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How to Get Featured on Forbes



The biggest shark in the sea, possibly the megalodon- that is what Forbes is like in the business and publication industry! Why? Well if it’s not the gentility that speaks for itself, Forbes has raised such a high bar for other magazines that once you are featured in one of its articles as an independent entrepreneur or as a company, you my friend, are walking the red carpet (if you were in Hollywood!)

Talking of Hollywood, Forbes is equivalent to the star director that millions want to meet and work with but do they all get the golden opportunity? No! Why? Because half of them aren’t serious about it and the other half either failed to impress the director (Forbes) in the first go, starting with an awkward ‘umm, hi… I am a big fan. Would you give me a chance to work with you’ or didn’t prove their worth?

Now, that you know where I was going with the analogy, you must be wondering how to get yourself featured on Forbes. Of course, you tapped on this post because you are curious to know about the tricks and tips that might come in handy!

As an entrepreneur, it would probably be on your wish list to get the best of exposure in every possible way. Well, let’s face it! It is definitely not easy because if it would’ve been, every entrepreneur would land on the Forbes list.

No worries, however, I can (try to) be your guardian angel helping you out with suggestions, tips, and tricks that can possibly get you featured on Forbes. I repeat again ‘possibly’.

How can I say that? Because I was there when it was written! (just kidding)

There are several platforms that allow you to get the desired exposure, but Forbes still tops the list as it is renowned all across the globe. I know you’re genuinely seeking help and I will give you my two bits to help you pitch yourself in the right way, get good COVERAGE and EXPOSURE (the golden ticket to Forbes Feature) and move towards getting featured on Forbes. But before all that, let me give you a little boost of enthusiasm and help you understand what are the ups of getting featured in Forbes in the first place – no grandiose exaggeration, just plain truth!

What are the perks of getting featured on Forbes?

Here’s a simple question:

Why do you feel like entrepreneurs are going gaga to be featured on this platform? Because it’s worth every bit of hard work and dedication that they have put to get featured. And why is it worth it? Well let’s understand that in detail below.

●Makes Way For Brand Reputation

When it comes to any brand, the brand’s reputation is one of the many key factors. Over the years, Forbes has managed to hold a prestigious role, and hence, a feature on Forbes will not only impact your brand’s reputation, but it will also gain you a lot of brand awareness.

●Makes It Easier For The Public To Trust Your Brand

In the modern era that we live in, it is not easy for people to trust any brand or company, as scams are all around you. Ask yourself a question- As a customer, do you trust any brand that shows up online? No, right? You check it out, do a thorough background check, see if the brand is involved in any scams, and then consider it for getting your hands on the goods or services.

Likewise, as an entrepreneur, you need to understand the customer’s perspective. With each passing day, one can see several brands opening up, but which one to trust? A feature on Forbes will give your brand credibility and people will be able to trust you instantly. It will act like reassurance and increase your brand’s chances amongst other competitors.

●Opens The Door For New Opportunities

This point is based on a simple fact- Forbes has a huge following, and it is a globally acclaimed magazine that is read by almost everyone.

Let’s consider this was some 1600s  and you’re a merchant with excellent trading skills but nobody gives you an opportunity to prove it. One day the king sees your worth and suddenly you are working for him – now, you’re the one everyone’s talking about and wanting to work with. You know who the king is – Forbes!

From investors, decision-makers, and C-level executives, to influencers, entrepreneurs, and other businessmen, every business-minded individual follows Forbes. It can be a little difficult to reach such important people and a feature on Forbes will open doors for several new opportunities, allowing you to make many new connections in your field.

●A Large Audience Means Better Clientele

A F.R.I.E.N.D.S. reference? Coming right up! Remember when Monica became the chef of that high-end restaurant? Before she worked there, she had several ups and downs career-wise as she was a chef at several other mediocre places. Now, what was different at that high-end restaurant? That restaurant was reputed and it already had a lot of people coming in. Once Monica joined, her work was appreciated by those customers which further led to more customers!

My point being, Forbes is just like that high-end restaurant. Forbes has created a large following and anyone who gets featured on the platform moves ahead to build a following of his own. The followers of the platform will potentially be turning into your clients.

●Several Skills And An Unforgettable Experience

It is not just about getting your brand out there, it is also about learning from the process. When you will work with the professional team of Forbes, I am sure that you will learn something new, each step of the way. Such experiences never go waste! In the world of business, these skills will surely come in handy! From writing to editing and publishing the final piece, the experience will be full of surprises.

●Other Publications Will Easily Feature You

Once you get featured on Forbes, it will become very easy for other publications to take a look at your potential and go ahead with featuring you on their platforms. Another reason is that other publications have faith that you are already familiar with the process, and hence, they will find it easier to work with you, rather than working with someone completely new.


Getting a link to your brand’s website can dramatically impact the referral traffic on your website. The best part is that this benefit will be never-ending.

Before you go ahead with the rest of the article, you also need to know that these results don’t need to show instantly. Everything has its time. You might not experience all the benefits right after you get featured, but trust me when I say this, when they come, it will all be worth it. Now that you know everything about the perks of being featured, let me take you to the next step. How to get featured on Forbes? Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

How to Get Featured on Forbes?

Aiming for the stars is what gets you there, if you’re all but stuck in a dark dungeon wishing to see a little light, that’s what you’ll see: a little light – you’re never getting out. So, EXPLORE and when you do that, you’ll know what you’re worth! In a nutshell, the first step to getting featured in Forbes is to be willing to be featured in Forbes.

After all the garrulous explanation and insights (which will always come handy), we’re finally here! In this section, I will talk about some of the many ways that can be used by you to get featured on Forbes. Let’s get started already!

Foundation Is The Key

The first step to get started with it, is to start it right! It can be a little overwhelming. I mean, do you remember when Pam finally gave up and dove into starting a new life with Jim? (The Office), or when Jim and Pam finally left Dunder Mifflin and moved to Philadelphia? Each one of these decisions were so hard for them, and it took them time to go ahead with it. Similarly, this is going to be like a new venture for you; you need to go ahead, manage your site, create something remarkable, and then pitch yourself to get featured on Forbes – it may be tough but it will be worth it!

Create a website for your company. Start publishing blogs. Post high-quality, and engaging content. Give details about your company. Make it interesting and intriguing. Think of your website as your portfolio. Your website will not only gain an audience, but it will also aid the purpose of serving you with a great pitch to showcase some great work.

Be Ready For Everything That Comes At You

Do you remember Rachel Green from F.R.I.E.N.D.S? If she wouldn’t have gone out of her way to start a new life, then she would’ve never been the successful individual that she was towards the end of the series. In short, she was READY to face the challenges that were thrown her way!

In this busy world, nobody has got the time to pass. When you finally decide to pitch your story, you need to ensure that it is interesting enough to be worthy of the reporter’s time. You have to make it a point to pitch a story that is worthy enough to be covered and to be featured in such a prestigious magazine.

Ask yourself innumerable questions while you create your story. Ask yourself why anyone should be interested in your story? Why should the reader care about it? What makes it exciting? This will help you write from the reader’s perspective and one of those readers will also be a Forbes’ journalist when you pitch in.

Once you have the perfect pitch, you have to be ready with a good press release- A short and crisp description of yourself. The trick is to not overdo it, you are not a salesman. Just give a hint about yourself to leave the reader interested in reading the whole feature. Leave a little excitement and mystery to catch the attention of the reader.

Directly Message The Contributors

Yes, you read that right. Learn to be upfront like Phoebe from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. She was a badass who simply knew what she wanted and ended up getting it. I mean, I don’t expect you to be a badass, but you can actually look for contributors and writers of Forbes on Facebook or Twitter and as soon as you find one, don’t just bombard them with your pitch and everything else. First, check out the entrepreneurs they have written for and see if your story is equally worthy and if you feel it’s inferior, IMPROVISE and make it better! There’s no quitting!

Text them with a short and crisp version of your pitch and wait for them to reply. One important thing that you need to keep in mind is that these people are very busy. Do not expect a reply in minutes. Wait for a week or a day or two at least, before you message them again. You want to win them, instead of pestering them.

HARO Is Known To Be Effective

Help A Reporter Out, also known as HARO is basically a tool that is used by several writers out there to get quotes from leaders as well as industry experts. Now while you are on a mission to get featured on Forbes, HARO might come in handy to make the job a little easier for you.

All of these writers that are on HARO work for high-end platforms like Forbes, New York Times, and Inc. among others. The best part is that if you simply amaze these writers by answering their questions, you might get your hands on the Forbes feature. What’s the bonus you ask? A backlink to your website will help your site in terms of SEO.

Now you know that HARO can be a way for you, but what to do in order to get through it? Let me give you an insight into a few tricks that you can use:

  1. Don’t answer in a very general manner, and don’t go out of your way to talk about other things. Stick to the point, and give the answer to what is asked.
  2. Don’t take too long to answer, as someone else might get selected before you do. Be as quick as you can.
  3. Save all of your answers in your notes, as you might get several similar queries. This way, you will be able to save a lot of time and energy by sending your already made sample.

Patience Is The Key

Do not give up. Reach out to as many Forbes reporters as you can, and be patient. Until and unless you have a PR agent by your side, the whole process will take a few days or it can even take a few weeks, so be patient if you’re all on your own.

Another thing that you can try is to build good and healthy relationships with a few Forbes reporters. It can be difficult to do so initially, but once you get there, a reporter might say yes to featuring you on Forbes. And that’s the dream, right?

Do you want me to give you another trick? Oh, you win! So, you should also take a look at other publications of Forbes and you can share your feedback with the writer or simply comment on your thoughts. It might be an effective way to grab that particular writer’s attention.

Take Baby Steps And Move Your Way Up To Forbes

You cannot expect to just jump onto a feature in Forbes. Pitch yourself to get featured on small level blogs, and slowly climb your way towards the big baby! Depending upon your niche and your brand, look for platforms that feature entrepreneurs related to your industry, and take that shot.

Once you start getting featured on these blogs, you will not only create a good base for yourself, but you will also feel confident to go pitch to get featured on Forbes as you will be more familiar with the whole process. Hence, I suggest you move ahead one step at a time.

It’s not a bad thing to be a toddler when you’re new to something! Acting like a know-it-all isn’t getting you anywhere!

Got Featured On Small Platforms? Act Smart And Use It As A Leverage To Target Forbes

As soon as you get featured on comparatively small platforms, use these features as a way to get to Forbes. These features will increase your credibility and it will increase the chances of you getting featured on Forbes. When a Forbes journalist does a background check, your feature on small platforms will pique his interest, giving him an idea that if some of them are talking about you, you have something worth talking about.

Stay Active On Social Media

Social media is a pretty strong tool in today’s world, isn’t it? Have an active social media presence, talk about yourself, your business, your story, gain an audience, and get a good following. Using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram can be great ways to create an active presence. Engage with those who are following you, and collaborate with several influences however you can.

Yes, this is a long-term process. You cannot create a social media presence overnight. It might take a few months for you to become known on a larger scale over social platforms, but once you do, it will be worth it. You can use your following and presence as leverage when you pitch to get featured on Forbes; this way you will gain a lot of credibility, and all in all, this step should not be skipped.

PR Agencies Know What They Are Doing

Another way to get featured on Forbes is by hiring a PR agency. Hire a professional to do the job for you. This part is definitely not free, but it is worth every penny you spend (unless you are at a shady PR Agency that promises you not the moon but Jupiter along with it).

You won’t have to go through any hassles if you go on to hire the right PR agency. Remember how Dwight was Michael’s ‘Assistant To The Regional Manager’ at the beginning of The Office? He handled everything, and Michael? He sat and chilled.That’s exactly how it would be like if you hire a PR agency. The professional will go through the whole process, and you won’t have to get frustrated.

Put Quora To Use

Quora has a widespread community and with more than 100 million users on a monthly basis, Quora is a platform that can be used by you to achieve your goals. You can answer the questions that are related to your field of expertise, talk about yourself, and make yourself visible on the platform. Moreover, taking a look at the answers of other expert individuals will allow you to improve your ways.

Now,you do know it’s not moonwalk and none of these steps you take will be easy. However, your goal is to get featured on Forbes and that is not something that will come easily, anyway. But here is the big ‘BUT’. What if you don’t get featured on Forbes (no negativity intended but a possibility is a possibility) So, hey, the article isn’t over yet! Hop onto the next paragraph to take a look at what else I have to say. What are you waiting for? Chop chop!

3 Other Magazines where can you look to get featured

Now, it is not possible for everyone to land on Forbes. Only a few selective entrepreneurs get a chance to be featured, and hence, you can only do your best, while hoping to be a part of this experience.

On the bright side, that is not the end of it. Forbes is definitely a prestigious magazine, but it is not the only one. There are a few other high-end magazines, which hold the same level of reputation. Getting featured in these magazines will also allow you to enjoy the same benefits, and I am sure that you will get to the place where you want to be.

Following are the 3 other magazines that will give you the same exposure, and help your business in all the possible ways:

1.   Business Insider

Business Insider is a magazine that came into being in 2007. The magazine was started by Henry Blodget, and it has grown to become a prestigious source of digital news. The magazine aims to talk about everything relating to business and it aims to feature the generation’s business leaders. The magazine has a huge reader-base as it reaches over 25 million readers worldwide.

2.   Entrepreneur

The second high-profile magazine on my list is Entrepreneur. An American website as well as magazine, Entrepreneur’s vision is to be filled with the stories and news about several topics that relate to the field of business and finance along with talking about the emerging entrepreneurs who are making a change in society. The magazine is owned by Peter Shea, and Jason Feifer is Entrepreneur’s editor-in-chief.

3.   Inc.

Last but definitely not least, Inc. is an American magazine which started in 1979 and apart from the six annual print issues of the magazine, Inc. also publishes online videos and articles on a daily basis on its website. The website catches the attention of more than 33 million views every month, and has an audience of 1.4 million people, making it one of the top business magazines out there.

It is not an easy job to get featured in any of the prestigious magazines, but as an entrepreneur, you can only hope to do your best, and grow along the way.

Whether you get featured or not, I am sure that you will learn a lot during the process and that the experience that you will gain will be immeasurable. So, while I sit back and watch some other iconic shows to bring you references, go out there and do your best to get featured in Forbes and earn a name for yourself in your industry!

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Top 20 Startups to follow in Europe




Ever since startups became a phenomenon, it hasn’t stopped. PayPal’s creator, Peter Thiel is considered an authority figure when it comes to raising equity for startups. What he observed and what shall always remain true for the startup community is that the next Bill Gates will never build an operating software. Neither will the next Zuckerberg create a social networking site for us. If we intend to emulate them, then we have learned nothing from them.

A startup is all about new ways to ease the lives of the people around us by recognizing pain points that are indiscernible or simply have not been addressed because no one could. A startup is not all about individuality and becoming your own boss. It is about growing individually and being an institution unto yourself that people look up to for help and inspiration.

With that in mind, we today bring to you 20 startups from Europe. These startups amazed the world with the quick success that they achieved. More than luck, these startups focused on what their customers could do best with. Steve Jobs rightly said that it is not the customers’ job to know what they want.

These innovators and entrepreneurs mesmerized the world and earned cash by providing solutions. This made an opening statement which screamed that they were here to stay.

So if you wanted one reason to open that startup, I have given you three. I can give you ten more. However, more than motivation, what matters is the single-minded determination that sees us through hell and back. So grab your pens and papers and take note of what you can do.  To be great in the next decade. If these people who were nobodies five years back could do it, so can you!


I’d probably be understating when I say ‘FinTech is one industry that is growing at an exploding level in Europe’. The truth is, if you scrutinize a list of startups in Europe, of any year post-2018, FinTech dominates the game by far. The reason? The scope is infinite and so is the profit. Using software to provide financial services, the FinTech industry has been bridging a gap. Between transactions and our perception of ‘money’.

From Robo-advisors to online-only banks, FinTech has made its presence prominent over the years. We keep growing dependent on it to save ourselves from the plight of having to walk to the closest bank or ATM for any financial services. That is exactly why the FinTech market keeps expanding.

FinTech startups have found a way to excel in personal finance and saving (yes, you don’t have to save under your mattress anymore). They do this all while offering low-cost and cost-efficient applications and softwares. This is done to meet the millennial requirements of online banking.

Which Startups to follow in Europe:

These 4 European FinTech startups have been making big waves in their verticals. How? They were smart enough to understand the abundance of the Internet keeps growing.

Then again, are we talking about the availability of smartphones?

Atom bank is the first financial institution built for tablets or smartphones without any branches. Based in Durham, the bank is granted a full UK regulatory license and is authorized by PRA, i.e. Prudential Regulation Authority. FCA, i.e., Financial Conduct Authority and PRA regulates the bank.

In 2017, Linkedin listed UK top startups, and Atom Bank ranked 14th with Airbnb, Deliveroo, and Uber. In 2019, they ranked second in the Top 50 Fintech scale-ups and startups. It was the only venture in the top 20 list based out of London.

In 2019, Atom Bank announced their sixth round of funding and raised $62.4m. The companies participating were Neil Woodford, Toscafund Asset Management, Banca Bilbao Vizcaya, and Perscitus LLP. Again in 2019, they receive a grant of $12.1m from the Capability and Innovation fund. With every year passing the Atom Bank is adopting the newest technologies and making new milestones to pursue.

Monzo serves more than three million people in the UK and is valued at £2bn. This startup was founded in 2015. The startup is an application built as a new-age bank. It is specially customized for smartphones and how modern people live today.

Monzo is one of the new application based challenger banks in the United Kingdom. They primarily penetrated the UK market with a prepaid debit card and a mobile application. In 2019, Monzo entered the US market with Ohio-based Sutton Bank as a partner. It will retain their core features like contactless pay and instant spending notifications.

The company has performed many rounds of successful funding. In 2019, the startup announced Series F round for funding. They raised about £113 million. The company’s valuation was standing at £2 billion.

In 2020, Monzo’s valuation fell by 40%, and they raised £60M down in June 2020. The company valuation was standing by then at £1.24B. By December 2020, Monzo opened another round of funding and closed at £60M. TED Global, Kaiser, Novator, etc. were the few of the top investors to participate in the funding process.

Based in Frankfurt, Bita is one of the first professional data and index providers in the digital asset space. Founded in 2018, their platform allows institutional clients to design, calculate, and benchmark investment indexes. It develops strategies without relying on various traditional index providers, complicated internal tools, and multiple data vendors.

Despite stiff competition in the industry, BITA has made its place and has been successful in raising €1.25 million from a group of international and national investors to drive investments and sales in R&D. The primary funding came from a German Fund called Future Ventures. Other investors were Belgium investor Michel Akkermans and Dutch VC fund known as Volta Ventures.

BITA has made its lasting impression on international networks. The application and technology involved with BITA are getting worldwide applause from potential and existing customers.

Founded in 2015, the Lunar way is a Danish Banking app offering budgeting tools. It doesn’t stop there though. They also provide bill payment, basic account services, and money transfer. Here you can create and save your personalized goals. Choose your own credit lines depending upon your requirements. Chat with the executive for urgent assistance if required. The start-up is currently operational in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. It has raised an impressive $53 million for funding their upcoming projects.

Building new heights Lunar way in 2018, have received PISP license and AISP license in Denmark. They have broken centuries of monopoly on account and payment services. These licenses can authorize the company to make varied payment transactions allowing their clients to pay bills. It also provides analysis of their spendings, serve to transfer money, and set up a budget through their app. At the same time, cash remains in their bank account. These features are safe to explore. These elements have provided Lunar way with an edge over other Fintech companies operating in similar verticals.

Travel and Transportation

Europe is just like any other continent. Sometimes it’s heat waves sweeping across its countries. The other times it’s heavy snowfall enshrouding the cities. Or maybe the thundering rainfall that is making people’s life harder with exuberance. This is where travel and transportation startups sell like cookies on Christmas. The travel industry is booming in Europe with the hottest mobility hubs in London, Paris, Berlin, and others. If you had ever given a thought about a travel startup in Europe, it may be one of the best ideas. Considering you have the right strategies and innovative ideas that can help you stand out, this vertical is a big green signal.

Which Startups to follow in Europe:

If you feel lost and do want to turn your idea to inception, here are 4 promising European travel and transportation startups. You can follow in their footsteps or take up valuable strategies that helped them build what they have. Your choice!

Stanley Robotics is a French Company that was formed into existence by Clément, Aurélien, and Stéphane in 2015. The startup is legit the new future of smart outdoor storage with Stan, the world’s first outdoor valet parking robot. Stanley Robotics can provide a highly cost effective and efficient solution for the finished vehicle logistics operators.

Stan is designed like a waist-high toaster with a large pickup tray. It picks up your cars and parks them in an outdoor car park. Stan has real-time flight information which sends an SMS to individuals that their vehicle is ready. The company provides individuals with better benefits than any other valet parking service. What made it garner such an overwhelming fanbase is the enhanced user experience, security, and ease of use.

The use of robots as valet excellently minimizes the area or volume required for parking. It is able to accommodate about 30-40% more vehicles than a regular car park. Stanley Robotics has been successfully able to gain about €3.6M in its 2 rounds of funding.

The autonomous robots were already piloted at France’s Charles de Gaulle and Lyon-Saint-Exupéry airports in France. They also appeared at London’s Gatwick.

Medigo is funded with $11.83 million to date. It is a startup (launched in 2014) by Pawel Cebula, Ieva Soblickaite, and Ugur Samut. Medigo aims to connect people and exceptionally skilled and trained doctors in a joint partnership. All while the patient is on a journey to get physically better. The company helps its consumers book healthcare consultations abroad, in none but the best internationally accredited hospitals and clinics.

Digital prescriptions, online check-ups, and health records are de rigueur as Medigo keeps rising as a ‘smart healthcare platform’. It is continuously leaping forward at points of both delivery and access. The platform is completely free to use and available in four European languages, apart from English. Medigo has helped an innumerable number of patients with medical travel. All while offering the solutions to every one of their concerns.

The Hotel Champ is one of the best companies for hoteliers who are aiming to boost direct revenue and engagement with guests. Hotel Champ offers hoteliers a suite of conversion tools powered by efficient AI and machine learning technologies. This helps them incentivize online customers and helps the hotels to secure relationships with customers. It also allows them independence from the third parties.

With Hotel Champ the emerging hoteliers can enhance guest engagement and deliver a personalized booking experience. Hotelchamp, in 2 rounds of funding, amazingly raised a total of €4M. Amsterdam based Hotelchamp was founded by Kasper Middelkoop and Kristian Valk in 2015.

TravelPerk is a free and excellent travel booking management platform designed for business travel purposes. The startup offers the most advanced management features like centralized invoicing, and expenses. TravelPerk can deliver seamless management services to individuals.

About 90% of small business travelers spend more on meals, hotel rooms, and room services due to the lack of awareness of how these costs impact the bottom line. Here TravelPerk would have saved money and time spent on the travel booking.

TravelPerk is headquartered in London. Avi Meir, Javier Suarez, and Ron Levin in 2015, laid the foundation to this innovative startup. TravelPerk has so far raised total funding of about €108M in six funding rounds.


Vegan food isn’t something that is profiled at the back end of every grocery store or supermarket aisle. Not in today’s world, atleast.

Do you still think it’s just another niche market that will never gain enough momentum, considering the outnumbering non-vegan community? Wait till you know about Europe.

Europe has seen a significant rise in the veganism industry, with the surging popularity of PETA. Plant-based foods are on a rise in Europe, especially the U.K. The awareness of well-being associated with veganism is spreading its roots throughout the continent. Grocery shoppers in Europe are demanding cleaner, healthier, and less-damaging resources. Resources must rise to the occasion in order to protect the planet. The youth of Europe is keener to adopt veganism. This has led the way to its popularity which makes veganism startups in Europe a hot-sell. Rest assured, it is not going out of trend anytime soon.

Which Startups to follow in Europe:

These 4 veganism startups are getting an even stronger footing. Especially when about 40% of the people across seven countries in Europe are now purchasing plant-based foods more than ever. Woohoo!

Vivobarefoot founded in 1997, is a shoe company. What? Vegan shoes? Yes. The world now knows Vivobarefoot for producing the best and the finest quality of minimalist shoes with a patented ultra-thin puncture-resistant sole. Talk about maximum protection and comfort!

The vegan shoes by Vivobarefoot aim at offering the optimum biomechanics and posture. The posture is commonly associated with walking barefoot and barefoot running championing.

Vivobarefoot’s Vegan Shoes are made of 30% biomaterials which include corn, natural rubber, and algae. The high-performance foam is made using algae biomass. 

Vivobarefoot also uses recycled PET plastic bottles to make Vegan shoes. They intend to push the bio composition in their Vegan shoes to 100% as soon as possible. Vivobarefoot has raised its funding to a total of €1.48 over 1 round.

Huel, launched by Julian Hearn, a veganism supporter, and enthusiast, is an all-vegan meal replacement in the powdered form. It has been designed keeping in mind the hustle-bustle and the precisely busy life. Of not just Europeans but people from all corners of the globe.

Huel is nutritionally dense with a countless list of innumerably beneficial superfoods and ingredients such as pea protein, flaxseed, mineral blend, oats (obviously), etc. Apart from the exceptional nutritional density of the product, Huel is a brand that doesn’t stand behind in terms of flavors. With irresistibly delicious flavors enhancing its super healthy meal replacement powder, Huel is legit a delicacy in it’s own!

Huel is all things vegan and manufactured with minimal waste and packaging. This makes it sustainable and give back to our planet at the same time.

Although it’s the new kid on the block, (launched in 2015), Huel has sold over 50 million meals. In more than 80 countries! It has been cashing in on the veganism industry since day one. Since its inception, Huel has secured a total funding of 20 million euros. It doesn’t come off as surprising given the booming growth of the startup. Top it with the fact that it has uncountable innovative ideas and products.

A London-based startup by two brothers Alex and Jonathan Petrides is a company aiming to ease up your I-am-going-vegan resolution. How? By delivering ready-made plant-based meals at your doorstep. Wait for the best part… within a limited timeframe.

Founded in 2017, the comparatively newer veganism startup provides 100% plant-based dishes that only need to be reheated. Voila! Ready to eat! The meals are ‘quick-frozen’ so that the customer can choose to reheat and eat the food when needed. This way they don’t have to worry about the food going stale anytime soon.

allplants believe that turning to a vegan diet isn’t just healthier or more moral. It is also the most impactful and radical strategy to reduce our environmental footprints. All that and you can give back to Mother Earth for all she provides us with. It all started when the two founders realized that cooking a veggie from scratch and eating plant-based meals was a delightful adventure. They understood that veganism was an adventure that contributed to the wellbeing of both the world and ourselves (of course). This is what led Alex and Jonathan to launch a startup that fixates on helping people. And help the planet thrive in an eco-friendly manner.

allplants raised a sum of 4.5 million pounds through crowdfunding. It had received 7.5 million pounds in 2018 with a total of 1800 investors involved.

Paris is famously known for its luscious delicacies that are sophisticated in all their simplicity. And they all have one thing in common (mostly) – meat! Thus, a veganism startup in Paris might sound absurd. However, ever since its inception, Feed has become a ‘smart food’ company that is just bringing about radical changes in European food culture. It has been promoting veganism without really messing with the authenticity of traditional food.

Designed to cater to everyone with a zeal for traditional food, Feed is a startup that doesn’t just advocate vegan, but healthy vegan food without lactose, gluten, and GMO. Founded in 2017 by Anthony Bourbon, Feed produces meals that are convenient and affordable. The best part about Feed is that it isn’t just affordable but the meals are nutritionally rich. One meal has a 100% nutritional requirement, thus fuelling your body efficiently. With the fresh funding, Feed is now available in an array of stores in France. Apart from that, it has also been making a strong online presence.


Recently, Europe has seen a massive shift in startups. As legalization, cultivation, and trade of CBD and hemp witness a positive growth in the field of medicine, no idea is high-on-weed. Get the joke!

The CBD startups are one of the most profitable ones in not just Europe but other continents too.

As medicinal properties of CBD gain a foothold in the healthcare and medical practices, Europe has been urging startups to capitalize and seize the golden opportunity. This will help push Europe towards medical advancement on cannabis.

Which Startups to follow in Europe:

The 4 startups below have been changing the cannabis landscape of Europe radically. If you ever as much as gave a wild thought to a cannabis startup, you may as well follow behind. And see how these startups have been cashing in so hard and fast.

Rainbow is a cannabis tech startup in Paris, Ile-de-France. Started in 2019, Rainbow is making a mark on the CBD industry – fast and with prominence. The founders are a team that includes Emmanuel Jesberger, Gaétan Laederich, and Camille Brocco. This European startup intends to make individuals use an ecological product, which requires less water and no pesticides,

Rainbow combines ancient healing techniques with modern technology to create its unique stress relief products. It also launched two brands namely Kaya and Peace & Skin; Kaya with its natural formulas and CBD helps people to fight stress daily and Peace & Skin helps individuals to fight the effects of stress on the skin with the help of organic hemp and adaptogenic plant routine. The company has closed its funding rounds at €1M.

Blossom Genetics is a London based company founded in 2019 by Oskar Fletcher, Oliver Davies, and Naeem Dungarwalla.

It is one of those global organizations that produce proprietary medicinal cannabis genetics and products. Blossom Genetics aims to advance medicinal cannabis with the help of modern science. It develops the best possible products for its customers.

The startup strongly believes in the healing power of cannabinoids that improve lives. They believe in making it easy for both the patients and healthcare providers to have access to cannabis. The startup has been raising awareness about how the world can benefit from the use of medicinal cannabis.

Blossom Genetics as a vertically integrated business develops genetics and with its proprietary medicinal products, it enhances our everyday health.

Farmako is a well-known company that gained popularity in a short period of time. It was mainly because of its remarkable research on cannabis-based drugs and the development of new therapies based on cannabinoids. With its cannabinoid therapies, Farmako significantly helps in improving the safety and tolerability of various treatment options.

Transparency and sustainability are the two main foundations of Farmako in the European cannabis industry. Farmako focuses only on selected products. This way it can provide the patients with the best possible therapy by using its products. These are products that are unique in terms of both quality and quantity. Frankfurt-based Farmako is the genius idea of Sebastian Diemer.

Sanity Group, located in Berlin, develops innovative cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals and products. Founded by Finn Hänsel and Fabian Friede in 2018, the Sanity Group aspires to become the market leader in the fast-growing European cannabis market. Sanity Group has been significantly able to make cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals and wellbeing products widely accessible to individuals.

To utilize the maximum potential of cannabinoids’ health benefits, Sanity Group has been investing in the active ingredients. Apart from that, it has also been investing in fundamental research of the cannabis plant. The company readily educates healthcare professionals, patients, and customers to live a healthier life.

The Sanity Group has significantly raised its funding up to €179M.


Setting aside the overall creepy vibes that the term gives, biohacking is indeed a progressive and hot industry in the startup field. It has seen some prominent growth over the past few years with the advancement of technology. Now, biohacking isn’t all about inserting pieces of machinery into your body or turning you into a cyborg. No! The movies show it all wrong!

When MIB portrayed Elon as an alien from another planet, maybe they were not so farsighted. Because Elon’s idea and interest in linking human brains to smartphones definitely do seem possible and rational to a point. Atleast now!

Biohacking dominates most other industries that are open to startups. Europe specifically has a great progression towards the field. The primary reason is that pharma fails to bridge the gap between human diseases and the desire of modification and enhanced performance.

Since the competition is quite low and the market is far from saturation for the next few years or (decades), European biohacking startups have been making a fortune with their innovations and capitalization of tech-biology.

Which Startups to follow in Europe:

Biohacking could be the solution to just be better at what we do or how we live. However it also outruns the possibility that computers and AI may someday outsmart us. These 4 biohacking startups in Europe understand that. Their innovative ideas, with a tinge of crazy science, has made them the most popular companies to look up to.

MyDNAPedia DNA testing helps the individuals to know if they are carrying the risk to develop widespread genetic and lifestyle diseases. With the help of MyDNAPedia, one can know the strength of their immunity to fight communicable diseases. It is actively helping individuals lead a healthy and wholesome life.

DNA testing has become a revolutionary trend in healthcare and has helped in reshaping medicine and medical advice. A good lifestyle and good genes are the main keys to a healthy life; many diseases are delayed and even avoided when an individual adopts healthy habits. MyDNAPedia helps you to know what nutrition. It also provides a diet that is best suited for your body and strengthens your immunity. This in turn, helps defend against the deadly infectious diseases.

Moodmetric helps the individuals to measure their stress levels, helping them to recognize the stressors. It helps in keeping you calm and energetic so that you can perform better tasks at work, home, and play. MoodMetric Measurement helps people to understand and recognize how their body reacts in different situations. Next it uses their personal ways to recover.

Moodmetric also has an app that follows your stress level 24/7. It shows the total load in graphs. With these data, one can analyze how workday events, physical activity, and sleep affect their stress levels. The real time feedback features help the individuals to find ways to balance load. It allows them recovery for the sake of their own wellbeing. Moodmetric is a Finland based company founded in 2013 by Niina Venho.

This is a biohacking startup has worked significantly to treat diseases and problems like heart failure, arthritis, diabetes, and more for which we currently don’t have specific drugs and by fixing all these problems the wellbeing and health of a patient can be improved. BIOS has always focused on analyzing the data and decoding the language of our nervous system.

The startup in association with top pharma R&D, and academic organizations of the world, launched a flagship program to release neural cardiac therapy. It believes that chronic illness can possibly be treated with the understanding and correction of the real-time signals. It has raised total funding of €4.5M and ever since it’s inception in 2015 in Cambridge.

The German Company CorTec was co-founded in 2011 by Jörn Rickert. CorTec with its medical devices efficiently provides a direct interface between the brain and technology; the devices have an amazing implantable system that records brain activity. It readily influences brain activity by electrical stimulation, enhancing communication. This is going to be dramatic… between the nervous system and technology. What? Yes.

This helps the physicians to treat neurological diseases.

CorTec services comprise the full range from designing and encapsulating implantable electronics over interconnections, to electrodes up to developing firmware and software. All CorTec products are manufactured and engineered in Germany according to one’s requirements. They ensure the protection of implant electronics for decades. CorTec has raised a total of €18M funding.

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How to Start Writing for Forbes?




Forbes – I am sure it’s a name you’ve heard of, particularly if you’re a content curator. Maybe one day you were mindlessly scrolling through your personalized Google News content and you bumped across the title ‘Highest-Paid Hollywood Actors’ under the site named none but THE Forbes. No matter what, surfing the Internet is synonymous with having a pleasant meeting with Forbes (inevitably), even if it’s accidental.

But what is Forbes, again? Forbes is an American global media enterprise situated in New York City, owned by Forbes, Inc., and Integrated Whale Media Investments. The magazine is well recognized all across the globe especially for its list. Remember those Real-Time Billionaires, The World’s Billionaires, The Richest Americans, and much more.

The globally-acclaimed business magazine published eight times a year, focuses on business, entrepreneurship, leadership and technology. Forbes also puts focus on lifestyle, investments, communication, and marketing niches. It also features original articles on related subjects including finance, industry, science, and law.

Given the high bar that Forbes has set on the Internet in aspects of content creation and publication, I probably do not have to explain how big a deal getting an opportunity to write for Forbes is. Explaining this is equivalent to explaining what all S.H.I.E.L.D. does and then defining what exactly S.H.I.E.L.D. is!

I’d still move on to it- Why is writing for Forbes such a big deal? Well, it not only provides the writers with a lucrative salary. It also gives you this big-league opportunity to achieve fame and public esteem. The writers are also given a more eminent placement in their posts. Thus, the readers are apprised of the person who is writing the content they are reading. Now, this adds to the reputation and profile acknowledgement. That is the fundamental advantage to the many noteworthy, top-level guest blogging whereabouts.

Now that you know what a biggie writing for Forbes is, let us understand how you can start writing for Forbes. You will also get insights into the benefits you can possibly garner when writing for Forbes.

Although let me tell you this beforehand… This is a guide to help you reach out to Forbes to become a contributor in a way that you don’t get handed a brutal rejection. With pretty high chances of you getting accepted into the team.

DO NOT consider this to be a warranty card to the appliance called ‘Forbes Contributors’!

Why Write for Forbes and Become a Forbes Contributor?

Having your write-ups go live on the Forbes website is a fail-safe method to give your writing skills an enhancement. A phenomenal one, that is!

Just know, you are not shooting for a done-and-dusted link from Forbes, it’s too big an opportunity to waste. When you are a Forbes Contributor, you are in a mighty fine position. The primary reason is that the people who usually work for this illustrious global magazine will carry that standing with them to their particular line of work, niches or their CVs (Curriculum Vitae).

Stick to the rest of the blog. Find out why you should write for Forbes and become a Forbes Contributor!

  • A renowned company:

Forbes magazine has hit the century pillar this past Autumn. This is, by far, Forbes longest history breakthrough through a transient eon. With many of their competitors losing their already secured position, Forbes has shaken their foothold in the new world. Now, you might wonder that Forbes might have lost its touch over a century in the game. Well, quite the opposite is literal. Old is gold, remember?

The company has made use of the Worldwide Web to improve the status of its business model. All the while their competitors have begun to grow feeble in the thick of digital disruption. As of now, Forbes, Inc. prides itself on the millions of readers every month. It boasts itself with a spectacular sixty-million visitors swarming to the site at the end of last year.

  • The best platform to show your writing skills:

Forbes provides its writers with an incredible digital outlet where they can showcase the world their deep-seated knack for writing. Being a Forbes Contributor significantly implies being an appreciated specialist in your area of activity.

  • Get the opportunity to boost your skills:

When you are working for one of the best global magazines in the world, what do you think, why have they hired you? Well, it’s because of your expertise. When you are capable enough to get a job in the company, you will be learning new skills. And you also get your hands on clever tactics every day. This directly contributed to boost your writing performance and help you transcend in your career.

In general terms, companies like Forbes are, the more sundry they will be. Diversity in your place of work is all the more crucial both from a personal and professional point of view. Working with Forbes will allow you to work with skilled individuals. In that process, you will meet a wide array of people.

  • Socialise with some really dope-skilled individuals:

As we just talked, working with Forbes provides you with a broad range of people. This way, you will not only just get the golden chance to enhance your skills. No, you will also socialise and make friends from the large pool of people present at your workplace.

You are definitely going to find someone that shares the same hobbies and notions that you do. The best writers are even connected to the former Esquire Editor in Chief – David Granger. This man, people, is an all-around exceptionally important and socially connected man.

If you have ever given it a thought how someone can write a blog that literally metamorphoses into a book deal, well, this guy right here is one of the navigating factors!

Do you see this David?

  • Satisfactory payouts:

Yeah, you already knew this was coming right away, didn’t you? Of course, the driving factor (besides passion, of course!) Sweet Saturday awaits. For now, let’s dwell on business only! Well, it’s not always about excelling in your field but showing it to the world. Go out there and tell them all that you are an expert in your field! You are the boss (not really)! The latter being even more important.

Working with Forbes will give you the name/face recognition and popularity in your own career space. Again, not to mention that Forbes provides its writers with amazing payouts. In return, all you have to do is produce top-quality content. Yep, and that’s that. Top Forbes Contributors, in addition to making fat money, are given means of approach to auxiliary outer-edge benefits!

Regardless, there is a substantial spectrum between the leading 10 per cent of earners and the lowermost 10 per cent of earners. While the highest-paid workers at Forbes can reap over $79,000 a year, the lowest-paid workers earn less than $20,000. Earnings differ by administrative purpose as well. Employees in the corporate administration can attain a standard of $164,333 per year.

  • Be a part of the great achievement of the company:

Contemplating about how to write for Forbes or other such substantial magazines and get the appreciation that you deserve instead of some other writer who takes the credit for all your hard work?

There should be no contemplation in the first place! Ghostwriting has a way of digging out or excavating you after some time; you witness your work getting approved but somebody else getting all the appreciation. You just sit in the corner wishing it could be you. However, with Forbes, you are going to get your name published on every article that you work on. And fire-sure, you will be admired every time you out-step the success stone. This way you are assisting the company to reach the maximum accomplishment. And you are a part of it!

  • A lot of other Opportunities:

Oh, hang on! The list is bigger than the bucket list you want to tick ‘correct’ before you hit 25. When you are working for a company like Forbes, it gives you myriads of other professional likelihoods. In the beginning, you will have to access a more scattered network, which will pay returns later down the track. This would make your career path clearer.

Many substantial firms have certain rules for estimation, assessments, bonuses, and promotions. Here, you will know what all you have to do to get to level up. Because there is a larger turnover at big firms, there are more opportunities to advance your career. Whether it is to mentor a junior employee or lead a group team project or train the new interns, individuals who want to (and do) get promoted do not stand by waiting for leadership opportunities. They turn around, find out where a leader is required, and leap in.

How to prepare to start writing for Forbes?

They say when reality looks too ugly, fantasize. Well, that’s apt. Many bloggers fantasise about being featured in high-profile blogs and magazines. But what sucks is they don’t know HOW to exactly get featured in these prominent publications. Does it appear like a dilemma? Trust me, it’s not. The only dilemma in life is why the kamikaze captains wore helmets. Now, excuse that. If writing is your passion, you should aim for the stars. You can’t expect NASA to let you live in an Anti-gravity Chamber after all.

So why not begin with the greats? With digitalisation and technology, the world of writing has immensely grown over the years. Today, the quality of content is much more important than the platform. No wonder why sites like Quora and Medium have gained so much popularity. They are not publications, neither do they have editorial teams. And yet, the content in these platforms is as enthralling, if not more enthralling than many “best-in-class” publications. With Forbes already hopping on top, how are you going to prepare yourself to write for them?

  • You must have a passion for writing:

It might sound too obvious. But here is the thing about writing: you cannot start the profession simply for the money. Money matters, yeah, but money often costs too much. First off, it can (and does) take time to set up a reputation that can enable you to reap benefits and make money from writing. And second of all, like anything else, if you start your writing career literally fixating on money, you are more likely to end up in a miserable state.

The company did not gain all the fame by hiring writers that do not have the spark or the passion in them. If you do not back your articles 100%, it will show and you would lose your chance. Like any other career, to set off you do love it and work hard towards achieving it.

Directly or indirectly, you shouldn’t work for Forbes or any writing company per se with $$ signs in your eyes. If you write for money, you won’t produce the best content, and you won’t get the results you want. It would simply become a burden and not a blessing. The majority of those who blossom as Contributors love to write.

  • Go through all the previous posts on Forbes:

To prepare yourself to write for Forbes, you need to have a pre-set general idea about how the content should be, what all should be included, the tone, and another bunch of things. Therefore, it becomes extremely necessary for a new writer who wants to get a job in the company. Go through all the previous posts on Forbes, especially the popular and the most recent ones.

Now, this will provide you with an idea of what works on this platform and what doesn’t. Which will help you when you are assigned articles in the future. It will also allow you to observe the mindset of the editor. This also gives you an idea of the specific format in which they want their articles to be written.

  • Socialise with other Forbes contributors

Developing good relationships with other Forbes Contributors will help your writing skills to take form. Reach out to these Contributors and assist them with their analysis, conferences and other facets of writing. This will provide you with a better perception of how the process works, and you will then be able to pitch yourself as having helped other Forbes Contributors in putting together pieces. There might be a good chance you will be quoted in the articles down the line, which doesn’t obviously hurt when you come to terms with pitching for the company.

  • You should have a particular goal

Having a powerfully created knowledge that plops ahead your proficiency to write content is a good beginning. However, to evolve as a Forbes Contributor, you will require to have a directed niche that you are eloquent in. If you know precisely what that point of convergence is, great! But if you don’t, then the best point to start estimating it out is by going through all the prior work. What are the articles that you adore the most? Recourses are, these are the subjects you composed your best work for.

Furthermore, consider the types of articles you prefer to read yourself. Contemplate your vocation and the abilities you hold. These are the tracts and ideas that reverberate with you extensively. Arrange them with the subjects on offer at Forbes and determine. If you pitch yourself as HR or VC, it’s too ambiguous, you need to go like a bat out of hell!

How to Pitch Yourself the right way to become a Forbes Contributor?

Don’t be a bug. No, you should not be irritating. And do not hound. Yep, pitching yourself the right way is extremely crucial to become a Forbes Contributor. In this context, the basic personal identification-marker adroitness you need to know is ‘how to introduce yourself’. At meetings and interviews, the way you introduce yourself will make you stand out from the rest of the norm. Imagine bumping into the manager of the company and he goes with, “um, I don’t think we have ever met…” Well, you wouldn’t want to blow that golden chance of introducing yourself to the executive – sponsorship is the missile to career development!

  • You must have a great introduction

Your introduction must explain to the people who you are, what the topic is all about in a catchy way and it should influence the editor to approve your article. Now, you have to take care of a few things while writing an introduction. Confidence is the key! There are a few ways you should begin while doing it – you must say your name and about the purpose of the presentation at the beginning.

You must tell the editor about the audience you are currently targeting and feel comfortable to introduce a few points about how you have planned to grow among that precise audience. You must notify him/her about all your hard work, the experience you retain with full emotions and yes, do not shirk to throw on your opinion about the current topics.

  • Present them the best of best work

You might have seen in most of the articles which you consider as the best, the content of the article matters more than that of the design. This gives you clear evidence that even while conveying your pitch you must emphasise on the content of the article you are going to present. It will create a good picture of yours in their eyes, and help you develop more skills in the presentation.

Always use a short paragraph that looks soothing and provides a catchy appearance to your article. Always send them the best works i.e, the field in which you have a stronghold. This shows your qualifications and your abilities that you are really good at what you are proceeding with.

  • Your pitch must have a unique angle

Yes, people, this is one of the most significant factors that you really need to take care of. Before anything else, choose a target and make sure it fits your specialised niche. Next, read the already published articles of the writer from top to bottom. Go through their way of writing, themes, interests thoroughly as this would give a unique angle to the topic given to you. Now, coming back to present the pitch – when you make the presentation, let the writer know where your goal might fit. Think if ‘this’ is interesting enough to meet the publication’s criteria or the reporter’s eyes or the viewers’ mind.

  • Do not bug the editor

Once you have sent the pitch, do not just keep asking the editor for an update. This creates a bad impact. You must hold for a week or two, just do not be annoying by texting or emailing them over and over again. You should know that the senior editor doesn’t owe you anything, you have to manage accordingly because you are just at the position of the contributor. After waiting for quite a while, if you still do not receive any response from the correspondent – check their social handles.

You do not have to be the guy from YOU desperately craving to wind his way into the life of his beloved! The final season may not be out yet, but he is going to end up in jail (maybe dead). That’s not where I was going but you do get the point!

Final Words

Forbes being a well-known international magazine is an infallible opportunity to boost your writing skills. They provide remunerative salaries and stardom to their writers, with their names published at the end of each article which means you’re making an impression on the Internet for the years to come. Now that you have delved deep into how you can prepare yourself to start writing for the company, and how you can pitch yourself the right way, get working already!

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20 Best WordPress Themes for Public Relations Companies




Choosing the right theme for your public relations company is just as important as hiring the right people for the company. The website of the company represents you and your efficiency and in no way would you want to reflect the image of your organization in a poor light thanks to your ill-maintained website. That is where this guide comes in. This is a list of 20 WordPress themes that are specially tailored to meet the requirements of a public relations company. These themes will not only set your website up and running for you to have a smooth transition into 2021 but also help you promote your clients and their brands just the right way.

  1. SKT SEO

One mammoth multifunctional theme that spoils you with choices, this theme is packed with over fifty layouts for you to choose from. SKT SEO theme, as the name suggests is SEO friendly. On top of that, due to the vast number of customizable options and the preloaded layouts, this theme is literally for everyone out there. The demo templates provided are built keeping in mind requirements like blogs, corporate websites, and business websites of various natures; plugins that can be used include social sharing plugins, calendar plugins, and contact form plugins as well.

However, SKT SEO steals the brownie points with the one-click import option. All you have to do for hosting an amazing website is import the demo content, install it, and launch the theme. That’s it. You’ll have a beautiful website up and running in no time.


If you are looking to create a website with the least amount of effort, Bimber will ensure just that. The theme is unique as it tempts the reader to hang around for just that one more article. This is because no matter where they are, there is always a link to click, always one more article to read.

The theme also has floating social media buttons for keeping the shares ready at the reader’s fingertips. In addition to that, the theme highlights your best articles to be read more often while allowing you to embed pay-per-click adverts. Irrespective of the kind of content you intend to publish, this theme is one of the most viral themes of WordPress that there is.


The Opinion theme or better known as Public Opinion brings to the table a slew of useful features and functionalities for the publishers and PR agencies out there. When it comes to building a homepage, the layout for featured posts can be organized in 11 or 5 featured posts format. The advert payment is also kept into consideration as they have a seamless and easily visible advert column. Additional features include drag and drop page building, unlimited color variations, and a custom article review system among other things.


GridLove is a mobile-friendly and super user-friendly theme for every PR company trying to avoid the technical complexities. The name of the theme suggests the nature of the theme, which is a grid-like visualization of the content to be displayed. This theme is specially made keeping in mind the requirements of online magazines and news websites that want to grab the attention of their readers with the help of intuitive designs and a refreshing outlook.

However, the theme actually works with most formats given its huge repository of predefined layouts. GridLove stands as a flexible and heavily customizable option with a variety of optional panels and drags and drop modules.

HR Management

As the name suggests, this theme is the best out there for all the HR managers. Yes, it is built especially for you so that you can keep a track of your employees. With this theme, you can create departments and then assign your employees to the respective departments. In addition to that, you can update their profiles, track their attendance, and enable a payroll tool to keep your balances in check. The best part about this theme is that you get useful solutions and alternatives for free as opposed to the SAAS apps for which you have to pay at regular intervals.


Parallax literally pushes your readers to click on another article and then check further. The theme is built in a fashion that is suitable for both business websites as well as creative ones. The view comprises a stunning clean interface with a parallax header that highlights your best works and accomplishments.

The theme also brings in all you have to offer in a single page so that the reader does not have to surf the website for hours to find relevant articles or information. You can add buttons to divert customers on a separate landing page. The user is also spoiled when it comes to color options for buttons. All in all, this is everything that you would expect from the remains of a premium theme for your PR company.

MH Magazine

The company MH Themes was founded in 2012. Since then they have come a long way but MH Magazine remains their most popular theme. This magazine sports an active user number of over thirty thousand.

The biggest brownie point of this theme is that it is free to use the theme and is best designed for editorial websites and digital magazines. The key features of the theme is a host of customizable options embedded in the homepage. The theme also has a paid version by the name of MH Magazine Pro which provides a host of additional features primarily typography options, color scheme modification, advanced advertisement management systems, and social buttons.


Users who prefer the drag and drop content building over other formats will be elated to know that Extra is a theme that brings them exactly that and more. The theme is a great theme irrespective of whether you use it for a media website or an online magazine. This theme is particularly popular with people who operate websites focused on media.

The theme is equipped with a plugin namely Divi Builder that serves as a fulcrum for all the layouts that you need to create for the homepage of your clients. The plugin lets you create separate columns for images and videos. The theme itself has a host of inbuilt preloaded customizations that serve most media houses with their varied needs.

Extra also hosts action buttons for you to be able to manage your social media as well as plug advertisements directly into the stream for generating revenue. The versatility of Extra allows it to be used anywhere.

Manage WP

As a Public Relations Company, you’ll certainly have more than one site that needs to be taken care of; Manage WP is the theme that you will prefer using. The reason for this preference is that it does not matter how many websites you are operating, you can take care of them all from one dashboard.

A great advantage of using Manage WP is that you can test the performance of your website against their benchmarks to get your website performance and speeds up to the mark. The theme is not only SEO friendly but is also provided with an uptime monitor so that you can get your website up and running before someone notices. The provision of two-factor authentication further keeps your website safe from being hacked.

Black and White Gutenberg

In search of that one theme that has been tested by millions and has served the purposes of people ranging from varied fields? Black and white Gutenberg is your answer. You will be surprised to know but the theme has been used by 30 million active users to create over 60 million posts. And the most beautiful part of the theme is- you get it in minimalistic black design! Literal chills, right?

The Black and White Gutenberg theme comes in four different categories- minimalistic, classic, creative, and modern, one for each of your vivid tastes. For you to enjoy your coffee without panicking, Gutenberg offers you dozens of preloaded and customized homepages. Since it’s powered by Blogger, the theme works extremely well for blog content, allowing you to put posts in your desired layouts and let your clients shine through the free media.


Being a multipurpose WordPress theme, Avada is used for creating websites for public relations companies. It is one of the best themes used for building a modern and efficient website. The theme offers to decorate the homepage with full-size background images, bold color schemes, creative layout sites, and many more customization options to allow everything to stand out.

Also, Avada offers many exciting features for its users. They do have plentiful customization options, and the user-friendly theme panel is there to help you out in every possible way. The themes offer convenient and easy page building, and the Avada theme is perfect in its niche. Like a drag and drop page builder known as Fusion builder, their tools are used to manage different web elements.

There is no limit with the Avada WordPress themes and has flexibility in their offering like slider settings, multiple header options, color icons, etc., for customizing the web pages. It is relatively easy to build a customized platform with Avada, even if you don’t know how to code. Another outstanding feature of the Avada theme is that it is entirely translatable; you can translate it into many languages as you desire.

Avada theme with so many options is one of the recommended themes that technical and non-technical people can handle.


The Stockholm theme has many demo options, and users usually get amazed with the minimal, modern, and clean design of the theme.

Stockholm theme allows users to choose from unlimited colors, mix and match various demo options, and customize header and footer styles. The theme has a handy drag and drop page builder known as visual composer, which will allow the owner to craft their website quite effectively.

Stockholm theme is also known to be a gold mine for the premium plugins that are compatible and included with the theme. The powerful plugins available with the Stockholm themes are Visual Composer, Layer Slider, contact form 7, WooCommerce, WPML, etc. Also, tailored to clients’ requirements, Stockholm offers contemporary designs and clean layouts that will always make you feel new and fresh.

Undoubtedly, Stockholm is one of the minimalistic, beautiful, and amazingly designed themes. It is a multi-concept theme and has everything to help any public relations company to build their website as per the company requirements.


Built on the Bootstrap framework, the Porto is one of the best responsive WordPress themes. It has many layouts, styles, color and layout variations, vertical menus, customizable shop sections, and mega menus.

The theme is said to have many ready-made demo versions to cover a wide range of layouts and styles. Porto can help you with providing a comprehensive and smooth look to your website and here, you can easily create a wide range of company websites, corporate homepages, public relations companies web platforms, etc.

The WordPress Porto Theme includes the best Visual Composer, and the drag and drops design tool, or page builder plugin, allows the user to create many customized layouts for the posts and pages. The theme is also equipped with a Porto Optimizer tool to improve the loading speed of web pages. With excellent Search Engine Optimization and lightweight layout standards, the user can enjoy high usability and loading time reduction.

The WordPress Porto Theme is multipurpose and responsive and can be used well to create an elegant and unique website. It contains all necessary customization options and tools desired by any user while making a WordPress website.


The Werkstatt WordPress theme is a visually driven and edgy option that can suit any public relation company to display their portfolio and services on its web platform. The theme covers approximately 15 portfolio layouts for the users and has a bold and modern design language coupled with full-width layouts. The custom made navigation sections are implemented to allow the visitor to access the featured content.

They offer a montage of readymade portfolio styles, customization options, WooCommerce compatibility, and animation effects to make your public relations company website practical and useful for visitors. With the fast loading time and plentiful customization option, you can find your way to access the user-friendly theme panel to help you out with the website creation.

You can impress your audience with animation and seamless transitions. With Werkstatt, you can engage with more than 750 animation icons and express your company’s aim and services with unlimited colors and custom Google fonts. Werkstatt is one of the most sorted themes for websites in any niche, so style your elements and sections and fine-tune your pages and modules with this fantastic WordPress theme. 


Rise is one of the premium portfolio themes that can help you showcase your company in the best possible way. The theme can provide your web platform a professional look and is best for public relations companies.

Rise WordPress theme offers responsive design and allows them to auto-resize the platform while adjusting images, fonts, videos, etc. The color factor plays an important role in creating a brand-oriented and stylish site. A lot of companies prefer to choose brand-related colors to be showcased on their site. With ready color skins and tools, Rise theme is here with a palette of unlimited colors to mix and match as per the user requirements.

The themes can also help you with the opt-in newsletter section in their header area. The option needs to be activated and in no time will help you to receive more email sign-ups for your services and weekly newsletter. Undoubtedly, Rise is one of the WordPress themes that should be opted by corporates to build their web platforms responsive and professional as per their industry standards.


The Entrance theme is a well-optimized, feature-rich, minimal, modern built, and clean design offering great UI to the users. It is one of the best options for creating a professional public relations website, content-driven site, and a personal blog. Its retina-ready and fully responsive design will allow your website to display correctly on small devices and adapt to big screens when required.

Entrance themes have many different homepage design options for the users to choose as per the type of industry they are in. The live theme customizer can help the professionals to work upon the design of their site and ensure that you can easily change the color, background, font of your platform.

The drag and drop page builder can be used for creating customized pages for your website. The Entrance theme’s user-friendly and modern design can be implemented by any company offering public relations services.


The retina-ready Valenti theme is a cutting edge WordPress premium theme. The theme allows changing the color scheme and layout as per the business requirements. The featured post section can be managed from the panel and let the user feature their best product and service on its homepage. The unique mega menu option for exquisite drop-down menus can set the desired featured image for posts with parallax effects.

Valenti comes with BuddyPress, WooCommerce, and bbPress integration to provide the user with the complete experience he is looking for. The exclusive Valenti drag and drop builder options ensure that users have enough fun in creating the unique homepage and modify the category pages as per the industry requirements.

Try building your public relations company website with Valenti and using its amazing variety of features for the web pages to give your platform an edge over your competitors.


One of the popular WordPress themes offering endless design options and possibilities to help users in building a unique platform. It doesn’t matter if you do not have any coding skills because the Divi theme can still create a unique website for your business.

Divi Builder offers a few readymade modules to be used on your website, and each one of them is specialized for bringing different functionalities to your platform. The modules are quite flexible and can be modified as per the theme requirement.

The theme layout is quite flexible, and also the WordPress customizer is full of features that can be implemented in just a few clicks. The visual builder can help you add special effects, do bulk editing, and change image settings. Divi’s magic color manager is another feature to boost creativity and build your platform faster.

With the Divi theme, you can design real-time changes, add many interactive elements, and customize premade layouts. Open your imagination with the new way of creating your WordPress website with the Divi theme’s help.


It is a feature-rich, fully customizable, and attractive WordPress theme that can create a public relations website. The theme is loaded with many fantastic demo designs, and the entire theme is visually appealing. The premium version of the theme offers unique button styles, search bar, account modal, etc. It provides approximately 20+ elements to be featured in the header. The mega menu module for the theme is here to support the 1+ column drop-down option and is customizable.

The Kadence themes also provide an option to create a sticky header while the website is accessed through desktops and mobile devices. It also allows you to change the social networking icons, header background, and buttons. The Kadence is one of those WordPress themes that enable the customization of the search page. With a click of a button, the Kadence user can make the featured image of any post as the page’s background.

In all cases, the Kadence is undoubtedly a beautiful, responsible WordPress theme, and it offers an amazing header or footer tool and supports multiple styles of blog posts.


BeTheme is well-known in the industry and is shipped with 12+ pre-designed web pages suitable for any public relations company.

The theme supports many exquisite features for users. It supports seven header styles allowing text logos as well as text logos to stick to the header. It also includes the option to enable or disable the sticky header.

The theme has templates for four portfolio layouts and is a great way to showcase and create portfolios for your business. BeTheme layout generator enables the user to create various unique layouts in a few minutes. The theme template also includes another tool known as the skin generator tool for creating color schemes quickly to be used on the website.

BeTheme is a fast loading WordPress theme. Having 500+ demos, the theme allows users to launch their professional website in minimal time. It includes two premium WordPress plugins and two-page builders.

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