everyone who wishes to learn the art of meditating embedded in a modern and scientific conceptualization.

Which Podcast To Listen To:

Making Sense with Sam Harris: In this podcast, Sam talks about the human mind, current events, and society in general. The topics of the podcast include the science of psychedelics, how technology impacts our attention span, and much more that will hold your attention to the last bit.

  • Nora McInerny 

With a beautiful family, a social entrepreneur, podcaster, and author, Nora McInerny is a hot woman and a popular personality who believes that having a bad experience does not mean that you have a pathetic life. She aims to motivate people and tries to make them feel good about themselves. Writing about dealing with loss and grief, she gives her work a personal touch, talking about life experiences that make her readers relate to her better.

One of her audaciously famous books is No Happy Endings, and she has also written a memoir called It’s Okay to Laugh. Having been a speaker at TEDWomen, she talks about grief and how to deal with it efficiently without letting your crown down. 

Besdes, Nora is also the founder of Still Kickin, which is a nonprofit organization for people who suffer from any kind of illness, death, or challenges in life that make them feel ‘this is the end’. Nora and her organization come as a ray of shining hope to these people, helping them overcome their obstacles through and through.

Apart from this, she also created a Hot Young Widows Club, a grief support group on Facebook that provides support to any widow or widower (for that fact) who reaches out to them. The inspiring part about the group is that it has over 6% of men followers who seek support to overcome the mourning.

Which Podcast To Listen To:

Terrible, Thanks For Asking: This is a podcast that doesn’t let someone emotionally suffering say ‘Fine’ to the question being ‘How Are You?’ In this podcast, McInerny talks to real people and asks them to share their honest and complicated feelings about how they are. The podcast is a mixture of all kinds of feelings including sad and funny. According to The New York Times, the podcast is a gift that sheds light on the importance of mental health the right way.

  • Anna Sale 

The host as well as creator of Death, Sex & Money, Anna Sale is a well-known personality in the showbiz industry. Anna Sale is a recipient of the Gracie Award for being the best podcast host in 2016. But she wasn’t always into showbiz; before she went on to create Death, Sex, & Money, Anna spent a decade covering politics. 

Which Podcast To Listen To:

Death, Sex & Money: A podcast that asks questions that might make you shift in our seat uncomfortably, but you sure do deserve the answers to them. In the podcast, Anna Sale interviews the guest while she asks the tough questions that are not discussed in general. The podcast goes on to feature numerous celebrities as well as experts, and it does not leave out general people watching the show, either. From love, life, and finance, to grief, success, and everything else, Death, Sex & Money covers all that’s important and should be out there, talked about which made its way to the New York Magazine’s #1 podcast of the year. 

  • Michelle Obama 

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama is an American author, and attorney who is well-known all across the globe as being the former First Lady of the United States starting from 2009 to 2017. Barack Obama’s wife, the 44th president of the United States, Michelle holds the title of the first American First Lady.

Michelle is a role model for several women across the globe and she inspires many to do what they want in life, constantly being an important face in politics, speaking for people’s rights amongst all the other important things. She has also worked as a poverty awareness, nutrition, education, healthy eating, and physical activity advocate. 

Wait! There’s more to her- she is a fashion icon with an incredible sense of the charm of dressing.

Which Podcast To Listen To:

The ichelle Obama Podcast: A show that features Michelle jumping into many deep conversations on several topics, The Michelle Obama Podcast has Michelle often inviting her family, friends, and many other colleagues on the podcast as the guests. From relationships to discussing one’s opinions on different unique topics, the podcast revolves around it all giving you valuable insights in general, apart from insight to the mind of the popular guests on the show.

  • Levar Burton 

An American television host, director, and actor, Levar Robert Martyn Burton Jr. is best-known for his portrayal in Star Trek. He has appeared in recurring roles in The Next Generation, Star Trek: Nemesis, Star Trek: First Contact, and Roots. 

Which Podcast To Listen To:

Levar Burton Reads: It is a podcast in which Levar aims for people to just relax, pause everything that is happening in life, and just listen to quality stories. Stories by Ray Bradbury, Neil Gaiman, Haruki Murakami, and several others are brought to life by Burton’s immersive and gripping narration in Levar Burton Reads.

  • Matthew Shaer 

Matthew Shaer is a regular writer for the New York Times Magazine, and he is also the correspondent for Smithsonian Magazine. Shaer’s long-form reporting can be seen in several publications including Men’s Journal, Harper’s Wired, New York, and The Atlantic, among others. Matthew’s Atavist Magazine story named The Sinking of the Bounty was National Magazine Award’s finalist in reporting, and he is well-known for his notable work. 

Which Podcast To Listen To:

Over My Dead Body: Best-known for the extensive use of sound, giving the podcast the true creepy vibes, Over My Dead Body is a podcast that will hook you to the end of each epsode with Matthew’s narration and the mindblowing crime stories. This American crime podcast is produced by Wondery. All the 19 episodes of the podcast go around an ongoing case and the story in all its eccentricity is what keeps you indulged.

  • Stephen Jackson 

Stephen Jesse Jackson is a former professional basketball player who hails from America. The player played in the National Basketball Association’s 14 seasons and went on to win the NBA championship in 2003. He is well-known for his skills, especially in terms of podcasting; I mean he is quite a man, and who wouldn’t love him, right?

Which Podcast To Listen To:

All The Smoke: Co-hosted by Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes, All The Smoke has featured several celebrities such as Shannon Sharpe, Kebin Garnett, Steve Nash, Deion Sanders, Kobe Bryant, DeMarcus Cousins, Kevin Durant, and Dwyane Wade, among several others, on the podcast. All The Smoke is a weekly series filled with all these NBA champions in their own skin while they talk about basketball, politics, music, social justice, and many other interesting topics that naturally come up in a conversation.

  • Karen Kilgariff 

An enthusiastic individual, American podcast host, television producer, actress, author, singer, comedian, and writer, Karen Kilgariff is an empowering woman who has written for numerous comedy shows such as The Pete Holmes Show, The Ellen Degeneres Show, and The Rosie Show. 

Karen can be seen in the 3rd and 4th seasons of Mr. Show and you can also spot her in The Book Group. Kilgriff is a beautiful, inspiring, and hard-working woman with a funny side that got her to where she is currently. Once, she paired up with Drennon Davis and recorded I Don’t Care, I Like It, a live album that consisted of many comedy songs that garnered love from all over the world.

Which Podcast To Listen To:

My Favourite Murder: This podcast will legit become one of your favourite podcasts if you are a fan of a good crime comedy storyline. Co-hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, the podcast has an impeccable Murderion dan base. It has already broken the download records by far!

  • Michelle Buteau 

Michelle Buteau is an American podcast host and stand-up comedian who stepped into the industry in 2001. After a roller coaster ride for many years, Michelle landed a role on Comedy Central. From then onwards, she went on to follow the path of success. Jumping to 2017, Esquire Magazine listed Michelle Buteau as one of the 10 comedians to watch for tear-jerking laughter. Buteau then went on to be the host of Late Night Whenever! which became 2018’s “one of the best podcasts of 2018”, as per Time Magazine. She has also made an appearance in several movies like Isn’t It Romantic, Always Be My Maybe, and Someone Great. 

Which Podcast To Listen To:

Adulting: A very light, fun, and energetic podcast, Adulting is a show that proves the fact that adulting is harder than we all thought, including the hosts. The hosts Jordan Carlos and Michelle Buteau talk with the most creative and funny adults out there. Also, they go on to answer one of the most crucial questions in life- What is an acceptable amount of money to spend on pillows? HAHA!

  • Joe Rogan 

Joseph James Rogan is an American mixed martial arts colour commentator, comedian, and podcast host who has also worked as an actor and television host. Rogan stepped foot in the industry in 1988 and made an appearance in several television shows such as NewsRadio and Hardball. He gained global acclaim after he launched The Joe Rogan Experience, as the audience got to see his refreshing and fun side that made all the difference. 

Which Podcast To Listen To:

The Joe Rogan Experience: is an audio as well as video podcast which is exclusively available on Spotify. It is known to be one of the most popular podcasts of all time, receiving millions of views per episode. The podcast has seen several artists as its guests talk about anything and everything which is nothing next to blabbering! 

  • Ann Friedman 

A media entrepreneur, essayist, pie chart artist, podcaster, magazine editor, and journalist, Ann Friedman is a lot of things. There is something in her that makes her a very unique and creative individual. Friedman is the co-host of Call Your Girlfriend. She is also the co-author of Big Friendship: How We Keep Each Other Close, along with her friend Aminatou Show. 

Friedman also writes for New York magazine, The Guardian, Elle, The Times, and various other high-profile magazines. Imply all major publishing platforms that content curators crave to seek an opportunity to write for. Moreover, Ann is The Gentlewoman’s contributing editor. This doesn’t end here- Ann is also a public speaker and a consultant on the future of media. 

Yes! I know the list was endless!

Which Podcast To Listen To:

Call Your Girlfriend: Hosted by Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman, the podcast talks about pop culture, politics, and everything else. Call Your Girlfriend has managed to gain a huge amount of active audience as each of its episodes gets hundreds of thousands of listeners. The hosts of the podcast can be described as fearless women who don’t think before talking about serious and uncomfortable issues. From body shaming to the menstrual cycles, these girls talk about it all. 

The show aims to shed a light on interesting, smart, and independent women and their life experiences. The team of the podcast consists of unapologetic feminists who support one another for what’s right, no matter what. If you love listening to something that is simply empowering – this is your podcast!

  • Liz Dolan 

A highly experienced business leader, Liz Dolan is a well-known personality known as one of the 100 Most Powerful Women in Cable. She was also featured in Woman of the Year in Sports, and 100 Most Powerful People in Sports. Dolan leads a perfect double life as this fearless woman is not only a business leader but also a podcaster. 

Moreover, Liz is the co-author of two books that she wrote along with her sisters. The books are: You’re The Best: A Celebration of Friendship and Satellite Sisters Uncommon Senses from Riverhead. Dolan is also a successful writer, writing for The Huffington Post and 

Which Podcast To Listen To:

Safe For Work: This is a podcast that started with a mission to make people understand the concept of creating a work-life that is satisfactory as well as positive. Liz, the host being the independent individual that she is, has opinions on almost everything. Something that may not digest well for some. However, the majority of her audience loves her. The podcast understands that life at work is not all fun and games. The podcast shows how life can rather be challenging, hectic, and quite ridiculous. Safe For Work is all about making you find happiness in what you do, and create a balance in life. 

Rico Gagliano and Liz Dolan join hands to advise you on everything. Ride on a journey that tells you how you can fake an illness when you’re using your sick leaves. Because why wouldn’t you? If you are someone who feels suffocated at the office and doesn’t know what to do about that one particular nosey co-worker, this podcast is made for you.

  • Josie Duffy 

Josie Duffy Rice is an American journalist and the president for The Appeal. It is a website that focuses on criminal justice. Josie’s work and skills have been noticed by various prestigious platforms such as Harper’s Bazaar, The NY Times, etc. Moving beyond her striking features, Josie is an incredible woman. Why? Because she has worked for a public defender organization which led her to join law school. 

Josie was always into writing legal work and soon she got into activism. Her work puts an emphasis on issues that relate to criminal justice including cash bail. It also talks about police brutality amongst so many other enlightening and controversial topics. 

Which Podcast To Listen To:

Justice In America: A podcast hosted by Clint Smith and Josie Duffy Rice, Justice In America is perfect for people who find it interesting to listen to about criminal justice reform. Every episode of Justice In America aims to cover a different issue of criminal justice. Everything is explained, and the impact of the situation is discussed. 

The hosts also interview several activists, organizers, journalists, experts, and practitioners, among other people who can make us learn. The podcast is all about learning something. Every episode serves its purpose by giving you a better understanding of these issues.

  • Jay Kang

An American editor and writer, Jay Caspian Kang is a writer-at-large at New York Times Magazine. He is also a correspondent on Vice News Tonight. Jay was also Grantland’s editor and he has also written a novel named The Dead Do Not Improve. 

Which Podcast To Listen To:

CoinTalk: This is a podcast that focuses on topics related to business & finance while putting the main focus on cryptocurrencies – the internet currency that is growing with leaps and bounds. The hosts, Jay Kang and Aaron take you on an extraordinary ride where they talk, laugh, and learn about Bitcoin. Not just that but everything else related to finance. A business freak? Tune into this podcast right now.

  • Richard Maclean Smith

Richard Maclean is a writer and podcaster who is part English part Scottish. As a writer, Richard has been developing several projects of TV drama. Richard loved the Twilight Zone when he was a kid and he simply loved watching TV. 

Which Podcast To Listen To:

Unexplained is an unsettling and haunting podcast, aired twice a week, talking about mysterious and strange events that happen in real life. It aims to find an explanation for such events. Richard Maclean is the show’s host and he brings a very unique as well as refreshing style to the stage. This is what makes this podcast different in its own way. To give it a sense of horror, a constant disturbing soundtrack is used to give the listener that extra zeal.

  • Kemp Powers

Kemp Powers is an American screenwriter and playwright popular for his work on One Night in Miami. Post One Night in Miami, he was loved by everyone. Powers then went on to write numerous scripts for Star Trek. Apart from his career as a screenwriter, Powers is also the first African American as the co-director in Pixar history. 

Which Podcast To Listen To:

Soul Music: It is a mesmerizing podcast that focuses on the power of songs. Each episode of Soul Music puts an emphasis on a single track. The podcast deeply analyses the impact that a track has on our emotions. You will get to hear many incredible stories about that music and it will simply soothe you. 

Phew, that was a long ride, wasn’t it? I hope that you enjoyed every bit of this journey, and got your hands on some podcasters. These are people that you can finally idolise. Now listen to these podcast hosts without foraging for the perfect show that immerses you in the content as a whole.

Keep listening (and reading my posts)!