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20 Best WordPress Themes of all time



Did you just make a WordPress website to showcase the thing you can beat others by miles? Oh, I know! You are unsure about the themes that you should pick for your business. Well even if you are dealing with a rough average, then there are ten thousand WordPress themes to choose from for your dream website. People, in general, are lost about what themes to use for their content.

A lot of the query is what themes the content creators should use or whether there exists a theme that serves multiple purposes or has live support for smashing that bug that is loitering in your screen. This is why we bring you a guide to the top 20 WordPress themes that are going to help you to step your game up in 2021.

The themes that have been curated here are based on the multiple utility customizable options or support based likeliness or are some of the best options available for particular niches. However, all of these themes are the best that there is and if you are someone who is willing to go the extra mile, these themes will make sure that your efforts do not go unrewarded.


X theme has a premium and unique functionality which makes it a strong competitor for many other themes on WordPress. It is a multiple functional theme loaded with powerful and exclusive features like Analytic Integration, Visual Composer, Scroll option, Revolution Slider, Customizable template, and more. It comes with regular updates that make it more efficient and with each update the user experience is enhanced to make it more accessible. The Internet is a great place where you can amass an international audience and expand the roots of your business.

With a versatile toolkit housing more than 30 additional premium plugins, Xtheme allows  you to craft your unique page with every option under your control. You will never find two identical pages made using the X theme because of high versatility and the availability of different customizable options. Although Xtheme is loaded with high-end features, it is also considerably responsive as well and the interface is user-friendly too.


Jupiter is one of the best selling WordPress themes with an impressive star rating. It has high adaptability which helps it to adapt the style of your site and enhance the productivity and the design of your personal blog or e-commerce store. It comes with elementor extensions which provide you with the ultimate excess to new widgets and functionality. Jupiter comes with more than 150+ pre-made demo sites, with customizable header styles and adjustable logo, color, fonts, and more that make your work even easier.

Other features of Jupiter include one-click demo content installations, options to set a maintenance mode, MegaMenu, custom font uploader, video background effects, and a unique set of icons. Jupiter is also an SEO-friendly WordPress theme that can help you to boost your e-commerce business online, helping to impress the site visitors visually.


Bridge is a powerful modern theme that can traverse the gap between casual and professional web pages. To offer designers, business owners, and bloggers, it has more than two hundred creative themes in it. User-friendly layout welcomes first-time site owners to design their web pages in their unique ways and manage their business with ease. The site translation is a very popular and essential feature that Bridge offers, it helps to expand the user base and popularity of your site and your overseas fans will find this utilitarian

Bridge offers you the most amazing search functions that enhance the visitor’s browsing experience; with this search feature, a user can directly go to their topic of interest without scrolling through the endless post. Bridge has dozens of innovative functionalities that give an exclusive and high professional look to your website with a comprehensive custom theme, collection of icons, unlimited colors, smooth animation effects, and in-built premium plugins.


I acknowledge that there is no shortage of themes that can be used if you are going to begin a magazine blog but a theme such as Newspaper must not be compared with other ones since it has all that overrides the rest (mostly).

This is considered to be the best theme out there when it comes to high traffic magazine websites. Consequently, it has 85000 delighted customers. As for its layouts, there are 2 ways to create these, using either specially crafted tagDiv Composer page builder or the visual composer plugin, which comes free with the theme. So, if you want to get your website up and running in no time, you have an option to simply single out from 80 unique pre-built demos.

The built-in panel of the theme also includes plenty of options that help you make changes to your site to meet the exact requirements if you further like changing your design. Perhaps the best and most useful part of the theme is that it has a number of ways to monetize your site. Moreover, it is also completely optimized for AdSense. Don’t find this enough? Let me tell you that this theme offers more than 40 social media integrations, which helps you share your content on several platforms and this theme is fast, flexible, and completely optimized for speed.

It is a scintillating feature that Newspaper combines worth imbibing elements with an intuitive setting that allows you to build almost any sort of publication.

In a nutshell, Newspaper is one of the 5 most top notch themes out there for news related high traffic websites. You may find it a tad exorbitant. However, you won’t find anything better than this if you literally have requirements that this theme can meet.


Ronneby theme was specifically designed to give powerful and high performance with flexibility so that the users can tweak their websites according to their linking. Either blogging or selling your products around, Ronneby will smartly clothe your content in a design that you have never seen before, with its huge number of article formats, gorgeous widgets, and customizations. It provides you with 40 sophisticated demo layouts to choose from, and all these layouts are highly customizable so that you can give your website a unique declaration.

Ronneby is developed by DFDevelopment, and they make sure that it is a handy theme with all the latest features that can help your website to withstand in the market and gain continuous success.

Features that make Ronneby a true competitive theme are a Customizable Design, Header Styles, Premium Plugins, Responsive Settings, easy one-click installation, a translation option that translates your website in different languages, Integration of social media platforms, and a built-in gallery. Ronneby can customize your website for a non-parallel see, it has a devotee interface that is intuitive and easy to use.


Indigo is a modern magazine and blog theme which was tailored for almost all types of your business niche. It is designed in such a way that it can meet all your blogging needs in almost no time. Installing Indigo is a simple and easy process;all installation-related information is documented on the Indigo download page.

You can perfectly replicate the structure and design from the demo page with just a simple click. All the themes that come with Indigo are compatible with Gutenberg, the new WordPress 5.0 block editor. The easy customizer in Indigo helps the users to change colors and fonts according to their own linking and upload their own logo with just a simple click. In order to stand out and compete with others, Indigo is made highly responsive and retina-ready to automatically adapt and fit on any screen resolution either on desktop or mobile.

Every theme that comes with Indigo is localized and translation ready to translate your website content into different languages. Indigo is SEO friendly and is coded by professional developers who ensure that it is clean, readable, and easy to modify with the latest web standards. With WooCommerce support, users can sell products straight from their websites.


Hudson, the ultimate e-commerce WordPress theme comes with premium features and a responsive layout. The multipurpose layouts can aid your e-commerce shop, blog, and e-commerce business website, and make them look innovative and appealing to the eyes of the visitors.

It is one of the top-rated WordPress themes, which is combined with clean and modern layouts, and minimalist e-commerce features. It houses custom widgets, built-in shortcodes, social media integration, advanced filters, a rating system, and more to help you to manage your e-commerce store.

You can also maximize your products’ selling rates with the help of Hudson which is compatible with WooCommerce, the most popular plugin used to run e-commerce websites. In order to achieve awesome visual and transition effects, Hudson uses the jQuery library, HTML5, and CSS3.

You can add options like product management, user account panne, shopping cart, rating system, translation option, and more to your website’s homepage. The WooCommerce plugin provides comprehensive customer support and increases your store’s sales.


Enfold is a true multipurpose theme that has been regularly updated ever since it was launched. Enfold, crafted by Kriesi has more than 200,000 downloads and an excellent 5-star rating on ThemeForest. It provides almost every tool that you would require to create your WooCommerce or WordPress website of any type. Along with the various features and design variations that Enfold comes with, it has high flexibility that allows you to customize your website as per the requirements of your BUSINESS.

Since Enfold comes with professional and multipurpose design, I would recommend it to people who want to create a complex website that has a multitude of features. Enfold is considerably responsive, mobile-friendly to earn more traffic to your website, retina-ready, translation ready with more than 20 language support, has RTL support, and integration premium plugins and social media platforms. With its well-documented information and video tutorials, you will find it easy to operate with this theme.


I know that to find a theme that can be the cream of the crop in terms of covering several different sorts of magazine websites and news, encompassing food, fashion, and travel is undeniably a difficult task to be carried out, right? Newsmag is here to help if your pain point is finding a theme that mostly fits all niches.

Even the demo of its classical blog makes it stand out of the crowd by making it a relevant choice for personal bloggers seeking a theme that is packed with user-friendly features as well as templates.

Newsmag is perfectly designed for publishing content in a wide range of formats and it is both easy to read and use. While it has been easy for one to add text and image-based content to your website, Newsmag provides the user with all the templates to make sure that the pieces of information are presented in the blog as perfectly as possible.

It would be astounding to you that it also has great YouTube support. So, whenever you find yourself in need of uploading content on your website, it gets quite easy with Newsmag.

You can quickly and easily paste ad codes on your website’s theme setting in case you have got the approval of Google AdSense and you can also apply for approval from other Ad networks.

Newsmag is updated a number of times to keep other features and templates up to date. It is also being consistently enhanced so that improvements can encompass faster-loading speed, more responsive and elegant design, several third-party plugins support, and other features such as drag and drop page builder tool, premium widgets’ library.

Isn’t this incredible, guys?

This is undeniably a good option in case you have to create a user-friendly content website, including news, fashion, cooking, etc, and don’t at all intend to stay embroiled in coding.


If you have been running a magazine website, you would foreknow what has to be done when it comes to maximizing the readership of your online magazine since your content has to be both immensely easy to read and attention capturing. However, creating a balance between these two and maintaining it on a regular basis is a bit of a headache. Right? But it isn’t at all difficult for you if you have Pennews.

To run efficiently and quickly, it has 30 gorgeous layouts based on sports, lifestyle niches, fitness, and art, and if you even have unique layout requirements, the plugin called WPBakery page builder plugin makes this task easy to be carried out; you can do it, by dragging and dropping.

You should also know that what differentiates this theme from several other magazine themes is, this theme can blend high customizability with already streamlined optimization. So, for newbies, this theme also supports Google AMP so that they can’t stare into the problem of low page loading speed on mobile devices and it also allows you to create unlimited in-feed ad sections for affiliate marketing.

In view of the offers, flexibility of theme, power, and the potential of monetization, this isn’t at all a bad option; you can consider this. Also, PenNews is undeniably worth considering even for those going the extra mile to get a professional online publication off the ground quickly.


Being a food, fashion, or travel blogger, merely relying on social media to communicate with your readers doesn’t seem to be a good idea at all, right? Perhaps you would like them to engage with you directly on your page and this is nothing short of a potential job for the theme called Pixwell.

Pixwell is primarily known for providing its users with features that they can use to share their content in a fully responsive, stunning layout. Moreover, the demo content of it can be installed in merely one click, and the drag and drop built-in ruby composer allows you to create a modern design without even the basic knowledge of coding. Even the layout options are practically innumerable with the options of hundreds of available customization.

It also comes with the feature to create noteworthy galleries and single out from 800 google fonts to meet best what you ultimately want. The theme has tons of functionality that is related to blogging as well such as bookmarks to save the content to go through later or the option to react to anyone’s posts with emojis.

You can even monetize your website by either applying for affiliate marketing networks such as Amazon, other shopping sites, or place ads anywhere on your website from Google AdSense.

So far it is truly a robust and fast loading theme for bloggers who run a business and even for magazines. Its flexible design can easily adapt to any niche based website and incredibly help you share your content with your audience. Consequently, it is worth a try.


Although there seem to be innumerable options available out there when it comes to attractive magazine themes, to find easy to use navigation and relevant aesthetics in the one package appears to be a tad more difficult. Fortunately, GridLove combines a flexible design with customization options to allow you to create a user-friendly layout.

Especially for newbies, it comes with a built-in intuitive drag and drop module system to help you create organized layouts in a tad better way and it also allows you to customize your posts while featuring a selection of layout and formatting types and color schemes to single out from.

And, if you intend to double the monetization potential of your website or blog, it fairly allows you to place banner ads on posts or pages. Moreover, you can also highlight the ads of sponsored posts so that they can stay visible to whoever visits your website.

If you have a fair bit of large-scale publication along with tons of sponsored posts that have to be displayed, this theme can suit you!


Sahifa is quite elegant and comes with a powerful admin panel that allows you to configure theme setting and over 400 design options.

Although it is simple, yet powerful with indelibly customizable features. It has 3 site layout options: Framed, Wide and Boxed. With this theme, it is too easy for you to make changes or create a design that meets your requirements. Moreover, the time page builder of it features a simple drag and drop interface so that your homepage can easily be customized with multiple block layouts, which are in-built. This flexibility spreads into the content and homepage slideshow layouts with page templates and over 40 shortcodes. Also, the other design feature of Sahifa has innumerable color schemes with over 650 google fonts, 35 custom widgets and a wide variety of sidebar, and much more to offer.

It stays focused on making the content accessible and enjoyable for your readers and the ajax live search functionality helps your users to effectively search for what they are seeking. Other features such as mega menus & menu icons can make it quite easy for your users to navigate your site.

Click Mag

If you have been a WordPress user, it isn’t at all possible that you haven’t heard of this theme since it doesn’t need any sort of introduction; it has gone viral and as for the usage, it should be ideally used only when you intend to maximize reader clicks, social shares as well as ad revenue.

Most of its features have been designed to get people to keep on moving throughout your site’s content a little quickly. Using this theme, you can easily feature trending posts and add a rotating image gallery of articles at the bottom of the pages on your site to give them a hidden command so that they can read more. To make content even more interactive, you can organize both posts and pages into dynamic and quite attractive slideshows. There are also just a few plugins that stay focused on driving traffic to your website and increasing clicks as well. These are reviewer WordPress plugins that help you add reviews and tables to your posts and its Theia Sticky Sidebar plugin can enhance the visibility and exposure of sidebar content.

Ideally, it should have to help you drive traffic to your website but only if you are well versed in SEO and social content on social media platforms. Also know the ins and outs of SEO.

To help you make the most of the traffic, this theme offers tons of ways to paste ad codes and the layouts provide you with multiple ad locations in different sizes and ad specific widgets. This theme is primarily known for providing users with maximum ad exposure throughout page placements.

If you want to start a blog with the primary intention only to make money, you should go for this. Although perhaps it is simple to some extent, yet it will turn out to be the best theme for you if you somehow succeed in your efforts to drive traffic to your website. Just give it a go!


It is a fact that WPZOOM once described Alpha as one of the most complex themes out of their collection. Why? This theme has 2 skins: the first one for magazines and the second one for newspapers, providing you with totally different looks.

It has been built advancedly – consequently, it also comes with logo options, a featured slideshow, breaking news ticker, post slideshows, and custom backgrounds, and its templates, which are built-in, also include blog archives, page with left sidebar. It also has custom shortcodes such as buttons, social options, list styling, various columns, and infoboxes. For advertising purposes, it has myriad banner areas on the template as well.

The theme’s features itself say it should be singled out only when you truly want to give your blog a professional look and make it easy for your users to imbibe the pieces of information.


Esteem is a Vintage WordPress theme with which you can create a business and blogging site and give a classic look to it. It was designed specifically to provide its users with high performance and numerous benefits with which you can do more optimization into your website. With Esteem, customizing content and editing has become easy and you can actually focus on other things that your website requires. WooCommerce compatibility is also an important feature using which you can start selling products without difficulty and create a well-managed store.

Esteem supports various types of integrations which include the popular Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, Brizy, Elementor, and SiteOrigin. It has a huge number of different starter templates and you can simply replicate these Starter Demos and begin with your next project already. This is an excellent theme with everything that I’d look for on my e-commerce website. I loved this theme’s brilliant responsiveness with great out of the box controls.


Insight is a perfect option for those who want to document their stories and adventure with an abundance of space for high-quality images and galleries. Whether you are a professional or beginner doesn’t matter, you can use Insight without any difficulty and there are good numbers of video tutorials available on it that will help you if you further require any assistance.

It is made fully responsive to deliver seamlessly high performance, no matter whether you are viewing the Insights theme blog on your desktop, tablet, or mobile; the theme will readily adapt to the screen size perfectly.

Professional web developers work for countless hours to make Insight the most productive theme, and it receives regular updates that make sure that you get the latest features and an amazing user experience.

It has a hassle-free installation process. Insight offers options to adjust layouts, management advertisement, control colors, and search engine optimization, and more to fulfill all your custom requirements. It provides you with custom widgets using which you can instantly add advertisement banners, social media icons so that the visitors can share your product details and their reviews.


I don’t have to let you know that keeping people glued to your website page is a job of enticing animations and micro-interactions. However, with a theme such as Zeen, you don’t at all have to be apprehensive about animation or interactivity from the time of investing into the theme itself. Why? Because you immediately get access to all the features and layouts that will work towards helping your website scale. Higher and higher!

It has tons of different and additional features such as AMP-compatible pages(know the importance of it!), a lot more to offer and the most top-notch attribute of the theme is perhaps its animations as well as micro-interactions. The way it adorns the screen space doesn’t let any space go waste and you may also conceive of the elements of Zeen as the equivalent to leading lines.

I should let you know that it also holds a record on international website ThemeForest of reaching 100 sales merely within a span of half-day.

In my opinion, the most unique aspect of it is, it encompasses the exclusive use of a new tipi builder; it has a groundbreaking page builder that can provide the users complete control over the site. It wouldn’t be wrong if I say that integrating a page builder such as the Tipi builder can turn out to be immensely beneficial since not only does it allow you to keep an eye on the live preview of all customizations but it also makes streamlining the process of building easy and immensely effective. Zeen allows you to make the most of all the possibilities and eventually have the layout of your desire.

What I find the best is, Zeen doesn’t rely on any sort of third-party dependencies, which usually, other themes do. The code of the theme is immensely clean and is great at complying with the best coding standards of WordPress.

Given that this theme has what overrides a number of other things and has ideally whatever a relevant theme should have to have, you should give it a go.


Genesis is the master theme that comes with a large selection of high-quality layouts. High flexibility and various customization options allow the site owner to create their ideal website with a flawless performance and user experience that comes with Genesis.

It offers additional design, features, and functionality for your website. Most popular for its renowned fast loading code and SEO friendly structure, Genesis is one of the best that WordPress themes have to offer. People who are looking for a theme to build a strong foundation for their website find Genesis particularly appealing.

Every child theme in Genesis has its own unique settings, and you can make changes to those settings with just a few simple clicks. It has customizable layout options like color style, default layout, navigation, and unique blog page templates to match your business type. It offers premium support,  lifetime updates, and built in security. Genesis is made mobile-responsive which is an important feature because it brings more traffic to your website.


Seocify is a multipurpose WordPress theme designed for marketing agencies, SEO Agency, Digital Marketing, and Social Media website. It offers built-in pages like pricing pages, about us, reviews, product pages, and portfolio pages.

It supports the latest WordPress 5.0 version and comes with exclusive homepage layouts which were designed to match with all types of websites and can be modified easily with the various customization tools.

It is made user-friendly by the developers and has video tutorials to learn how to use different features that it offers. The WooCommerce plugin support makes your website ready for shopping and turns viewers into potential buyers by providing a seamless user experience.

It offers modern features like animated sliders, icons, and other visual elements that elevate your website above the competition and gives a unique and custom look to your site so that your target audience finds it more appealing. Users get premium support services from the theme developers who intend to solve all their queries.

Review 20 Best WordPress Themes of all time.

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10 Effective Habits to Make You A Better Marketer



It’s a fact that marketing can make or break a business. Gone are the days when marketing was an isolated element, or an afterthought, in the business world. Now, it is inseparable from a business’s successful foundation and future growth.

It is also a highly complex industry that is anything but static. Instead, it contains many moving parts. It requires thought, planning, and flexibility. Because it has developed into such an active field, some of the brightest minds have made it their chosen career. But with this comes fierce competition.

If you are a marketer, chances are you put in the time, education, and energy for success. But how do you gain that competitive edge that can help you stand out from other top professionals? It can be as easy as implementing small but effective habits into your work routine.

We’ve compiled 10 of the best habits that you can start today. Read on to learn more.

1. Stay Focused on Relationships

Something that many people in the industry lose sight of is the drive for relationship building. The heart of marketing is in connecting with people.

Crafting a connection with someone is far more likely to get them interested in your product than dull, impersonal tactics. When it comes to staying focused on relationships, there are a few routes you can take.

Consider the Customer When Crafting Content

You should follow strategies that will lead to a relationship with your desired audience. If you want to boost sales and revenue only in the short term, the creation of one-time buyers is a desirable outcome.

But, if you want to sustain long-term growth for your business, you need to build relationships with customers through the content you create. You want them to trust and engage with your brand regularly. This is how you find people that are loyal to the brand.

When it comes to the creation of your content, strive to be:

  • Personable – When you are writing with a specific audience in mind, it helps to come across as personable. Some people are quick to mistake warmth with unprofessionalism. However, this isn’t the case. If a relaxed, more informal tone is appropriate for your particular brand, then that’s great. But, you can still be personable while maintaining a more formal tone in your writing. Look for small ways to make your writing and content more amiable.
  • Engaging – Consumers are exposed to a vast number of different messages every day. Everyone is fighting for their spot at the table. They want to capture the consumer’s attention. So how can you make your message stand out from the crowd? You need to engage the person reading your article or watching your video in the first few seconds. These early moments are some of the most crucial for keeping someone’s attention locked in on your product.
  • Action-oriented – In good marketing, you will find a call to action. You want people to take action – usually by going out and buying the product or service you’re selling. The language that you use shouldn’t be pushy or over-the-top. But you can provide consistent, gentle reminders to the consumer. Remind them to take that action and how it will benefit them.

Constantly Build Your Professional Network

In addition to the audience you’re trying to target, focus on the professional relationships you have all around you. This is something that Eric Siu and Neil Patel hit home in their popular podcast “Marketing School”.

Siu, founder, and CEO of Click Flow, and Neil Patel, co-founder of Neil Patel Digital, are both nationally recognized marketers and get together to offer advice to marketers at all different points in their careers. The two industry professionals often emphasize that a career in marketing is a social one.

You can only go so far if you are relying solely on yourself and your talents. You need to be able to collaborate with those around you. It is also valuable to know when to ask for help. To build up your professional relationships, consider some of these tips:

  • Official partnerships and joint projects – Partnerships and joint projects can be a great way to improve your network. They can be within your own company or even between companies. Bringing in people you don’t usually work with can stimulate more creativity.
  • Conferences – Professional conferences are a fantastic way to maintain professional relationships. They apply to every career field, but especially to marketing. Look for local ones or take a trip out of town. You can meet new people and share ideas.

2. Invest in Education

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to never stop learning. Digital marketing and business optimization leader Rajendra Singh Bhadoriya makes a point of this in his various publications. You need to invest in education for yourself. If you don’t brush up on your skills, you run the risk of falling behind. This is especially true if you know it takes time for you to pick up new skills. The industry is continually shifting, and you need to be able to tackle the changes it presents to you.

On a similar note, you should also consider sharing your knowledge with others. Becoming a teacher allows you to constantly review and practice skills you already have. Plus, working with young minds can be useful. They may approach a problem in a way you’ve never considered. Fresh perspectives are always a plus.

If you are very advanced in your field, you may want to consider teaching at a small college or a large university. You can also offer courses and seminars to younger audiences that want to begin building professional skills. Making the marketers of tomorrow will help you be a stronger one today.

3. Practice Your Storytelling

In many ways, marketing is just storytelling. You have a structure that typically consists of a beginning, a middle, and an end. You want to present the story to potential customers, have them understand it, and move them to action.

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You have to be creative if you want to make it in this career. To be a successful marketer, you should try to practice your storytelling skills. There is no wrong way to do this, but a few ideas include:

  • Engage in public speaking – This is an essential skill for all professional marketers to have. You need to be able to pitch your ideas to companies while articulating yourself well. This is why you should look for opportunities to strengthen that skill. For example, at gatherings for friends and family, prepare a speech and ask if you can deliver it.
  • Watch live performances – This may seem like an odd way to practice your storytelling skills, but don’t dismiss it right away. Live performance, especially theatre, has been at the root of human storytelling for thousands of years. If done well, it can capture a person’s attention and move them deeply. If you see a live show, try to analyze how it connects to its audience.
  • Write creatively – Even if you don’t consider yourself a skilled creative writer, sitting down and trying to write a short story is still a great way to practice your skills. What you write is just for you.

4. Keep Up With Trends in Tech

Technology has a significant influence on how business is conducted. This, in turn, affects how companies market themselves and who they market to.

For example, a decade or so ago, social media marketing was hardly something that people thought about. But now it is an integral element of most business marketing plans across the world. As a professional, it is your job to read the news and keep up with the latest tech trends.

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You never know when the next super trend is about to take off. And when it does, you want to be a master of it.

5. Stay Organized

With any job you have, staying organized will only aid you in your career – but it is essential if you hope to be a successful marketer. It is fair to assume that you’re handling multiple projects at once. If you aren’t organized and able to prioritize them, you may be unable to give all of your pitches, projects, and ideas the attention they need.

Stay organized in:

  • Physical files – If you have a desk at the office, keep it clean. Make sure your space reflects an organized mind. A clean and organized workspace is also more professional, especially if you work in a shared office. Or, let’s say you have a more mobile office style. For example, maybe you freelance and work out of coffee shops. Make sure you have everything with you before you leave that you need to be productive.
  • Online data – If you do a lot of work online and on your computer, keep your digital files tidy as well. Delete files you no longer need. Tag and categorize all your digital content so that you can find it quickly. Also, make sure that you stay up to date on all of your virus protection.

6. Trust in the Data

A successful marketing campaign will always be data-driven. Your campaign should draw on past reports and create data for future ones.

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You should build your strategy based on the information you receive about your target audiences and their behaviors. When in doubt, always go back to the numbers.

7. Follow Your Competitors

To maintain an edge in the industry, make sure that you keep up with your competitors. Just like you, they will be trying to launch new and exciting projects. Part of your job is paying attention to their efforts. They might be working on a hot new idea that you can also explore.

One of the easiest ways to do this is through social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. There are even programs that monitor all these platforms for you.

8. Communicate Effectively with Your Team

In the world of marketing, you often work better in a team. That is why you need to know how to communicate with your team effectively. If there is clear communication among team members, you will all be at your most productive and most creative. You should, therefore, have strong interpersonal skills.

If you are in charge of a team, make sure to manage them fairly but effectively. You can do this by regularly checking in with them and setting clear deadlines.

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In addition to your immediate team members, you should communicate well with other departments. For example, in his LinkedIn article about mastering marketing skills, Paul Petrone suggests that marketers should learn more from the sales department. Understanding the sales process will help you do your job better.

9. Think About the Short-Term and Long-Term

Another thing that you can do to be successful is to analyze all possible outcomes of a potential campaign or project. You want to consider how it will affect your company in the short-term. But you should also think ahead and predict how it may affect your company in the long-term.

By running through a list of possible outcomes, it may help you avoid undesired ones. For example, your team may be working on an idea to boost immediate sales by introducing a sensational celebrity as a spokesperson. But while thinking about the long-term effects of using this celebrity, you realize that they are a loose cannon and may not be worth the risk to your public image.

10. Remember to Evaluate

Last but not least, remember to evaluate your progress. One of the best ways to improve your current self is to learn from the past.

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Once a project comes to a close, take stock of what went well and what didn’t go well during the process. Brainstorm ways to improve your techniques before the next project. Jayson DeMers, Founder and CEO of AudienceBloom, talks about this in one of his industry articles.


As you move forward in your marketing career, remember that you have a daily commitment to being your best. You should always take time to self-reflect and think about how you might incorporate more of these helpful habits.

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Top 10 Tips to Get Highest ROAS with Facebook Ads



The first thing we consider before we buy something or before we invest our hard-earned cash into something is- “Will it be worth the money?” This metric is often dubbed ‘Return on Investment’. However, when we are talking about Facebook, the terminology slightly variates and becomes ROAS- Return on Ad Spend. The essence boils down to how much return was generated against every dollar that was invested in the advertisement. ROAS becomes an important metric because it helps determine how many people your advert reached. The more the reach of the advertisement, the more the revenue generated and hence the more is the ROAS.

Worrying already about whether you are making every dollar you invested count? Do not fret my friend, I will help you determine that right away. As with all metric calculation of this sort, you can determine your return with the help of the following formula

Return on Ad Spend = Conversion value divided by cost. An illustration of this would be like this. Imagine you spent $100 on a product that costs $500. This means ROAS is 5. In simpler terms, you generated 5 times the value you invested.

Coming to addressing the issue at hand, if you have been struggling to boost your ROAS, I have churned out proven tricks that can help you boost your ROAS more than 4x times. Don’t believe me? There’s something called try-and-buy. You don’t have to buy my words, but once you start seeing the results trickle in, as the ROAS of your Facebook ads keeps jumping one fold up, you will know (and maybe thank me a little).

But before we jumpstart to the tricks, let me give you a quick insight into ROAS, how to calculate it, and why you should be spending on Facebook ads in the first place.

What is ROAS?

The Return On Ad Spend is a type of marketing metric specifically designed to measure the business earnings in terms of revenue for every penny spent on advertising or marketing. In other words, ROAS means how effectively you can spend your marketing budget.

Is ROAS similar to ROI?

ROAS is comparable, not similar to ROI. ROAS stresses the cost of the ad campaigns, while ROI focuses on the overall investments in marketing.

Understanding the ROAS as a form of advertising to bring revenue is important for any business. The ROAS can allow companies to know if the marketing strategies are worth the effort and money spent. The business’s success always depends upon the ROAS.

Companies are desired to know that if any particular kind of advertising campaigns are working as anticipated. If the results are not as expected, the campaign needs to pull back immediately to counter the effects. It doesn’t matter what kind of platform is chosen for advertisements because a failing campaign can incur hefty losses and rip off your advertising budget.

How to calculate ROAS?

Understanding ROAS is not an easy task; here, anyone can assume that it will be challenging to calculate. But is this true?

No, the ROAS is relatively easy to calculate. It implies a simple formula, i.e., the total value of conversion divided by advertising cost.

Conversion value here stands for the amount of revenue the business is earning from any conversion. If it can cost $50 in ad spend on selling one unit of 200$ product, the ROAS is 4 for every dollar spent on advertising; you earn $4 back.

ROAS calculations can be specific or broad. Total ad spending can be calculated via ROAS and compared with the total revenue or can target revenue and expenditure in any particular area. There are many paid and free services available online that can assist businesses in tracking their ROAS. It is essential to subscribe to avail ROAS services because it helps companies to set realistic goals for their future. For instance, companies use Google ads or any other services to know about a particular ad campaign’s effectiveness.

The business that can advertise on Facebook are divided into two categories:

Companies sell services or products online, allowing customers to pay on a website immediately. Service providers that convert potential clients and generate leads from Facebook via email or phone communication channels.

Measuring your ROAS business is easy if your business lies in the first category because purchase conversion events and Facebook pixel directly track them. However, if your business lies in the second category, it becomes hard to measure the ROAS because of monitoring gaps. Here you have to track the various leads manually and convert cross-match them with the Facebook data. You don’t really have to sweat it however, there are multiple tools that you can use to calculate ROAS and understand if it’s going uphill or not!

Why spend on Facebook Ads in the first place?

Before we venture out why Facebook is a good place to advertise your services or products, lets quickly review some facts:

  1. Back in 2014, the daily users of Facebook were 1.39 billion as against the population of the world’s most populated country China which clocked at 1.37 billion.
  2. Facebook is the third most popular website ever, surpassed only by Google and YouTube.
  3. The average time a person spends on Facebook is close to an hour.

Do we even need more examples to be cited for you to consider that you are missing out on valuable leads and revenue every day you do not market on Facebook? If you still do not understand the value of this social media platform as a marketing platform, sleep with the knowledge that 89.3% of businesses all over the world engage in marketing over Facebook and 39% of all Facebook users are active customers of brands that have a higher media presence in Facebook.

This is why spending money on advertisements stands the best lead generation chances when they are spent over on Facebook. If you want to advertise somewhere, Facebook is the place to be. Imagine the benefits that the amateurs derive from the free advertisement features on Facebook. Now, if you were to shell some money for gaining traction and for personalized Facebook services, is not that a lucrative place to invest to reap rich rewards?

What is a good ROAS for Facebook Ads?

Remember the illustration we gave you on ROAS for Facebook? The revenue generation was a direct multiplier of $5. Now there was a reason we gave you that number. Talking in real economic jargons, the sustainable amount for a business spending money for advertising on Facebook was found to be a return of $4 to $10 on every dollar spent for advertisement. Although the number does seem a bit random and a lot of profit, trust us when we say it is not. Advertisement is only one avenue of business. You still have assets to maintain, production costs to account for, and most importantly, yourself to sustain. Doesn’t look like a microeconomics class anymore, does it? Jokes apart, if you are making less than that, you need to saddle up and start focusing on increasing it by employing the steps listed below.

10 Proven Tricks to Boost your ROAS with Facebook Ads

1.   Start targeting the right way

Strategic targeting is the foundation for boosting your ROAS manifold with Facebook Ads and there’s not just one but elements that together build what we call the ‘core’ of targeting.

Targeting in marketing is like essence to vanilla – you can’t go without it. Do you want to start a business? Start targeting. Do you want to promote your brand? Start targeting! Want to optimize your ROAS to maybe 10X? Start targeting already!

Is Loki wreaking havoc in Asgard? Call THORgeting  (wait, what?).

  • Understand your target audience

What exactly is the audience? A crew of potential buyers! Thus, unless you know what kind of people you want should be approaching for your ads, you just can’t make it! Understanding your target audience is the best tried and tested suggestion to maximize your Return On Ad Spend.

To make your ads resonate with your audience, start learning more about them, their interests, their hobbies, what platforms they spend their time on, what appeals to them, their selection and habits, and the demographic.

Although personalization leaves you with a more refined chunk of the audience, this helps you craft hyper-targeted ads for the right audience who would be genuinely interested in what you are selling. Once you have a filtered audience that shows interest in your products or services, start creating lookalikes so that the constraints on the scalability of your ads are somewhat lifted when the lookalikes start broadening your customer reach.

This brings us to our second point…

  • Lookalike Targeting instead of Cold Targeting

Cold audiences are really what they are – COLD! It may be possible to target these audiences with low-cost campaigns, it can entirely depend upon the effectiveness of research, eventually going down to guesstimates and ‘may the luck be with you’.

What is lookalike again? The audience created by Facebook based on the people who previously took actions on your ad, or engaged with it actively. Thus, when your brand is still growing, it is better to target lookalike audiences instead of cold audiences that have never interacted with your ads, since the former’s accuracy increases depending on how bulky the ‘seed’ is that the lookalike is crafted from.

If you already have a ‘hot’ audience, that is an audience that has already purchased from you, creating a lookalike becomes more effective. All you have to do is provide a sample of your hot or source audience to Facebook (no matter what the number) and next, Facebook delves into the available data and looks for the commonalities between the individuals that form your source audience. Facebook, then creates an audience (the lookalike) that overlap commonalities with your hot audience.

Lookalikes are the game changers in optimizing your ROAS with Facebook ads since they aren’t just your ‘more’ likely potential customers but also dissolve away the problem of reaching out to the wrong people.

  • If your product isn’t exclusive to a niche, use Worldwide Targeting

Sometimes businesses get so obsessed with targeting a specific spectrum of the audience that they may as well give tough competition to Joe Goldberg from YOU!

Do you know where they go wrong? Right, it starts wrong when it starts with obsession! If you are too specific about what audience to target, you’ll not only negatively impact the scalability of your business but also decrease your ROAS instead of increasing it.

For example, if you target an audience that are women between the age of 14 – 45 interested in buying sanitary pads in the U.S., you will have a large target audience that can turn into potential buyers. However, if you add other factors such as office-women in Colorado interested in buying 100% cotton pads (because you sell it) with extra-large wings and better absorption, you don’t just narrow your target audience, you lose a larger frame that may have been interested in sanitary napkins.

If your product isn’t exclusive to a niche, say, cannabis or veganism, use worldwide targeting instead of demographic targeting. When people split countries that they are targeting, they fail to understand which countries are the most profitable for their business. Not testing, but testing efficiently, instead of narrowing your approach will help you find the top-performing countries and cities that can make your product ‘hot-sell’.

However, if you can’t target all the countries, go for an entire area that is under your coverage. No harm done!

  • Keep taking feedbacks from your target audience

This is a topic I can write an essay on, but succinctly, interviewing your audience and taking their feedback is a crucial fact to conducting an effective advertisement campaign.

If you don’t know what your audience likes or dislikes about your ad and products, you’ll never improve, and nobody wants static – it bores them. Apart from understanding where your audience gives you a big thumbs up and where it ‘boos’ at you (hopefully not), you also get testimonies to showcase and attract more customers.

If your ads are performing well, it is definite that your audience is happy about it which means you’ll have a more ‘positive’ feedback score. Now, what good does that do? It won’t just allow Facebook to increase your visibility but also help you decrease the cost of your conversion and boost the return on ad spend.

How does this add up? In a nutshell, increasing your visibility is just Facebook’s way of saying thank you for giving more content to its users which they actually like. A win-win!

2.   Get Creative with the Visual Aspects of your Ads

I know they say not to judge a book by its cover, but this isn’t your bibliophilic world – it’s digital marketing and here, if they don’t like what they see, you are already out of the equation.

If people see something really interesting in your ad, be it audacious wit or intrigue, they will instantly want to know more about it.

Creative-mode on!

  • Focus on the Visual Aspect and Representation

To start with the creativity flowing inside of you is to limit to a point that you don’t end up making a huge dent in your wallet. Meaning? Do not spend the last penny on one graphic or visual representation that you found compelling. Instead, try and invest in multiple modes of representation that are equally appealing and second to none. A company that opts for multiple modes of representation such as images, pamphlets, videos, etc., will always process better ROAS than a company that keeps sticking the same ad on every platform.

The audience eventually starts experiencing what we call ad-fatigue!

In the digital world, rich creatives aren’t limited to uniquely riveting graphics, but relevant content that can be successful in capturing the attention of the audience. Your ad could be an amalgamation of color, sense, relevance, and nonpareil.

  • Maintain a Call-to-Action Mode in all your ads

‘Thanks for watching’ – ever seen an ad say this? No, because viewing an ad isn’t going to make you money on Facebook or increase your ROAS. To make a better impression on your audience and ask them to actively engage with what you have to offer, you have to ASK them to.

It’s simple! If you don’t ask, you don’t get it.

Call-to-action is an important tactic that will make the audience hooked to know more about your product or brand and by call-to-action, I do not just mean to leave a message that asserts ‘Buy Now’. Call-to-action can be anything that demands action from the audience such as ‘Hurry Up!’ ‘Watch Now’, ‘Read More’, etc. All of this brings your audience back to your product or brand the second time, thus increasing the ROAS with your Facebook ads.

  • Understand the right format before publishing an ad

Yes, it’s a thing. Your audience may have a favorite format just the way they have a favorite TV soap. To optimize your ROAS, it’s important to understand what ad format best suits your content without affecting the visual hierarchy or the understandability of the ad.

For instance, if you have several pieces of information that you want to put together in an ad, you can preferably use a carousel; if you have multiple products that you are releasing in a single ad, a specific collection ad format might work. Testing and researching different forms to get the hang of which format your audience interacts with the most is vital for optimizing your ROAS effectively.

  • Use rich creatives and optimization for the landing page too

This may just be an article-ception if I am to write a complete post on this (trust me, I can). It’s not just the ad that demands a little usage of the creative portion of your brain, it’s also the landing page, otherwise, your ad isn’t attractive, it’s BEGUILING, and you’d be crazy if you didn’t understand the difference.

If your ad seems promising and the landing page is peanuts, your audience loses all the interest you developed with such hard work (and money). The landing page is the receiver who catches the ball in the end zone while your ‘quarterback’ advertisement charges the Hail Mary pass at you. If your landing page doesn’t catch it, you don’t take the trophy home.

So, first things, first – here’s a cliche piece of advice – make your landing page beautiful and relevant to your ad. Secondly, have a congruent style and third maintain the consistency on your landing page so that the visual hierarchy apart from the basic look of the page is optimized.

Want to know more? Here you go!

Simplicity is sophistication. Use simple headlines. As much as I hate contrasting my own advice here, that is to be creative, you can’t go abracadabra with the headline unless you want to baffle the audience. Incorporate descriptive text that matches the one used in your ad. Where you show your creativity is the style and tone of the landing page so that the audience feels there’s ‘no another’.

Show your customers where to click. Since this is no Maze Runner, you wouldn’t want your audience to scratch their head, wondering where the call-to-action is represented, thus, keep your CTA clear and crisp. Your CTA is what works towards conversion or away from it, so allow the CTA to speak for itself and make it compelling so it stands out from the rest of your landing page content.

Test and optimize the loading time. What do you do when the buffering movies or the slow WiFi connections pester the crap out of you? You either switch to a different video streaming platform (or throw your phone away) and turn off the WiFi, respectively. It may be the same if your landing page keeps loading to perpetuity.

About 85% of the landing pages take at least 6 seconds to load, and if your page is any faster or any slower, you either win the game or your butterfingers miss out on the conversion. You don’t want your customer to wait, then wait a little more, curse inaudibly and then close your landing page, so keep optimizing it for better performance and speed.

3.   Split Testing, Split Testing, and Split Testing

You successfully created an ad that made all the difference for you? Have you been advertising the same at every possible platform where your brand has a presence for a LONG time? Yes? Now it’s time for you to let it go!

What? Why? When your customers and viewers have seen the same ad repeatedly on a perpetual loop almost everywhere, they will eventually be bored of it and instead of bringing you conversion, the ad will start fading into obscurity gradually.

However, I understand if you’re struggling to move on and the paranoia whether the new ad will be just as successful, is haunting the soul out of you. This is where split testing or A/B testing becomes the holy water for you!

Split testing or A/B testing is like tasting the ice cream flavors you want to choose one from and then settling on one that you find the most delicious. Eh, what? A/B or split testing is putting up multiple ad combinations and variations such as CTA, landing pages, headlines, etc, on a screen and testing their effectiveness as to which one has the highest chances of selling.

When you’re viewing two variations of one campaign, you can effectively scrutinize which one is more interactive and riveting to the consumers, thus helping conversions and increasing the ROAS of your Facebook ads.

How can you perform Split Testing on your Facebook Ads?

Facebook has an exclusive feature that specifically allows you to split test different combinations of your ads to optimize them for higher conversions and a boosted return on ad spend – Dynamic Creative.

When you have finally stopped using a successful ad as a crutch and want to focus on the larger picture, Dynamic Creative helps you assess 2-3 ad variations of the same theme and campaign. Monitoring the profitability of each ad sample and diverting resources towards the most convincing and rewarding materials avoids you from spending all your dollars on one ad (that you think is generating more returns) and thus, preventing you from losing the greater picture!

All you have to do to get Dynamic Creative run split testing for you is provide it with different versions of ads with varying elements such as images, videos, titles, text, etc and let Facebook analyze and create combinations that worked the best in generating better conversions, thus higher ROAS.

As the results trickle in, you will have a general idea of which ad combinations are the lucky wheels for you and which aren’t.

4.   Test all Placements and Devices

You wouldn’t want your ad to be placed at a segment on Facebook where people don’t even bat an eye. You wouldn’t want your ad to not be compatible with all the devices you are aiming to target, either. Thus testing all devices and placements for your ads to check their compatibility and visibility is a great way of scaling your ROAS.

  • Placement:

Now although we are solely focusing on Facebook in this issue, it is still worthwhile to scout your unknown territory once in a while, especially before you decide to invest in a platform. When you consider Facebook, you will have to make sure that your advertisement drops off at the right place and not with people who do not have the faintest idea of what the product is. The ideal places where you could drop those adverts are:

  • Facebook feeds
  • Instagram feeds
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Instagram stories
  • Facebook stories
  • Facebook suggested videos
  • Inox directly to the Messenger in the form of chatbots
  • Messenger stories
  • Facebook adverts in-stream videos

This is not all though. You need to regularly and periodically evaluate the placement strategy to make sure what works the best and then improve upon it.

  • Devices:

Focusing your ad on what the user is viewing the platform on forms an important part of campaign policy. Will the user be using a mobile or a computer? While the placement of the ad, you will have to be careful of the medium audience that you are targeting. The device selection and targeting play an important part in the lead generation buildup. A computer user would rather prefer more computer-based performance boosters adverts rather than a mobile user. A tested if not foolproof way to go about this is to:

  • Identify performance indicators
  • Developing a cost-effective marketing strategy
  • Evaluate results
  • Mock trials before implementation
  • Identify customer volume and reach
  • Optimize the evaluation process.
  • Repeat

Identification of the target audience depends on what the choices of the audience you would prefer are and the priority of those choices based on their standing.

How to optimize your Facebook Ad Placements?

Facebook placements cover up a significant part of the social media ads. It depends upon the audience you are looking ahead to target; if you are targeting mobile and desktop users simultaneously, not all placement options will be available for you.

If you target the mobile device users only through the placement, you can explore serving the newsfeed and the option on Facebook named “instant articles.”

If you choose to target only desktop or laptop users, you will always be limited to right column placement and Facebook newsfeed. Here the newsfeed is self-explanatory, and the right column also refers to the compressed versions for your ad at the side of Facebook UI.

Many placement options are available only for specific campaign objectives, inclusive of suggested videos and in-stream videos. Another concern is the optimization of Facebook placements, as not every placement can work with every campaign objective. Two approaches can be considered for placement optimization, and they are:

Trial and error method:

Every type of business is different, and so are the marketing and advertising techniques for them. Many people target only news feeds, while others look for the “right-hand side.” Few placements perform better than the other type of business, but you need to look for the one that performs better for you. By testing all placements, you can optimize Facebook for yourself and see placements profitable for you to keep going on. 

Goal Centric:

This may sound quite contrasting to the method mentioned above, but it all boils down to the niche you are operating in and the target audience that you have accumulated over time. To create a new campaign on Facebook, the foremost thing you should do is define an advertising objective. Once you have decided, devote the right amount of thought to your user experience for your ad.

5.   Set up Tracking for your Conversions

For optimizing your Facebook Return on ad spend, you had to track and monitor your data regularly. Once you know the worth of every lead and the conversion rate from lead to a client, you can test your ads and audience to see what will generate the best ROAS for you. To optimize, delete all low-performing ads or ads sets, optimize the ads that are doing well, test new ads, or how they can perform against the goal set by you.

Setting up tracking your conversions involves:

  • Implementing mechanisms for monitoring the actions that you want users to look up to your website, like requesting a quote for your service.
  • Purchasing a product.
  • Calling up the office for signing or booking up the monthly newsletter.

It also involves data collection and reporting it in meaningful ways.

The advantages attached to tracking conversion rates are undeniable. The first key is to keep a check on clicks and hits and turn it into money. Although regular keep track of analysis and collection of all metrics may feel daunting, the extended benefits will outweigh the efforts.

6.   Get Granular with your data

As academic as this sounds, data and groundwork are the foundation of your ads. Marketers tend to think that the only asset they have is their products and their brand, but data is the most precious asset for a marketer. If you do not have the correct data that has been thoroughly vetted, you are building your ‘shop’ on a hollow ground that might be sucked in anytime.

There are two ways you can get insight into the much-yearned user data:

  • Dynamic Creative: The Facebook exclusive feature helps you understand which combinations of your ds bring in the most conversion, thus enhancing your ROAS.
  • Facebook Pixel: Just like Google Analytics, Facebook Piel means the whole world to a marketer (in a non-romantic way). More than just a tracking or reporting tool, Pixel allows you to work more efficiently by gathering data without imposing restrictions that cookies usually do.

Facebook has considerably upped their game to know what intrigues its users and what can ultimately bring more to the marketer’s pocket, thus, if you aren’t making enough use of the utilitarian data that Facebook has to offer you, you are only scratching at the surface.

7.   Setup and optimize your Target ROAS Ad Campaigns

We already mentioned to you the sustainable ROAS that you should be aiming for if nothing else. However, whether it is a good ROAS is something that is very subjective. How your business is doing, what your services are focused around and the surrounding information all go into consideration when we deliberate on what is a good ROAS.

When considering Target ROAS, the focus changes from quantity to quality. In simpler terms, target ROAS focuses on the value generated from each of the conversions instead of calculating the total equitable lead generated.

In order to build a target ROAS, try implementing the following steps into your advertisement campaign.

  • Allocation of funds for your advertisement campaign should strictly be based on the gains that you make. The reason behind this can be broadly divided into two parts. Firstly, a deep-pocketed ad campaign at the expense of your loss will eventually break you. Secondly, if there is no return on your advertisement, then what is even the point of continuing with it?
  • Identification of ads: Out of the one dozen ads that you run on Facebook, not all of them perform that well. Now unless you have a million-dollar budget to fund your ad campaigns (please call me if you do), identifying the advertisements that perform the best help in minimizing the costs, hence automatically increasing your ROAS. Another benefit that you simultaneously accrue is that you can identify the niche where your customers are based. Based on this invaluable data, you can create a targeted advertisement for the community to increase the sale of your products.
  • Last but not the least, generation of ROAS in itself is not the end result, neither the desired one. You need to evaluate the margins and see if you have made significant profits. All of this is a waste if you have dwindling finances.

8.   Be Subtle with your advertising approach

Remember how petering some ads can be and avoid everything that can push your ad into the same category. One general piece of advice is to never promise your audience the moon and hand them a stress-releasing ball. Ads that are manipulative and pushy tend to put a negative impact on the conversion rate, thus, decreasing the ROAS of your ads.

How can you ensure that your ad is not manipulative? I don’t even have to answer this; you know it, already. If you ever feel you are stretching too far from your limits to make your ad convincing, chances are your ad is turning more manipulative and pushy than conversing. What happens next? You start from scratch!

Being subtle and relevant to the audience while showcasing your ad or pitching your idea is the best way to win them. Understand the trigger points, show how your product or service can provide a solution to the issues being addressed. Whatever you do, make sure you embed information into your ad rather than just incorporating flashy taglines and cliche buzzwords that talk about your brand and your brand alone.

9.   SEO using the right keywords is SUPER Important

Optimized your ad placement? Check. Optimized ads as per device specs? Check. Optimized the content of your ad? No. Why?

SEO using the right keywords is an important strategy to ROAS higher than 4x because, at the end of the day, keywords will decide if your content should be visible on top or lost at someplace in the middle of nowhere (no, not KNOWHERE from Guardians of the Galaxy).

You can’t be everybody and neither can your content be everything. Keywords help to determine the traffic and revenues that your ad is going to generate. In simple words, the right keywords equal higher ROAS. The right keywords are the ‘low hanging fruits’ that are lying in a corner, waiting for you to come discover and make the most of them. If you’re struggling to get an ideal ROAS that anywhere above 4x, then it’s time you retarget your keywords and reap rich rewards from your ads.

So, where do you start? The basics.

  • Focus on high search volume keywords but don’t be exclusive about them. High volume search keywords are important to bring in more visitors that can help improve your Facebook page rankings. However, remember that these keywords may be the most searched in volume, but they do not tell if the people searching for these keywords can be your buyers or not.
  • Lower Funnel or Long-tail keywords make all the difference. These keywords bring you ready-to-buy customers, no exaggeration. The volume of these keywords is less, but the buyer’s intent is way huge to outbalance the search volume. When you are on the hunt for the right keywords, the lower funnel keywords could be the area where the richest vein of gold lies and you hadn’t even known.

10. Stronger Retargeting with Facebook

A painful portion of your potential customers bounced off your website without converting? It happens to the best of us which is why a strong comeback or ‘retargeting’ in the marketing terminology can help you significantly boost your ROAS with ads.

Most buyers leave your ad without converting because either the price or the delivery charges were too high for the product. What you can do in your retargeting campaigns is trigger these pain points and optimize them with offers or discounts to increase the likelihood of conversion and bring in more ROAS to the table.

If you have been retargeting cold audiences, you’ll probably never make that flattering 8X ROAS you want with your Facebook ads. Instead, remarketing (or retargeting) those that have already engaged with your brand before but left you hanging (much like a platonic relationship), can dramatically snowball your ROAS.

Final Words on optimizing ROAS efficiently

As much as we love writing and exploring more ways to make money, we do it all for you. Understand that we do this regularly ourselves because these measures are effective, but will become quickly outdated if we don’t keep improving and upgrading ourselves. Advertisement is a measure of popularity and a means to instant fame if it can provoke the right sentiment in the people.

With digitalization, even more avenues of generating wealth have surfaced, options that our predecessors could not dream of, let alone access. The advantage of online advertising is that anything that is connected to the web works on a code, and every code has a pattern. If you know the dynamics of this pattern, you can use it to your advantage. The internet is fair, and most often, it is rewarding.

The reason why you should focus on optimizing your ROAS is more than just revenue generation. The above-outlined processes will make sure that you do not lose on generating the maximum value for yourself for every penny that you spend on Facebook for advertising. However, the journey from a marketer to advertising for the brand you own is in itself a very rewarding journey that few have the liberty to experience.

Since and especially because it is algorithm-based, the benefits that you can reap from advertising on Facebook are limitless. All that we hope for is when you do reach there, take a break and look at how far you have come.

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20 Premium Shopify Themes of all time that are worth it



It is impossible to not pay attention to the fact that dropshipping and e-commerce businesses have been getting hyped with every passing day, and with that, the Shopify themes are also being sold like hotcakes. Every entrepreneur out there is looking to convert their visitors into customers and for that, everyone wants to have a mind gobbling look and feel of their online store.

With that being said, there are a lot of Shopify themes to choose from and one can often get confused between so many choices. In today’s article, I am here with 25 Shopify themes of all times that will cater to all your needs.

The genie is here to save you from rattling your head.

Each of these themes is unique in its own way, and they are evergreen. You can pick one of these themes for your store, and I’m sure that you’ll be good to go. But before we get started, let me take you on a short detour as I tell you all about Shopify themes and how they play a vital role in increasing your store’s conversation rates.

I can see the money rolling in…

What is a Shopify Theme?

A Shopify theme is nothing but a template that gives your online store a certain look and feel. Different themes have different vibes, different layouts, and different styles, which makes each one of them unique and change the user’s experience altogether.

Depending upon the niche of your business, you will need a specific theme to complement it. So if you have a store for beauty products, you will go for a theme with a relaxed and extravagant vibe. On the other hand, if you have an online electronics store, a theme with a more energetic and catchy vibe will be appropriate. Similarly, a luxurious store will opt for a theme with a classy and sleek vibe, and so on.

The Shopify themes can be customized by the store owners, as they can add a hint of their ideas and vision to it and the themes also come with different features and themes.

The best of Shopify themes help with conversions

Whether it is a startup, a small, or a large business, highly converting Shopify themes have become an integral role of the eCommerce industry. If you are wondering how a Shopify theme helps with conversions, then think of it in a way that the overall experience of a visitor on your website is what decides whether they will buy from you.

When visitors click on your website, and move to surf through your products, and then use different options such as buy now, add to cart, or add to wishlist, or when they simply click on different products, the smoother the process, the better will be their experience. Now, what ensures that they have a good experience in your online store? Exactly! It is your Shopify theme. Hence, the best Shopify themes help in converting mere visitors into your customers.

20 Premium Shopify Themes of all times that are worth it

Be it any industry, getting your hands on the best Shopify themes has become vital for ensuring a soothing customer experience. Grabbing the best Shopify themes has become a priority for eCommerce business owners, but it has also become a very difficult job as there are a lot of themes to choose from. It is not easy to point a finger at one theme when each one of them has amazing features that make them incredible.

To make the process a little easier and less hectic for you, I have done my homework and come up with a list of the 20 premium Shopify themes that are worth it all. If you are one of those business entrepreneurs who are in a dilemma, I’m here to give you a little push towards making an informed and quick decision. Let’s save you some time and energy, and take a look at these ultimate Shopify themes of all times that will help you build the business you envisioned.

1.   Ella

A responsive apparel and fashion template that juggles up the features like blocks, banners, and colors, Ella creates unique and beautiful layouts. Ella is known to be a Top Selling multipurpose Shopify Template and it uses large banners to catch the attention of the users. If you use Ella, you won’t ever be disappointed as it will let you create a unique layout by using impeccable styles that it has in store.

The best part is that Ella also lives up to the specific requirements of the user and it has different themes for different niche stores. From adding more content to infusing photographs, and going crazy with your imagination, everything is possible with the Ella theme. Ella is great as it highlights your products and has a mind-blowing banner which basically acts as a helping hand in increasing your sales rapidly.

Not only that, but Ella also has an impeccable UI/UX and a layout that is made for mobiles so that the visitors who have mobile devices won’t have any difficulties and will actually have a good shopping experience. The main features that make Ella theme stand out from the rest are that it comes with 15+ beautiful homepage layouts, 15+ stunning child themes, several footers + header options, numerous options for product page and category page, 6 blog page layouts, 5 collection page layouts, and many other fascinating features that make it a hit.

2.   Avone

Another one of Shopify’s gorgeous themes with over 2000 purchases, Avone is quite easy to use, and a very powerful Shopify theme. The possibilities are endless when you have your hands on Avone and it has a stunning design along with wide functionality. This Shopify theme is fully responsive and it is equipped with more than 1000 Theme Options. Known to be the most customizable theme among others in the market, Avone’s options will allow you to create out-of-the-world designs.

The theme comes with all the possible features that could be there and it is simply extraordinary. The idea behind creating Avone was to come up with a theme that provides you with the best of features and does not require too many customizations. The theme will make it easy for you to create a gorgeous online store and it is very easy to get it started. The best part about Avone is that it is highly user-friendly and it does not need you to be tech-savvy.

Avone is very versatile in terms of customizations as all things are modifiable and a few of the main features of Avone include mega menu, custom shipping messages, wishlist, product countdown, product swatches, GDPR compliance, and Instagram shop and feed among others.

3.   Gecko 5.0

Gecko is a Shopify theme that has some incredibly powerful features and is also known to be the fastest. Planning to sell online? Gecko should be your go-to Premium Shopify theme which will allow you to create a powerful online store along with offering an unforgettable shopping experience to the customers. Gecko has a minimalist feel and its modern web design is what catches the eyes of the users. The theme will let you display your product in a stylish manner and it will make it easier for customers to choose the products before they make their purchase.

Gecko has all the positive reviews and the theme is packed with stunning features. The theme is versatile and you’ll be able to make a store that suits your mood and vibe and that also holds up to your brand’s expectations. Gecko is also very affordable and its prominent features are that it is responsive, comes with 15+ demos, incredible built-in options, a beautiful lookbook, versatile layouts, simple font customizations, and many other features that make it a great theme.

4.   Turbo

Known as one of the best paid Shopify themes, Turbo is designed in such a way that it has fast performance and it is also specifically optimized for mobiles. Being made especially for eCommerce owners, Turbo comes with a guarantee that lasts for fourteen days and it has some of the most incredible features like testimonials, infinite scrolling, homepage image gallery, and mega menus.

Turbo does justice to its name as the theme is robust and it focuses on the brand as a whole. The homepage of Turbo is very welcoming and it tells you about the brand instead of trying to sell you the brand’s products.

For more details, you can check out our full Turbo Shopify theme review that has a detailed analysis of the price, pros, cons, and features of the Turbo theme. Turbo is a little pricey, but the theme is worth every penny that goes from your pocket.

5.   Myshop

Myshop is considered to be one of the most popular themes of Shopify and the theme is equipped with 13 unique variants along with blog variants, product pages, shopping cart, listings, and many others. Myshop comes with numerous flashy and bold layouts and the eCommerce theme is very flexible.

Myshop also works across all the devices and it is 100% responsive. This makes Myshop a great option for a website and its flexibility as well as modern design just adds to its benefits.

6.   Superstore Pixel Union

Superstore theme is a theme made for anyone who wishes to build an online store that looks gorgeous on desktop as well as mobile devices. This theme will also be perfectly suitable for those who have volume stores or those who are wholesalers. The theme comes with some uncanny layout options and it also comes with 4 pre-set demos.

The theme has a sophisticated look and feel and it comes with a plethora of features like real-time cart updates, tiered customers, cart style integrations, advanced cart minimums, expert support, and much more. This theme is simply awesome and it is hands down one of the best. The theme will be suitable for health, automotive, fashion, inventory, children, or pet stores.

7.   Shella

The Shella fashion theme is specially designed for different kinds of online stores and it is highly responsive. Shella theme is designed in such a way that it aims to attract customers and increase conversions. The theme gives your online store a significant look and it keeps the visitors busy as they get attracted towards the design. The visual appeal of the Shella theme is uncanny and it is made for those who deal in fashion.

With Shella theme, you will never run out of options. It has been designed in a way that several options for footers and headers are included in the theme. Shella also allows you to build your own banner and the features of this amazing theme include flexbox, design using BEM methodology, one-click demo support, and much more. Shella gives an outstanding experience, one that will be simply unforgettable for your customers. You will also be able to create catchy slide shows and make the magic happen.

8.   Shoptimized

Shoptimized is a theme that is created to put a focus on the conversation rate in your store. The theme is also very quick and it is one of the most popular themes out there. A simple yet quirky theme, Shoptimized is a theme that is made for serious business owners who are simply looking for high conversion rates. The theme will change your life as it not only gives you access to the standard templates, but it will also allow you to check out a very unique range of apps that will let you keep a lot of those bucks in your pocket.

The theme comes with more than 30 plugin features and it is also equipped with entry/exit popups, stock remaining counter, search for products, add to cart option, and several other interesting features. If you are serious about conversions in your store, then Shoptimized theme is a match made in heaven for you.

9.   Wokiee

Best-known for its versatility, Wokiee is a theme that can be used to create several vibes for your website, be it a more sophisticated or classy vibe, or a playful and a fun vibe, you can do it all with Wokiee. The theme is sustainable and it delivers high performance for your website. What sets Wookie apart from the rest is that it gives out a very professional look. Once you get the taste of Wookie, you wouldn’t want to try any other Shopify themes.

It is totally up to you whether you build a multi-product shop or a single product shop with Wookie and it is so versatile that it actually does anything you’d like and it also allows you to create a single-page website. Wookie comes with whooping plugins like mega menus for a sweet user experience, integration of one’s Instagram feed, allows users to compare different products and add the ones they like to the wishlist, displays similar products, a newsletter system, pop-ups, and so much more.

Another thing that makes Wookie so great is that you’ll be sure that no online shop made with the theme will even remotely be similar. You will get unlimited possibilities to make changes to each and every aspect of the theme.

10. Electro

A user-friendly, modern, responsive, classy, and clean theme with a vertical menu, Electro is a functional theme that is built by keeping all the techs in mind. As the name suggests, Electro is a theme made for electronic stores as they need to be filled with customizations. Running an electronics store? Electro will be the answer to all your Shopify theme requirements. The main features of Electro include predefined product templates, product bundling, product redirects, wishlist comparisons, product extended options, unlimited layout collections, full-page sections, and flexible header positions, among others.

11. Roxxe

Hopping onto Roxxe, it is a multipurpose theme that lets you create your very own Shopify store quickly and conveniently. When you have Roxxe by your side, you will really be ready to turn your viewers into your customers as they will fall in love with everything about your store. Roxxe comes with more than 60 demos for you to look at and it is made to suit all your requirements.

You can make a distinctive look and aura for your store using the ultimate features that Roxxe has to offer and move to build a store of your dreams.

12. Fastor

Fastor is a premium Shopify theme which is no joke. Fastor allows you to use any language of your choice as it supports all languages. Fastor is also a theme that is based on Bootstrap 3 and it is quite responsive. The theme works quickly just like butter spreads on bread and it does not take time to load. You can do so much using Fastor and customize your store as per your needs and aspirations.

The theme comes with several stunning features such as Category sale badges, auto-update prices on product pages, advanced headers, custom footers, customizable content blocks, a variety of essential widgets, and much more.

13. Boutique

A theme which is known for its attitude and its raw aura, Boutique took birth by being a theme for the fashion niche, but it has grown to become a theme for all kinds of eCommerce stores. Boutique has a certain vibe to it that makes it distinctive from other themes and the best part about it is that Boutique is a highly affordable Shopify theme. Boutique comes with some great features and it just makes it easy for you to build a store you always imagined. Boutique also has impeccable functionality.

14. Flex

Popular for being one of the most configurable themes in the market, Flex is a theme that has done what other themes never could. Flex offers multiple section options along with several layout options and it also provides 13 extraordinary variants. In addition, Flex also provides custom CSS and it gives you control over the aura, zeal, and look of your store.

Flex comes with a 14-day guarantee and with this theme, your possibilities will be endless. You’ll be able to create a unique website using Flex and you can also display the products stylishly. Moreover, Flex is all for using creativity and the theme allows you to wing it your way. The theme comes with 13 demos to choose from and it allows you to turn your wildest dreams into a reality. Whether you create it from scratch or use a demo store, Flex will give you the ease and comfort that no other Shopify theme will ever provide.

15. Shopify Booster


Shopify Booster is a theme that comes with a chic design and the perfect layout for your store. The Shopify Booster theme will work magically and it will get many conversations with ease. It is very simple to use this theme and it flashes similar products in front of your customer’s eyes. The theme comes with numerous functions and it aims to bring the in-store experience to your online store along with making it very easy to sell online.

16. Atlantic

The Atlantic theme is built mainly for large catalogs allowing them to store and sell hundreds of products. It is made for the beauty business having large catalogs requiring a clean and accessible way to place your products and help your customers to add their items to the cart without making the extra effort.

The theme has many extensive features for the users. The homepage video can feature the perfect story about your brand. The modular style homepage helps users to keep content and brand together. The other features like home page video, multi-column video, and quick buy are few extra tweets with the Atlantic theme, making it one of the best to buy out for your web platform.

The Atlantic theme is known for creating a memorable and substantial impact on everyone visiting the website. Not just it will help in giving a distinct look and can also help in boosting the conversions which are desirable by any store owner.

The price for the theme is $180 and is best for fashion accessories and jewelry stores.

17. Cascade

Cascade is one of the creative and modern Shopify themes that work best for e-commerce stores. Cascade theme offers product displays in large images for e-commerce stores so that consumers get a better insight into the products as they can’t examine them physically.

Some of the critical functionalities of Cascade themes are responsive layout, unique product grid, social media buttons, news section, and multi-level menu. These settings are essential parts of the design as you can customize fonts and colors and even design the flow of products to be added to the cart. In this way, the Cascade theme is an excellent option for combining images and text into narratives leading directly to the purchase option.

Cascade theme offers varied features to its users. It allows easy updating of product descriptions and can help them inflow into the masonry-style layouts. Also, there are many color schemes and can help create and apply about three color schemes all across the sections.

The UX friendly navigation and multi-level nest navigation are best for future e-commerce stores. Users can showcase their services and products in customizable and scrollable style page designs. The theme layout is also equipped to accommodate images of varied sizes: portrait, square, or landscape.

You can also customize your Cascade theme style by accessing any one option, i.e. Record, publish, or create. Customizing your store is quick with the team which can help focus on conversion rate as the rest can be taken care of by the theme itself. The theme is best home or garden businesses and the price for Cascade theme is $180.

18. Madison

Madison theme is specially designed for the garden, farm, plat, flower tools, and equipment related products. The theme is fully responsive and looks fantastic on any device with varied screen sizes and web browsers.

Packed up with many essential features and powerful extensions the theme has many impressive graphics to persuade users. The users can build a professional homepage within minutes. Another feature Drag and Drop sections builder allows the audience to select their products without roaming around in other sections. The advertising banners are also displayed logically in every block. The product slider and tabs product slider are arranged in horizontal or vertical sections for quick access.

Madison Theme is recommended for the users who would like to build a huge store to market their products. Their best features will help them in bringing hassle-free business and supporting with smooth navigation features. The price of the theme is $24.

19. Apparelix

The minimal responsive theme can provide a hassle-free experience for users who do not want to dig deep in coding and need a ready to use solution for their website. The Apparelix theme template arrives with a fully customizable homepage comprising or prepared to launch sections.

Designed for online e-commerce stores, the Apparalix theme focuses on the core benefits of your promotions, products, and collections.

Apparalix theme has many unique features to offer its users. Handy drop-down shopping cart allows the client to quickly check the products they have added recently to their cart. Shopify visual page builder will help the owner to access many layouts as required by him and arrange every section accordingly. The theme has many settings to assist owners in launching their store as they have thought and making changes without placing a single line of code.

The theme provides a smooth shopping experience to all shoppers, making them come back for their future purchases. The price of the theme is $69.

20. Streamline

Designed by Archetype themes, Streamline is the right pick for the stores targeting millennials looking for megastores and eye-catching animations for their clients. The theme includes three styles to choose from Hype, Core, and Luxe. Their animations allow the owners to stand out in the competition and reap benefits from its core features.

Streamline theme is specifically designed to optimize the conversions, improve the images of products, and boost sales. In today’s hyper-competitive space, the Streamline Shopify theme’s benefits can be availed for quick success.

The Streamline themes have many in-built features. The theme is highly sensitive and can adapt well to the small screens, presenting convenient devices with devices and decreasing the tab size. Animated Content can help users to communicate emotions and ideas that are easy to understand and creative to connect with the audience.

Businesses are allowed to smoothen their journey to ensure that clients shouldn’t abandon their shopping carts and complete their order satisfactorily. The theme updates are essential to keep up with the technological advancements as they allow you to remain updated via sending notifications whenever required.

Shopify Streamline helps businesses increase their sales, providing a great client experience, and having a responsive design. It can also help store owners connect with various other platforms to boost revenue and traffic. The price of the theme is $180.

5 Amazing Free Shopify Themes of all times to get started

These free Shopify themes are the headstarts to get you back in business if you do not want to spend on purchasing a premium theme. These themes are also great for businesses that are just starting out on Shopify.

1.   Narrative

The narrative theme is one of the free Shopify themes and is specifically designed to narrate the story. The theme allows users to use videos in the sliders and is available in three versions, i.e., warm, cold, and light. All of the sections can help you put up huge pictures in various sections of the home page.

The design works great if the owner tends to sell visually appealing products as the Narrative theme can help build a series of photos highlighting the products and brand. The theme works best if a single product needs to be showcased via storytelling.

The theme has many exciting features. For Free images, the user can access free photos from Shopify partners.

Customized content allows the owner to remove the content and images that are not desired or required. With easy navigation, the page automatically changes into one of the mobile-friendly websites.

Narration themes can help your store look professional with minimum clutter and are designed well for featuring the products and highlight them to state all features and benefits on a single page.

2. Minimal

A clean and simple Minimal theme promises a stable solution for dropshippers. The theme is available in three versions, i.e., Modern, Fashion, and Vintage.

The vintage version showcases a flat white background, and the slider can be seen to occupy about 60% of the screen.

The Fashion style is made to promote products. The slider here occupies a bigger horizontal space than Vintage.

The Modern style can be said to combine the features of Fashion and Vintage styles. Comprising a short slider allows the user to create their collection and align them under the slider. You can put up to eight collections on their homepage.

Minimal theme has some unique built-in features. Product Filtering can filter down the option categories, prices, brands, etc., and make it easy for their clients to narrow down their search. The slideshow allows putting many product images, announcements, or banners. The slideshow has clickable buttons to take your clients to the respective page.

Product Zooming feature allows the client to check every minute detailing of the product. Minimal is a highly-recommended and easy-to-use theme for clients who are starting their businesses and like to build their website with a hassle-free platform.

3. Venture

Shopify theme is bold and specifically designed for giant volume stores having extensive inventories. The theme offers an edge-to-edge slideshow, a promotional bar, multi-down drop-down, and other outstanding features. Venture Shopify theme is for three styles, mainly outdoor style, Snowboard style, and boxing style.

Snowboard style offers a blue-colored theme template with a grey-palette and is best for selling water-activity products and snow-boarding tools.

The outdoor style showcases a rugged look and is best for selling trekking and camping products.

Boxing style has a self-explanatory layout and also a red and white palette. According to its look, the style is used for web platforms selling t-shirts or boxing, MMA, martial arts accessories.

Venture theme offers many unique features to its dedicated users. A Promotional Banner on the top can be considered best for discipline discounts, deals, offers, and time-sensitive promotions. The theme is highly responsive and flexible, according to the device.

On accessing the web platform, the theme detects the type of device and allows your visitors to look at the best image of the products. It is also ideal for huge inventories as you can have five or more collections, more than 50 products, and extensive menus.

Venture theme works best for the vendors who are selling outdoor or sport activities tools and equipment or have many products to market.

4. Brooklyn

The Shopify Brooklyn theme is free to use and is specifically designed to sell apparel. The theme offers two styles for the users, i.e., Classic and Playful. Both of these themes provide their customers with a bold home page occupying the complete home screen.

Classic Style users can put up to two feature collections side by side, and images are of the same size. For playful style, all collections are arranged in a particular way allowing one of them to give way to a large photo while the other images beside it are approx half the size of the main or big one.

Brooklyn theme offers great features to explore. The Home Page video feature allows the user to upload the video on its home screen and is designing specifically to link the video that is already uploaded on Vimeo or YouTube.

Sleek design for apparel is vital for selling clothing, as the display is important. You must capitalize on the feature to show your clothes in action. Dynamic Product Display allows the website to adjust automatically according to the pictures’ spacing to make the platform look liquid.

Brooklyn is one of the best free Shopify themes for people who have a colossal inventory business. They mark uniqueness in the industry due to the boldness of their sliders, it is easy to use and can help you in launching your store in less than a day.

5. Annabelle

Shopify Anabelle is fully customizable, allowing the users to change all the fonts, colors, and homepage designs. Product pages are well-organized and will enable the user to choose from three individual styles appealing to various products.

Style 1 is said to have a neutral theme with a sleek layout. Style 1 works quite well for clothing and fashion accessories.

Style 2 is built for large catalogs with varied featured collections and is well-suited for printed goods, vintage shops, or furniture.

Style 3 is designed for jewelry, eyewear, or luxury goods.

Annabelle offers some exquisite features to its users. Product Carousel can showcase featured products, and your clients can hover through the different products without searching here and there.

The zooming feature is required to reveal the minute details for any product and is expected from e-commerce websites. The multiple column format allows the owner to align your products neatly in different columns so that customers do not get confused and land on the right column.

Anabelle is a free theme with mobile-friendly screens, sizing charts, social sharing, and beautiful customer review sections. The theme is a beautiful package to implement on your website and sell your products online.

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