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20 Best Shopify Themes for Higher Sales



Ever since the plunge into the cavernous recessions during COVID-19, the world is significantly getting back on its feet after being hit with economic paralysis. The days of sitting at home, slouching on the couch, and worrying about your online business are gone. Everything is getting back on track and it is high time that you rise, tie that motivation around your temple and get back to business.

Every Shopify store that experienced the bat-effect is now in dire need to come back stronger with the new year on the horizon. You got your inventory refreshed? Great. What about a change in how your Shopify Store looks? I know you’re thinking it’s pointless changing your Shopify theme, but have you considered a Shopify theme that may help skyrocket your conversions and sales? I don’t see any reason to not bring about a transition in your Shopify store to give it an instant boost, especially after all that it has gone through.

‘Okay, mike. I will get a new Shopify theme, but which ones convert?’

This is what I’ll cover in the post today. However, there’s never just one Shopify theme that can be a cure-all to all your cold business. So, before all the themes that can be your golden-ticket to sales, let’s dive into what you should be looking for in your ‘perfect’ Shopify theme before investing in it.

5 things to consider before buying the perfect Shopify Theme in 2021

1.   Speediness over Design

The world is crazy about speed these days. They want the fastest phones that can handle applications within the blink of an eye and their net speed faster than light (I don’t know if that is even possible, and even if it were what purpose it would serve in my daily life). However, when we talk of a phenomenon in technology and cars, speed or how fast it can do tasks seem to be the primary metric against which the likability and the usage statistics are compared by the general mass.

Hence, cutting to the chase now, you will lose a lot of traction and potential clients if your site takes more than three seconds to load. Your site may be aesthetic and melt the kid in us who wanted to pursue art a long time back, but if your site takes ages to load even with a reliable connection and decent internet speed, I am sorry my friend but you are losing on a good amount of business because of that slow speed.

A potential and most often the only reason why a theme works fast as the day is because they have fewer codes to be processed. That means fewer lines, a lower number of CSS files, and less javascript jargon. Next time you choose a theme for your Shopify, please restrict yourself from buying the ones that cut you out on speed. Some themes intentionally use a slower loading approach. Now if your business is not compatible with people who can just gaze at the Victorian nuance for hours, we suggest you drop that theme.

2.   Device Compatibility and Responsiveness

An important factor that you should consider when choosing the theme for your Shopify profile is that the theme should be compatible with users from different platforms. The theme that you are taking a fancy upon might be great to look at on a desktop but you need to realize that a good portion of the traffic shall be from users who are viewing from their mobile handsets. Hence it is always suggested that when you are choosing a theme, you check and re-check the utility of your theme on mobile platforms.

Also, it is while you are doing this that you also need to pay heed to the platform optimization of the theme that you choose. A frequent issue that is spotted is that the desktop version when viewed is replete with the image and the buying options all on one screen. However, the same theme when viewed on a smartphone makes things tedious because you will have to scroll for miles to get the buy or add to cart option. This is why we always encourage the person to verify the customization capability of the themes that you use.

3.   Support and Reviews

The nightmare of every user is when they buy a Shopify theme and realize that there are desolate humans in a vast area of sand when it comes to customer support and outreach. In order to avoid this and save yourself from wondering about it like a lost person, it is always highly advisable that you take care in going through the support and review section of any theme of your liking.

Please verify how that theme works and looks by checking profiles who are using that theme and take care to analyze whether the theme suits your needs. Shopify does take care of the themes they make and are constantly vetting them by high-end developers but well, your peace of mind is entirely yours to secure.

4.   List out your Functionalities and check if they are available

Please do not find yourselves lost in the themes that are sported online. After you have sorted through some of the themes that you find online and have adjudged their main functionalities, make a list of what you need and then search accordingly. If you find a theme that has most of the features you need, get the theme, and then add the remaining features into the theme through the help of a developer.

In order to truly determine the theme you desire, you can set up a Shopify partner account and then play around with the themes a little till you get a hang of them and see what fits.

5.   Customization and Navigation

This is the most important thing you should keep in mind when selecting a theme from Shopify. Shopify for your benefit allows you to tinker with the codes of the theme. However, you should take one thing into consideration very seriously. The more you change your code, the fewer chances there are of your theme crashing or not working the way you wanted things to work. A good theme should be easily customizable without having to pore through all those lines of code.

20 Best Shopify themes in 2021 made for conversion

People sell on aesthetics and there are no two ways about this. The people who visit your profile will be attracted to the visual charm of your profile and the overall presentation. Remember, you can’t always go on a discount spree and hence there will be plenty of competition. Hence the main brownie point that you need to focus on from the viewpoint of the customer is that the theme needs to be compatible, it needs to be soothing or eye-catching and it definitely has to serve your purpose.

With this in mind, here is a list of the best performing themes that will help you step your game up in 2021.

1.   Outstock

Trust me to have your back when we say that we know how undecided you are in your life. You don’t know whether to ask that man you know or just give a cute handwritten letter to your girlfriend whom you have known for many years now. You surely wouldn’t want this indecisiveness to destroy your chances at business right?

Don’t you worry! It’s not just me who has your back, but also Outstock. This theme was meant for across all niches and for all kinds of brands irrespective of where they come from. Not only is it (mostly) universal, the theme has a special customer engagement feature in the form of the Look Book feature.

This feature allows the customer to view how the products can be used in their real-life scenarios. The design is also clean and minimalistic and we all know how soothing it is to see non-cluttered pages. No matter whether you’re inexperienced or a pro at Shopify, this theme suits the needs of everybody with its feature-rich self.

2.   Lezada

When I said I am here to help the indecisive people, I did not forget you my friend, the superconscious guys. And that is why Lezada will spoil you with over 200 variations to choose from. No matter what type of online store you wish to build, this theme has an answer for you. Another added benefit is that this package allows you to add a blog in addition to your regular wall. Lezada also takes care of your brand and business promotion on Instagram. The best thing about Lezada is that you get support from the developers to curate the theme according to your business anytime you need.

3.   Supply

Supply is a theme that is built on the open-source Shopify Timber. The amazing part of this theme is that Timber happens to be a fully documented open-source project and hence the user can turn back at any point if they happen to get stuck. Supply is relatively simple when it comes to helping your business stand out. Boasting a flexible menu system and a clever collection of tags product type and advanced group filtering solutions this theme is extremely easy and time-saving for those customers to come to visit your e-commerce store. The best thing about the Supply theme is that you can integrate a newsletter from the setting of your admin page for all those dedicated customers of yours.

4.   Handy

Finally, we are here where we broach the subject of a Shopify theme that is built specially to serve the smartphone users out there. While all Shopify themes are built with compatibility features for smartphone users this Shopify theme focuses on mobile design as its first and foremost priority. Moreover, this mobile-based theme is jam-packed with features so if you’re worried about missing out on features, you can rest at ease, soldier. Owing to its money friendly nature, the theme allowed you to add social media feeds as well as animations into a sidebar while highlighting selected products throughout the website. If you are looking forward to serving the mobile user community, this might be a theme you agree with.

5.   Minimal

Minimalistic design has been the range for quite some time now. It distresses you, helps you look about without having your concentration bombarded with million other things and Minimal does just that. The cherry on the cake is that it is a free theme and extremely user-friendly. This free theme has a unique addon feature of product recommendations based on the customer’s choices which allows your customer to seamlessly travel through the line of products and thus coming back to you for more! The theme makes it a point to leave a lot of white space throughout the website so that the attention is held where it should be.

6.   Basel

If you are someone who aggressively wishes to market your products across different social media, this is the right theme for you. With a gazillion features to offer, the body important takeaway of this theme is that they help you seamlessly broadcast your products across different social media. Another of its key features is that it works on a drag and drop page building mechanism which makes it very easy to customize for visual clarity and draw attention to the products as you want them.

This Shopify theme has a high rating of 4.71 out of 5 and has been purchased by a little over a thousand people so far.

7.   Gravity

For those of you who drool over dark themes, Gravity is here especially for you. This theme is one of the most beautiful dark themes that you can use for your e-commerce store and is a multidisciplinary theme that can adopt irrespective of your business model.

Another brownie point for this theme is that it is reasonably fast and is a very fluid theme to use with great performance analytics. The theme is priced at $180.

8.   Testament

When you’re talking about a star-studded cadet, you’re obviously talking about the Testament. This theme is built by one of the top five developers of Shopify themes. The varied customization options available make this theme one of the best themes on Shopify stores. The popularity of this theme can be discerned by the fact that this theme has been used by 9,300 different websites.

Although the customization of the theme makes it fit for every niche out there, we recommend this one especially for those who are to set their businesses along the line of health and beauty products.

9.   Responsive

For those who are desperately searching for one of the most attractive Shopify themes that will make your jaw drop at the stunning aesthetics, Responsive is the theme you are searching for. This theme mainly focuses on the e-commerce niche of houseware, garden business, and home. The theme also supports a high amount of customizability along with being extremely robust across all forms of devices.

10. APMixMart

The APMixMart is a Shopify theme that sports a decent account of customization. Using this theme you will have the support of dedicated Shopify developers along with the assurance that the lines of codes will not crib from your speed. In addition to that, you get a cousin section entry, customized headers, and customized CMS. The brownie point, however, rests with the fact that their aesthetics does not affect your loading speed and so far is also tagged as one of the most used themes on Shopify with over one thousand plus positive reviews. The theme is known for its reliable and on-demand customer support team helping you out till you’re satisfied with the theme.

11. Universe

Universe theme is one of the best themes available on Shopify – it is a complete, multi-purpose theme that can be easily configured and fits all kinds of niche businesses. It is a lightweight, customizable theme that provides a total solution for versatile stores and it is suitable for both small and large stores. With the various customizable sections, it gives users the power to edit and design layouts according to their own liking.

On its demo site, you can get a close look at the features that the theme has to offer. The theme is sure to make your page look more stylish and productive with high-quality photographs of products to greet visitors, helping tell the story of your brand. Some other essential productive features that the Universe theme includes are the support of video backgrounds, integration of Google Maps, YouTube, and other social media platforms.

The success of an e-commerce store significantly requires mobile responsiveness, and the Universe theme was specifically designed to work on every screen and it is completely mobile friendly; it has fast loads and compatibility with almost all browsers that make it work flawlessly on any device.

If I am to say, the Universe Theme is an excellent option for the e-commerce stores because of its high responsiveness, and with all the built-in features that it offers, you would end up saving more money.

12. Blockshop

Blockshop is a unique, responsive, customizable theme that was built to sell anything and is made for everyone. Blockshop theme comes with a premium retina display template, a user-friendly interface that readily endures trends with simplicity and style on the user’s store.

The Spacious grid captivates the customers with the best-selling products and offers that they can seize at the moment, thus bringing in more conversion to your pocket or store, whichever you prefer. Blockshop is an excellent choice for start-ups, boutiques, businesses, and independent artists; it promotes all of your activities with the help of its powerful combination of modules.

The theme efficiently does its job by making your store look more elegant, professional, and stylish than your competitor’s store with its striking fonts, tasteful colors, and powerful layouts. Blockshop has a high customization potential and it has four different style variants to choose from for your e-commerce website.

Among the four styles, Deli design is well suited for fashion, clothing stores, and delectable food products. The theme was carefully crafted with excellent features that gain the visitor’s attention and provides the store visitors with a ‘wow’ experience. 

A modern storefront design to your products page carries high-quality photos with zoom features, detailed product description, and a social media share button which helps the visitors to promote your brand and products on multiple platforms.

Blockshop has rare features that enhance your e-commerce website with currency conversion switcher, mobile friendly design, product image slideshow, and multicolumn drop menus.

13. Wokiee

A high-quality multipurpose theme that makes your website look more designer and creative, Wokiee has myriad powerful designing tools that make it more than just a theme. It is highly recommended for all types of e-commerce websites and stores, no matter what your niche.

Characterized by its versatility, Wokiee delivers high performance to your store. Wokiee gives you full control over your store’s design and features even if you’re a beginner with no web design experience.

In today’s modern era, mobile traffic is higher in comparison to desktop, so your store should be available on mobile with high responsiveness. Wokiee supports various types of mobile platforms and it has various types of layouts and styles that are specifically designed for mobile view.

E-commerce features like a mega menu for convenient functionality and management of desired menus, AJAX search, filter and load more button, one-click installation, and connectivity to social media platforms, make Wokiee one of the best themes to get for your store in 2021.

If you take a closer look at the Wokiee demo page, you will find fully modern designs for your website with more than 27 riveting layouts to choose from for your store’s homepage.

14. Fastor

It’s in the name – Fastor is by far one of the fastest and cleanest themes, enhancing user experience to a great deal.

Fastor is an impressive theme packed with must-have features to create a perfect store for almost all types of e-commerce businesses including selling computers, fashion items, grocery, health-related services, and more. You name it and Fastor has a design match for all your business types.

The trick? It lies in the general-purpose layout.

The popups tools help you to bring all your new products to the viewer’s attention and the ‘share’ option allows visitors to share their reviews and your products on social media directly.

Customizing the product filter settings makes it easy for the shoppers to focus on a particular product and the autocomplete features help the visitors to find the right product that they are looking for. Fastor is an SEO optimized theme that supports video tutorials providing instructions for installation and configuration.

15. Retina

One of the best and most responsive award-winning themes, Retina is designed to help to showcase your products to visitors with bold imagery and refined styling. It is highly recommended for stores selling fashion items, apparel, and furniture, and it can also be modified to match your business.

Retina theme layout accommodates full-width images, video of products, and content slideshows are some elements which make your website more modern by giving a unique look and feel to your websites.

Retina also has the built-in popup display tool which encourages potential users to signup and also helps you to promote your latest products and discount offers.

Packed with features like Instagram integration, multi-level menus, product filtering, and customer testimonial publishing tool, Retina is available on both desktop and mobile platforms, with high responsiveness and enhanced productivity.

16. Shoptimized

Offering more than 30 premium features which include a currency converter, pop-ups, search for products, and social media integration, Shoptimized is a theme that really CONVERTS.

Amongst all features that Shoptimized offers, the customization feature is the most impressive which allows you to easily tailor the top menu according to your store’s needs.

This customization helps you to link internal pages like FAQ blog, about us, contact us, reviews, and support to your website. Sometimes to make your store stand out from the rest you need to have Masterful customization which allows the owners to customize their website.

The homepage is also a key factor for the success of a website, and Shoptimized allows you to edit your homepage according to your choice and make your banner more eye-catching which is a huge selling point that can drive traffic to your store.

The sub footer available can allow one to add social media icons, trademark information, and other details, the product is the most important section of a website or store.

With Shoptimized the users get a user-friendly interface the customers get a safe and secure shopping experience.

17. Empire

With built-in top-class features including the social icon, drop-down menu, predictive search, and the advanced products filter enhance the user experience, Empire owns the ’empire of themes’.

It is an eye-catching theme with modern layouts which stands out to be the perfect theme and a great choice for businesses with a bigger selling catalog of furniture, electronics, and fashion. Having options to reorganize the homepage designs and other sections that can be hidden or enabled depending on the user’s preferences, the theme is highly flexible.

Sharing product reviews, offers, and brand promotion are made easier with the option to share them on Social Media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. The posts readily add interactive elements to your website and ensure that the latest content is always displayed on your website automatically.

Other reasons to consider Empire for your e-commerce website or store is the live search feature, quick add to cart function, and integration of review apps to publish customers’ feedback on your website.

18. Atlantic

Along with the modern design and beautiful look Atlantic theme also comes with 4 different styles that you can put into practice. It was crafted to work with kinds of e-commerce websites and stores but it is specifically recommended for jewelry and accessories stores.

Atlantic allows you to add full-width welcome images, videos, and sliders to the homepage of your store. It is ideal for showcasing your products, brand, and delivering a fascinating user experience to the customers. Atlantic also has the feature to display pictures and links of items available in your catalog.

The blogging features help to display the latest content from your Instagram account and that allows you to share more content with the viewers and also helps in gaining huge traffic on your website.

Another popular feature is the Mega menus which upgrade your drop-down menu and this feature can be used to tempt visitors into checking out for more products and offers onto your website. With its glamourous design and looks, Atlantic creates a strong and memorable impact on the visitor’s mind accompanied by boost conversions.

19. Shella

The ultimate responsive theme available on Shopify, Shella is packed with exclusive features and an enhanced user experience that maximizes conversions and productivity.

Premium Shella is a multipurpose theme that comes with more than 99 pre-designed pages that makes your store look unique and is readily able to set the right tone that suits your store and products. Known for boasting perfection, Shella Offers a clean, well organized and high performing online store.

This flexible theme includes features like pre-built content that includes 15 different designs for your homepage, apart from layouts featuring large full-screen sliders, and to help with your inventory promotions. Shella has a large number of e-commerce templates to choose from and designs to work with and make your e-commerce business successful.

20. Booster

Other than giving an amazing and stunning appearance to your website it also provides necessary and essential functions that you need for your e-commerce business.

The theme is optimized to encourage potential customers and visitors to purchase and readily increases the rate of conversion ratio and sales. Selling products online was never easy before but Booster makes it easier with its optimized conversions.

Main features of the Booster theme include Currency Converter which helps the visitors to convert currency according to their convenience, Mobile Optimization- with an increased number of mobile users more traffic can be gained from the mobile platforms.

With Booster you don’t need various plugins separately since it is integrated with all the necessary plugins that you’ll ever require for your store. Talk about saving money.

Booster is one of the latest and most buyable 2021 Shopify’s multifunctional themes that efficiently brings the in-store shopping experience online.

Review 20 Best Shopify Themes for Higher Sales.

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Top 25 Affiliate Marketing Programs that Pay the Highest Commissions



‘Would you buy this pen?’

Of course, not! There are no reasons to.

However, if I tell you it’s a high-quality instrument and not just an average pen, with a sleek design, an elegant body, a sturdy built and smooth flowing ink that could keep writing for perpetuity, you may show some interest (play along even if you won’t!)

You’d probably ask me if I built this pen or if I own it. No, I don’t, but I am making X company help sell it THROUGH me. What do I get in all this? A commission for the sale made (so please buy it!).

That may not have been laconic, but in nutshell, this is what affiliate marketing is about, more or less! 

Just as important a black umbrella is in London, are affiliate programs in affiliate marketing. The right affiliate programs can help you be the rich Jordan Belfort of The Wolf of Wall Street. And the wrong ones, unfortunately, the poor one. Do you know who Jordan preferred? The rich version!

So, what does the right affiliate program sound like? Yes, it’s the cookie time and commission type but it always boils down to money! In this post, I will take you through the highest paying affiliate programs that do not just pay generous commissions but also bring with them their brand recognition.

So, let’s start with the journey to help you be Charles Foster Kane of affiliate marketing!

What are Affiliate Programs?

Also known as associate programs, affiliate marketing programs are arrangements. They allow an online merchant web platform to pay affiliate websites a particular commission for sending traffic. The affiliate website posts their links on the merchant website and gets paid as per the agreement terms.

If you have done even a little research on affiliate marketing, you must have come across two terms. affiliate programs and affiliate networks. You already know what affiliate programs are, but what exactly is an affiliate network? Definitely not some cult, I assure you!

The affiliate network is like a directory or a list of affiliate programs on one single platform. Some quick examples for Affiliate networks are CJ Affiliate, JVZoo, ClickBank, etc. On the other hand, affiliate programs are devised by only one company. It is not a directory and is not required to promote others except one company. Few examples of Affiliate programs are the Fitbit Affiliate program, Ulta Affiliate Program, etc.

So what do you choose between the two? To tell you in all the bare facts, it’s all up to you as to how you want to start as an affiliate marketer. However, if I were your guardian angel, I’d probably ask you to go with affiliate networks. I say so because while you learn the ropes of affiliate marketing, you also get the exposure you need. Exposure is the starting point for any beginner on affiliate networks.

Baby steps!

How can you be successful as an Affiliate Marketer?

To be successful at whichever program you enrol in, you need to research and understand the sub-niche of the vertical you have a knack for. Also, to succeed in the domain, you must create and post high-quality content where your affiliate link can fit naturally. Credibility and high market reputation are two factors that are required. These are important elements if you want to be with any company as an affiliate marketer. In the longer run.

The other essential factors here are conversion rates, dashboard features, availability of tools and resources, tracking sales, favourable cookie life, and terms and conditions. Good affiliate programs provide quality resources for these factors as they are very much required for long term association with marketers.

25 Highest Paying Affiliate Programs to enrol in

Do you know what distinguishes Christian Dior from ‘Christin Bior’? No, it’s not just the brand. It’s also the quality, the trust, the genuine vintage vibes. That is what the original (and obviously the superior) stands for.

Similarly, there are affiliate programs that may look compelling from the outside. However, once you’re enrolled in, the worst chink in the armour turns out to be the commission rates.

To choose a program that works equivalent to Christian Dior (I’d have to stop referencing that before they call me out for it), you do not just go for the paparazzi, but what matters the most – commission! Of course, we’re all the sabre-toothed squirrel from the Ice Age! Or why would you be here in the first place?

Below is a list of all the high paying affiliate programs in five verticals

These are verticals chosen to keep in mind that they are the hottest buzz in digital marketing. The post shall help you delve deep into each and understand what programs best fit your requirements in your niche.


Sephora is a beauty store which is popular all across the globe. This French beauty store has more than 300 brands. The variety of products as well as price range ensures that there’s something for each one of us. From drugstore to high-end beauty and makeup products, Sephora is your one-stop-shop for it all.

Talking about the Sephora Affiliate Program, it is a program that will allow your followers to get their hands on more than 13000 high-quality products. The products are available from 300 brands. The commission rate will vary from 5 to 10% depending upon the type of products that you can sell. The cookie time for the Sephora Affiliate Program is 1 day.

A popular and high-profile beauty company that offers an extensive range of makeup and cosmetic products, Violet Grey allows you to grab products that are promoted by well-known Hollywood celebrities and other famous personalities. The company has over 100 different luxury brands in store for its customers. Each product they offer is a must-have for every beauty-junkie.

The Violet Grey Affiliate Program is running with the help of CJ affiliate. It offers a commission rate of 12% to its publishers. The cookie time for this affiliate program is 30 days.

It needs you to promote the important items that you will pick from their product data feed. In addition to this, the Violet Grey Affiliate Program comes with numerous coupons. Most importantly, it always has deals and offers that make it one of the best programs out there.

Whether you’re a makeup enthusiast or not, there are chances that you know all about Yves Rocher Makeup. This prestigious brand is known across the world. The primary reason is skincare, as well as makeup products, are made using natural ingredients. The brand has become highly popular over the span of several years since it started in 1959.

Yves Rocher Makeup has more than 2000 stores around the globe. The fact that they sell economical products makes the brand available for all kinds of people. Instead of robbing you by charging hefty amounts of money for their products, the brand keeps them at affordable prices. This makes their range popular among everyone.

Yves also offers an affiliate program where you get a good 15% commission. This is more than what plenty of other brands offer. It is also very easy to sell their products as the brand is quite popular. Moreover, the cookie time of the program is 30 days.

Not the regular product brand that comes to one’s mind, SunDaily is a unique brand that creates nutraceutical products. To put it in simple words, the products of the brand are actually those that work from the inside of your skin. Products from this brand work wonders as your skin looks wrinkle-free and radiant. SunDaily’s products are magical and they actually save your skin from damage. They mainly focus on developing products to protect against pollution, free radicals, or the environment.

What is the most interesting part about this product you ask? Well, the product comes in the form of gummies that are vegan-friendly. All you need to do is have one every day. This is one of those products that go directly in your cart. Or your consumers, for that fact.

If you have followers who like to take care of their skin in the best way possible, then you should hop on the SunDaily affiliate program. Once you are on board with this incredible affiliate program, you will get $50 for each referred sale. The payout is not only the highest in the industry. It is also a great opportunity as the product is unique and your viewers might end up making several purchases. In addition, the cookie time of this program will be 15 days.

Are you someone who prefers to use cruelty-free products? Or you have an audience that might be into cruelty-free cosmetics? In case the answer is yes, Tula Skincare products are the ones that you should definitely be promoting. Dr. Roshini Raj is the woman behind the brand. She ensures that instead of harmful chemicals, the products are made using probiotics, ceramides, rice protein, and numerous other ingredients that won’t harm your skin.

Jumping onto Tula’s affiliate program, influencers have been earning a lot from it. Tula is not only a familiar name to one’s ears, but it also offers a cookie time of 90 days. The program has a 20% commission, which is quite above the rates of most other brands.


eHarmony, does the name sound familiar to you or do I need to tell you about it? The company is a well-established dating website in America. The website is not only available in America. However, users can also use it in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. Known to be the most trusted dating website, eHarmony has built quite a unique and strong system. A system that is based on compatibility.

Whether you are a teen or an old man, eHarmony has your “the one” waiting for you. There are no boundaries in terms of age, gender, religious or political beliefs, or ethnicities. That is the best part about eHarmony.

As per the claims of the site, eHarmony has managed to help more than 2 million people find love. Their sales pitch is quite intriguing as they claim to create a couple once every 14 minutes.

The affiliate program of eHarmony will give you a cookie life of 45 days. It has a commission rate that starts from 65%. Drooling, aren’t you?

Match is a highly popular dating site. It has more than 30 million visits every month. Talking about accessibility, it is accessible in over 24 countries across the globe.

The quality of interface of Match is uncanny and you will actually end up matching with people of your choice. The quality of users that you will find on Match might surprise you and it actually has 9 million users.

From advertisements to their online presence, the brand awareness of Match is very strong. This actually makes it very easy for the affiliates to promote the brand.  With an amazing 50% commission, and 120 days long cookie time, Match offers 3 different types of subscription plans. These plans are starting with a 3-month plan where you can earn $42 commission. Next, there is a 6-month plan where you can earn $72 commission. Last but not least, they have a 12-month plan where you can earn $126 commission.

As the name suggests, sugar daddy is a website for those in search of sugar daddies. The website is a hit among those who want to find sugar daddies and the user-base of the website includes businessmen, professionals, millionaires, and models among others.

About their affiliate program, the affiliate program of is worth a shot. You will get a 45 day cookie time along with a 50% commission. It is not only a great way to earn good money. There’s more. The site will make your job easier by offering banners, text links, and several other creative ideas to get it going.

An Australian-based dating site, Cupid Media is a dating site with one of the largest niches. Along with more than 35 dating sites, Cupid Media is a site for everyone. It has over 35 million users from all across the world. The aim of this incredible website is clear! The dating site aims to connect all the single people out there. It focuses to help people find their true love in an interesting, fun, and light manner.

The affiliate program of Cupid Media allows the affiliates to earn 75% commission and has a 30 day cookie period. Cupid Media supports the affiliates via mail and the affiliates actually end up earning a handsome amount of money.

Adult Friend Finder is simply the biggest website for hookups. Well, you might have figured that out from the name itself, the website is about pure sex.

No, it’s not for you if you encourage serious dating, Carol! It also promotes hookups with no strings attached. The company gained popularity for one sole reason. Most millennials do not want to do anything with feelings and relationships. Adult Friend Finder, for this reason, grabs the attention of more than 50 million people every month.

The dating company features everything from casual dating to hookups. The best part? It promotes openness for all kinds of people including gay and transgenders.  Adult Friend Finder is an effective and affordable hookup site which will lead you to your dream world.

The affiliate program of this hookup website is very thorough. As per the commission structure, the program has been divided into four different parts. With a cookie period of up to 100 years, the commission structure of the affiliate program of Adult Friend Finder is as follows-

  1. The Percentage Program- the affiliates will get 35% to 75% commission. This will depend on the unique orders and 35% to 55% commission in case of recurring orders.
  2. Rev-Share Payout + Per Order- In this case, the affiliate will get a fixed commission which will be decided on the basis of the total number of orders that come in daily. The commission will be between $50 to $130.
  3. Cost Per Lead Program- the affiliate earns $5 for every lead. This commission structure is only valid in a few select countries.
  4. Per Order Payout by Country- The affiliate gets a fixed commission depending upon the country he/she is based in.

Health and Nutra

Plus CBD Oil is a product that works magically. Use it once and you’ll become a fan. The brand has an amazing audience as people have fallen in love with the results of the products. From products that will take care of your skin to products that will prevent anxiety attacks, they have it all. The cannabidiol has a lot of benefits and hence, it will sell itself.

The Plus CBD Affiliate Program is one of the top programs out there. It allows its affiliates to earn 15% commission and the cookie time is up to 90 days.

The Vitamin Shoppe is a huge company that has several retail stores. When it comes to supplement vendors, The Vitamin Shoppe is one of the most reputable brands out there. The brand is already well-established which makes the job of the affiliates easier. In other terms, the company stands for itself. The products of popular brands sell like hotcakes, and that is exactly what will happen in this case.

The affiliate program of The Vitamin Shoppe comes with a 45-day cookie duration. It allows the affiliate to earn a 4% commission. The best part about this is that their company already has a strong customer base. Hence, it balances out the low commission.

A global leader in the health and beauty industry, Market Health provides its affiliates with one of the leading health as well as other amazing offers. The company claims to provide the best affiliate program and also the impeccable computer code in the business.

Market Health is best for those who run websites that fall under the health, beauty, and skincare niche. Talking about the affiliate program of Market Health, the affiliates get a commission of $35 to $45. The company also has a barter special commission system for additional sales per day.

Physicians Choice is a company that supplies natural and dietary health supplements. These aren’t just any supplements. They are specifically made for those people who wish to get away from prescriptive medicines. It is developed keeping in mind individuals who wish to move on to lead a healthy life.

In the modern era that we live in, consumer awareness has increased with time. People have started being conscious about what goes in their body along with the potential side effects. Every product that is sold by the company is made using science-backed ingredients. It also uses other sustainable resources to bring the best for its consumers.

The affiliate program of Physician’s Choice is made for those who have an audience that wants to know everything about weight loss, living a healthy lifestyle, looking younger, and feeling refreshed. Basically, all things related to maintaining good health. The commission rate for the affiliates is 20% and the cookie time for the same is 60 days.

Movement is one of the best and most effective ways to keep your body fit and healthy in the long-term. Fitbit is a smart device. Made by intellectuals who combined a human’s need of being active, Fitbit sports the latest technologies. Wear a Fitbit on your wrist and the device will track your activity. What you eat in a day. Your sleep cycle and everything else. People have gone crazy for this device. Literally. And, Fitbit’s customer base is growing with each passing day.

The affiliate program of Fitbit comes with a 15 day cookie time along with a commission rate of 3%. Numerous people buy Fitbits each day. And since it is already very popular, it becomes easy for the affiliates to sell it and earn their share of profits.


BBVA Bank has been marking their presence since the 1960s, but they have been through many changing names for rebranding. They are a leading banking Franchise for the United States. They offer mortgages, credit cards, loans, accounts checks, etc., and the user can make money by referring to others by providing great deals.

For every qualified lead, BBVA Bank pays $85 per lead. The cookie time is based on sessions which means that as a user, you will not gain any credit if any of your referrals click the site and then returns to continue his application. The award-winning application can be an earning factor for many tech-savvy shoppers.

The best part of the program is that you can bring various audiences to the site, ranging from mom bloggers, people learning about handling finances, or any other businesses. If you are interested in the program can apply for the same by signing up on their website. BBVA Bank provides the affiliate marketers with all promotional materials required by them.

Started in 2006, Lifelock company believes that every consumer does require an ally for handling their device security, online privacy, and identity theft protection. Here, they help people and their families by offering requisite solutions to stay safe in this era of risky internet connections. Lifelock monitors the accounts of their users for any unusual activity, for example, change in credit filling, address changes, or even if any of their personal data is being sold to the dark web.

The LifeLock affiliate program offers a commission rate of up to $110 for every successful referral. The cookie time with the program is for 30 days.

Lifelong affiliate programs do offer many membership schemes. The users can get an idea through their basic plan offering approx $25,000 reimbursements if you are a victim of any identity theft under their reign. The company does offer their dedicated managers to the newbie users to understand their products and know-how to use the Lifelock affiliate program.

Discover is a leading payments services venture and a digital bank. They are best known for the credit cards to the consumers and students who just started to build their credit scores. The bonus for working with them is they do not deduct any annual fees for their credit cards. Apart from cards, they have other financial products like loans, home equity products, and mortgages. Discover card as a brand is the third-largest credit card company in the United States, having more than 50 million card users throughout the country.

Discover affiliate programs commission rates for every approved student card account is $20 and for every approved consumer account is $40. Also, since there is no cookie time, your referrals stay active until the user clears the cache on their device.

Discover does offer a vast range of credit cards, cashback bonus reward programs, low credit card penalty rates, and 24/7 customer service, making their affiliate program quite attractive for anyone to join.

Established in 1908, the CIT bank stands for Commercial Investment Trust and offers various financial products. They have survived many recession seasons and economic storms being much more robust with the passing phases. The range of products with them are mortgages, high-interest savings accounts, no-penalty CDs, etc.

CIT Bank is best known for its leading services for providing small business loans. The loans can allow the people to cover up money for equipment purchases, leases, and working capital to help small businesses to stand on their feet.

CIT affiliate program is created for marketers who wish to work with the small business and offers them CIT Bank financing solutions. The best part with the CIT bank is their customized programs that allow affiliates and provide tailored loan programs for the users.

CIT Bank affiliate bank proposes to give $100 for every qualified lead. The commission is one of the highest in the industry. Also, the cookie time with the CIT Bank is for 30 days.

Filing up your tax is super easy if you have TurboTax to help you with the right calculation at the right time. TurboTax is the smart solution and guarantees you to provide the maximum refund for your tax. Their continued assistance throughout the program is very much desirable, and with more than 30 million users, they are a giant entity in their domain.

The TurboTax affiliate program offers various commission rates ranging between 5 to 15%. As most of the users are active during tax filing sessions, only the cookie life with them is just seven days. The users can earn a substantial amount of income from January to April and provide their clients with a most straightforward way to file and prepare their tax returns.


Shopify is a leader in e-commerce platforms for online selling. They are all set to help people set up their online stores and provide a big range of services, including shopping carts, payment processing, web hosting, store management tools, analytics feature, etc. Shopify affiliate programs are for business leaders, bloggers to educators so that everyone can use their affiliates by promoting Shopify on social networks.

The site has its own affiliate management software to help users create unique affiliate links, tracking tools, eye-catching banners, and simple-linking tools. The e-commerce giant also offers a dedicated partner program for helping agencies and freelancers for increasing their business possibilities.

They offer a whopping 200% commission rate on a monthly subscription of referral and $200 if the referral signs up for a Shopify Plus account. Also, the cookie life is 30 days.

Having more than 600,000 users globally, the Shopify company is worth working for. Being a Shopify affiliate, you should receive priority support and free Shopify content to promote your brand.

Etsy is one of the global marketplaces that allow sellers and buyers worldwide to connect to buy and sell vintage and handmade goods. They help independent creative businesses by giving them tools to be successful and their clients to have a personalized shopping experience.

At Etsy, the user is offered low fees, continuous support, powerful tools, and education to entrepreneurs to start, scale, and manage their business. As a seller, It takes just 0.20$ to invest in getting started.

Etsy affiliates earn their commission of 4% on the qualified sales resulting from featuring links for Etsy products on their sites. Our cookie period is 30 days. Here, the affiliates can also earn commissions on selling from their web platforms or closely related shops sharing the same bank account as their shop. There is a lot of scope for affiliate marketing in Etsy because of a unique range of products appealing to a bigger audience and competitive commission rates.

One of the largest eCommerce platforms, undoubtedly, Amazon attracts a massive audience across the world. The platform offers a wide variety of products from all sectors, and the affiliate commission rate is different for every category. It ranges from 1% to 10% and the valuable items like clothes and beauty products are of the highest-selling categories and offers a 10% commission rate on price. The cookie life with Amazon Associates is 24 hours.

To qualify for the Amazon associate program, the user should have an active Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter account. Amazon has a look at the number of followers you have, and the engagement you are driving will make you eligible for the program. Affiliate marketers mostly use Amazon associates as it is not hard to sell, and they do have a higher conversion rate, especially during the sale or holiday season. If someone visits Amazon through your link and ends up buying something other than the content it was linked to, you as a marketer still get your commission on his entire cart.

Established in 2009, BigCommerce is known to be one of the famous online store builders. It has been marking its presence in more than 150 countries.

BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform that is built for growing businesses. They serve a variety of sectors inclusive of automotive, food, health, etc.

Since their inception, they have been supporting B2C and B2B ventures worldwide. They have also been powering the different ways people can shop, live, and work.

BigCommerce allows their affiliates to earn approx 200% of the commission on their client’s first payment. For every enterprise, the customer commission rate is $1500. The cookie window with them is 90 days.

BigCommerce does offer a dashboard for its affiliates to have a comprehensive look at their sales, commissions, trials, and clicks. They can view earning and track performances. They can also calculate their earnings for the period. The direct access to one of the affiliate experts allows the affiliates to understand the goals and businesses better.

An online solution for photographers, Zenfolio is an award-winning website. Their web platform allows photographers to build professional mobile-friendly websites. The solution serves to develop websites without any technical glitches.

With Zenfolio, setting up your online photography shop is not only comfortable. It is also sophisticated. Their elegant designs are eye-catching for everyone. If you wish to join them, you can choose one of the three subscription plans.

The starter, pro, and advanced are the three plans offered by Zenfolio. The pro subscription is the one that is opted for, mostly by the professional photographers.

The commission rate with Zenfolio Affiliate Program is 30% for the paid plans. The cookie lifetime with them is 60 days.

For their affiliate program, Commission Junction is teamed up with Zenfolio. The platform manages their program effectively.

The users are supported with links, images, content, and special discounts. For them, the size of your web platform doesn’t matter as they have tools for every kind to help you. In what? Being successful!

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How To Make Up-to $25000 Per Month Using Affiliate Marketing



Cassandra is a fitness enthusiast who can geek all day about TABATA, workout music, fitness supplements, and gears. Out of boredom and some enthusiasm, she casually started blogging on the Internet, reviewing different nootropics, greens powders, and gears. Now, Cassandra started generating traffic on her channel and her views eventually went from 50 to 50,000.

Cassie (let’s call her that) now starts venturing into joining affiliate programs and adding affiliate links to her blog for the products she reviews and when people make a purchase using her link, she earns a commission that we call ‘affiliate commission’.

Cassandra, however, is a fictitious character and so is her story, but the facts are based on real-life strategies which we in a nutshell call affiliate marketing.

The thing with affiliate marketing is that well, it’s easy to start but to gain momentum, you must work hard, try different things, engage all your creative assets, and most importantly have patience. I can tell, Cassandra didn’t become a successful affiliate marketer in a day, she leveraged her time, her creativity, and her financial assets to get where she is.

Now that we’ve touched the tip of the iceberg, let’s go diving down to experience the majesty of what lies beneath.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

I know I just explained what affiliate marketing is, but I did also say that it’s just the tip of the iceberg. So what is affiliate marketing really? Is it really a good source of passive income without working 9 to 5? Are there rules and regulations I have to comply with when I start into this vertical? 

Hold on! I will get to each one of those questions running into your mind like a mouse on a mill.

In simple words, affiliate marketing is a process in which you (the affiliate) earn a commission for marketing a product that is originally manufactured or created by another person or company. You simply have to search for a niche you enjoy and start marketing the products that fall into this niche for which you will get a part of the profit the company made from the sale of the product.

Let me give you a real-life example: This is a wireless headphone (picture) and in my opinion. It has great bass, a nice build and the stereo sound is superb. But, did I manufacture this headphone? Obviously not. I don’t even properly know the complete mechanism of Bluetooth and it’s working. But I did help the company who manufactured the headphone sell a product and this is what they shall be paying me for.

Now you know what affiliate marketing is about. So, let’s understand if it’s a good source of income and whether you can actually make a fortune out of it.

Do you ever come across those nonsensical facebook posts and google redirect pages that tell you working 2 hours a day, every day, you can make $50,000 a month? That is why they are nonsensical. These click baits will flash models wearing a $10,000 suit, driving a McLaren, and whatnot. But in reality, those models know not crap about affiliate marketing. This is exactly why affiliate and digital marketing are some of the most romanticized of’em all.

Initially, when you start as an affiliate marketer, you need to understand that exhausting your brain to the limits that it gives you a genius idea is the most important aspect of marketing a product.

Next comes the risk of leveraging your money into a certain spectrum of products and seeing if it works out. And finally, it’s about pouring all your dedication into what you do. It doesn’t mean you have to work day in and day out. Sometimes you can just sip a mojito and invest two hours and make enough at the end. That’s not the point! The point is you can start making money through affiliate marketing. But some days are going to be hard and they will ask you to quit, stop with the persistence. But if you can make it to the end of the day, you are going to earn a really impressive amount of money from the comfort of your home.

Every business has some guidelines and affiliate marketing is no different. Let me give you a quick insight into the affiliate guidelines and disclosure before we move to the next bit.

All about Affiliate Disclosure and FTC Compliance

If the affiliate and the advertiser have a material connection, the affiliate must disclose the connection to the consumer. The disclosure doesn’t have to be language-specific. It must be clear and as FTC (Federal Trade Commission) mentions ‘conspicuous’. FTC also mentions that the disclosure must be stated without ambiguity. And the font must stand out against the background (nothing like deep green T on an aqua green background). The FTC validates a disclosure between the affiliate and the company on the basis of these 4 Ps or parameters:

  • Presentation: The disclosure must be worded in a way that the consumers can understand what the affiliation is about. A good example of how you should present your affiliate disclosure is:

“ This website contains affiliate links and I may receive a small fee when you make a purchase using these links. There is no additional cost to you.”

This tells the consumer that the website earns through affiliate links. It also informs that the affiliate shall earn a certain amount of commission if the consumer makes a purchase using the links. If the consumer is cynical about whether there shall be any charges levied when he makes the purchase through the links, the disclosure clearly states that the consumer shall have to pay no extra charges while making the purchase.

If you are thinking there shall be any loopholes, at all, to assert the disclosure but somehow obscure that you’ve been endorsing the brand, remember this: This isn’t an episode of Suits and you aren’t Harvey Specter!

  • Prominence: Not everyone is Superman with supervision that helps them see through the tiniest bits of space. In fact, no one’s Superman, so makes your disclosure prominent enough to be read with an ideal font size that is clearly visible to the consumer.
  • Proximity: Proximity is the analysis of the claims made through the disclosure. It’s all about the closeness of the disclosure to the claims that have been modified by it.

Disclosure is most trusted and effective when it is placed in the relevant posting close to the triggered claim.

  • Placement: Where you place your disclosure is a big deal to the FTC. Apparently, in a blog, the disclosure is usually at the end of the homepage. It includes an integral part of all the other information available about the blog. It contains information such as About Us, Privacy Policy, Sitemap, etc. about the blog. But the FTC doesn’t label it as ‘sufficient’. Ideally, you should be placing your disclosure at the top or in the middle and it can be as concise as ‘Ad’ ‘Sponsored Ad’ ‘This post contains affiliate links’’.

Are the disclosures the only thing you should take care of as an affiliate marketer?

No, the FTC also asserts, “any unfair or deceptive acts or practices in or affecting commerce, is declared unlawful.” Now, shooing away the legality from the statement (only for a better understanding), suppose you took up an affiliate program that asked you to advertise for jeans.

What you do in an attempt to attract potential buyers is the claim that the jeans you are advertising are ‘the best jeans in the world’. This can be considered misleading. And also deceptive if there is no proof to substantiate the claim made and FTC isn’t going to like it.

You must also be thinking, what happens if an affiliate program isn’t FTC Compliant:

  • FTC freezes your assets.
  • It files a lawsuit against you for misleading and ten other suits that you didn’t even know existed.
  • The commission shall require you to submit all your marketing assets and oversight to them for at least 10 years. This standard limit can go as high as 20 years.

Types of Affiliate Marketing Programs

Based on the mode of commission, advertisement, and certain other criteria, Affiliate Marketing Programs can be divided into 5 types. Let’s go through them.

  • PPC (pay-per-click):

This is the most basic type of affiliate marketing that is somewhat similar to AdSense (you know, tomayto-tomahto). The affiliate marketers earn revenue from the action that the website visitors take, generally clicks. The other factors are:

  1. Impressions
  2. Leads in the database of the website.

Pay Per Click affiliates generally choose a niche where they can grow a target audience that is likely to take action on the triggering ads relevant to the niche. You don’t have to be Professor X in order to read your audience’s mind, just a set of facts to see what triggers the audience the most. Profitable PPC affiliates operate their website at high efficiencies and charge their corresponding publishers a fortune to allow their ads on the website.

  • PPL (pay-per-lead):

In PPL, the affiliate partner is paid the commission for every successful lead. The leads that they potentially generate within the dispatch of the stratagem.

If you are into making money seriously through affiliate marketing, PPL can be one of the most lucrative affiliates marketing structures.

The better the quality of the leads generated, the higher the commission, so buckle up and start with it already. Not just affiliates but one-third party promoters also earn payment when they achieve a certain course of action on the behalf of the partner offering the commission.

Usually, the actions that generate leads and allow affiliates to earn money are:

  • Sign-up
  • Opt-in
  • Submit personal details such as contact information, etc.

Designing an effective PPL marketing strategy that works is tough. The marketing needs to be fine-tuned and targeted in a way that the results frequently lead to the acquisition of ‘leads’ on the behalf of the program distributor. PPL is also more rigorous a work than PPC because clicking on links? I can do that. Filling up details? Takes too long. The affiliate has to engage the prospect enough to achieve tangible results and drive him to sign up or do whatever the course requires; that is a job in itself.

  • PPS (pay-per-sale):

This sort of marketing takes the game one level-up. In this structure, the affiliate is paid as soon as a lead turns into a successful sale. This translates to the fact that you don’t just generate a lead, you make the consumer buy what they see and when they do it, you earn a reward that is comparatively more than what partners in PPC AND PPL have to offer.

PPS may be compelling, considering the high commission the affiliate partners offer. But in order to succeed in this structure, I’d suggest you start with the basics. PPS is mainly opted by experienced affiliates who have forayed. And these affiliates have already developed strategies on how to convert a prospect into a sale rather than sending loads of referrals and simply ending the job to an expression of intrigue and attentiveness.

  • Recurring commissions:

Let’s start with an example: SkinKraft is a skincare brand that requires you to choose a program. And the products (as per the plan chosen) are delivered on a recurring monthly basis. When you drive the customers to buy SkinKraft’s plans, you get recurring commissions. You get this commission on each of the customer’s monthly purchases until the customer chooses to terminate the plans. This in a nutshell is recurring commissions affiliate marketing.

  • One-time commissions:

This is a simple model that simply translates to the fact that the more referrals you get, the higher the commissions you earn. The higher your authority on the Internet, the higher your commissions for each referral.

How to Make Up to $25,000 through Affiliate Marketing?

  • It’s all in the mind

This is it, this is where it starts. If you make up your mind that you can achieve $25,000 a month through affiliate marketing, with the right set of skills, you can. Cue Tony Robbins says,

“ where your focus goes, energy flows”.

If you can just be hungry about being successful in affiliate marketing, you will ultimately put your energy into achieving it. The driving force is always the mind and it’s always up to you as to what mindset you want to start working with. Is it the fear that leveraging your time and financial assets may prove wrong? Or is it the determination that leveraging your time and investing your assets will get you where you want to be someday?

There will be downfalls but in the world, being successful and being lucky are two different things- not everyone is lucky but everyone can be successful if they try hard enough. So, instead of focusing on why, start focusing on why not!

  • Choose the right niche

I mean, yes, you can start with any niche you think will be the highest paying amongst the others. But choosing the right niche is like choosing the right career after your senior-high.

If you choose to pursue medicine because it pays a lot. And you end up hating yourself in the next two years because you realize that you were always into music. And if you had pursued the thought seriously, you could have been working with a great band. Or you have started a band of your performing in the big cities. What happens next is that you either drive yourself out of responsibility to complete your medical school or drop to polish your music skills.

There’s nothing wrong with dropping and people do it all the time. But if you had just thought for a while and scrutinized the pros and the cons right at the beginning, you wouldn’t have to start from scratch.

Having made that unnecessarily long explanation, let me tell you why choosing the right niche is important to succeed as an affiliate marketer:

  • When you know your niche, you know your products skin-deep.
  • You have an idea of the target audience and what triggers them.
  • If you choose a really broad niche, ranking yourself gets difficult. And so does driving traffic, and if the niche is too narrow, there is never enough traffic.
  • Your driving force isn’t compulsion but passion and passion are the keys to success.
  • The natural, the endorsement, the convincing it gets and you can’t fake liking products in a niche for too long. PEOPLE FIND OUT!
  • The Highest Paying Niches

I am not going to make the mistake of telling you what niche to choose. Rather I am going to put down all the sub-niches that pay the highest in an individual niche and why.

The parameters that categorize each sub-niche on the basis of profitability are:

  • Competitiveness
  • Enough Reader Interest
  • Level of Expertise and Risks involved


Your Money Your Life dominates the complete affiliate marketing vertical when it comes to profitability. Why? It’s simple: any niche that has the ability to either change your life or get you over your financial uptightness is an evergreen niche. Also, YMYL has products that are recurring such as beauty, fitness, nutrition, skincare- these aren’t one-time purchases.

Which sub-niches in YMYL pay the most? 

Health is the highest paying YMYL sub-niche of all because most people want to stay lean and fit through healthy practices and supplements if they need to. Studies show that almost 34% of adults in the US and 15-2of 0% of adolescents suffer from obesity. It drives them to look for ways to stay at a healthy weight. It also drives them to try different things such as paleo, keto, Atkins, intermittent fasting, and e-books to do so.

Beauty is one sub-niche that will never go out of demand, no matter what the status of the YMYL in general. Have you noticed how the beauty section in any mall or supermarket acquires the most floor-space and a prominent position? This is because beauty companies mostly have a large profit margin between the manufacturing and the selling of the product. A generous part of this profit margin is spent by the giants on advertising for the products. And what better way to advertise and promote than to utilize affiliate marketing!

Affiliate marketers in the beauty niche-earn serious commissions from the big giants like Sephora, Huda  Beauty, and Mac. Some affiliate programs such as those offered by Makeup Geek pay a commission of up to 15%, followed by Violet Grey that offers 12%, and Erno Laszlo offering 10%. Follow the money.

Dating- ‘Course, everyone needs love and you know the best part? People break up all the time (no, I am not evil). You can choose to venture into mainstream dating sites, dating and relationship advice (You don’t really need to be a love guru for this. I ain’t but I lecture my friends all the time), dating eBooks, and mail order brides.

Insurance is an intriguing niche and most insurance affiliate programs pay on the basis of PPL or PPS, so it can be a bit competitive as well. Auto Insurance, Life Insurance, Travel, and Health Insurance are some of the keywords you should focus on while creating strategic content that ranks and drives more traffic to your website.


The problem with health niches is that the traffic is huge but the product price is less. When you are betting on a product of $39 that claims to aid weight loss, people may buy it but the commission will still be a part of the $39 that they spent. My point is: The higher the product price, the higher the commission. Will anyone want to buy a weight loss course book for $250? No. Because it’s completely pointless.

This is where technology comes in. The vertical lacks size but the high product prices make up for it. The commission on products in tech niches is comparatively higher than those on YMYL. It is because a major part of the products aren’t recurring, so people don’t have to worry about paying the hefty price again. And SaaS and other products keep giving its users the innumerable benefits they want.

If you aren’t an authority with Google in the tech space, start with a narrow niche. The best-paying tech niches are:

Hosting isn’t just profitable, it’s seriously profitable. But that also makes it highly competitive, but at the end of the day, there are always rewards. The most integral part of starting up online, hosting is an evergreen sub-niche. It is the perfect recipe for great affiliate programs. When you are new, niche-down a little and start with WordPress Hosting. And after that, you can step up your game to Business Hosting, WooCommerce Hosting, Wix Hosting, and others.

SaaS, just like supplements and beauty products, is a recurring item that keeps regulating its features that makes it more appealing to the users.

Training and Courseware are what brought you to affiliate marketing, now sell it to others. When people think of training as an essential part of the startup or vertical they will be pursuing, they initially attach it to the word ‘success’. This drives the consumers to take up training such as MMO Training.

On a beach, or a long train ride, or a school (obviously) books are everywhere. Most of the people save the plight of carrying a paperback. And they switch to digital solutions such as eBooks and eLearning sites. This makes the Courseware niche one of the most profitable in the affiliate world.

Choose a High Paying Affiliate Program

Choosing the right affiliate program is important. Period. You can’t just sign up for any program, work like an ox, and get paid nuts. No, literally nuts. Depending on your experience and site authority, there are several levels of affiliate programs and even if you are a beginner, there are myriad programs that help you start the right way and pay you what you deserve for your hard work.

Tricks to make Affiliate Marketing a Success and Earn Higher

When you want to double your affiliate profits, bleakly endorsing a product isn’t going to help. In order to have a five-digit income, you’ll need to combine your creative assets with clever marketing skills. And build strategies to make more revenues.

I am not Jay Setty and I won’t go on and on dragging a point (no offense). To cut to the chase, the trick to earning more is placing your affiliate links in the right places:

  1. In Articles: This is a no-brainer, add your affiliate links to your posts, especially in close proximity to the products you are endorsing. The best way you generate clicks and sales is through adding links to review articles. This also translates to the fact that you should write more review articles.

Affiliate links on product comparisons and reviews of products or services generate the most CTR, driving more sales to your pocket. Review articles, mostly from Amazon generate the most sales. They are an easier sell and even if people don’t buy the product, the clicks can result in future sales.

  1. On Social Handles, preferably your posts: No matter what the platform of endorsement, your affiliate links should be embedded on each one of your posts irrespective of the fact that they are placed on Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook. Of these, Pinterest drives the most traffic to your affiliate website. So make sure you create engaging content for your Pinterest viewers and embed your links in the relevant posts.
  2. In Emails: Ever heard of email marketing? It’s one of the most profitable cornerstones in digital marketing. The surprising part is that most people open their emails and a significant portion of these people click on links. You can scrunch up your nose saying, ‘Nobody reads newsletters and advertisements in mails’ but the fact is they do! Through emails, you don’t just sell a product or drive clicks, you establish a lasting relationship with your customers. Trust equals money in affiliate marketing.

5 Highest-Paying Affiliate Programs

There’s no get-rich-quick strategy in affiliate marketing that will bump you up to $25,000 in the first month. It will take a few months, maybe a year or two, before you establish a name for yourself and learn the ropes.

When you start with affiliate marketing, keep your expectations realistic. And let me help you search for an affiliate program that earns you some of the highest commissions paid in the market. Below is a list of some of the highest-paying affiliate programs to start making some good money.

It is rare to find an affiliate program that can pay you as high as up to $1000 per purchase. Like what? When I first bumped across this stupendous program, I looked like the saber-toothed (my teeth are fine) Scrat from Ice Age looking at Hubspot like it was my dream acorn. It is to this date, to not only me but many affiliate marketers out there!

What you have to understand here is that HubSpot isn’t looking for hit-and-run type unreliable affiliates. But affiliate websites based on the sales/ marketing niche. The joining is super easy. All you have to do to start earning through this highly effective passive source is click ‘Get Started’ on the Affiliate Program page.

It’s everywhere- from insta stories of popular influencers to the mag covers of the most sophisticated companies, Sephora rules the world of beauty and glamour. If you were into beauty and fashion, congrats, you just found your perfect affiliate match!

You know that beauty and finance are the two highest paying niches in the affiliate marketing field. And with the evergreen business that keeps scaling higher, affiliate marketing in the beauty niche is an opportunity that you should grab (only if you are a cosmetic and skincare fanatic).

But why Sephora when there are other affiliate giants that offer the beauty niche? It’s obvious, the commissions are too low, even for companies like Amazon that offer 1% to 2% on all the products no matter what the price.

Sephora, on the other hand, has a commission structure that goes as high as up to 7.2% with a cookie length of 1 day (not that impressive). With such handsome commission rates, you are sure to earn up to $25,000 working remotely, by becoming an affiliate partner with Sephora.

So, put that lip gloss on (on your website review, not really apply it) and shine bright like a diamond as an affiliate marketer!

Whether you own a store in the vast company or look to promote it for some impressive commission, Shopify has you covered.

With a number of affiliate marketing platforms such as Refersion, LeadDyno, Omnistar, and Affiliatly, Shopify offers its affiliate partners a wide range of products to choose from, in the niche eCommerce Hosting and Store Builder.

The programs can be picky but at the end of the day, they provide you with the highest commissions if you generate quality leads and drive in decent sales from reasonable customers.

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer or not, I’m sure you’ve heard of Amazon’s Affiliate Program- it is literally the king of the hills but the boo-hoo is the short cookie lifetime. Amazon’s Affiliate Program isn’t perfect and highly unreliable. The rates change, the rules can be fussy, but the commissions are justifiable.

But the good part is that it’s a HUGE company, a gorilla in the face of its ant-ish competitors, so no matter what your niche is, you can choose products from Amazon relevant to your spectrum, no matter how obscure, and still make sales. And, this ladies and gentlemen, is why Amazon makes it to the 5 highest paying affiliate programs.

Thinking of taking a trip to Greece? Maybe enjoy the beaches, the sunrise, and the ancient vibes? Expedia helps you from flight bookings to hotel reservations. But when you are an affiliate marketer with a deep interest in traveling or at least daydreaming about traveling, Expedia’s affiliate Program is just the place to start.

They are one of the best traveling affiliate partners. They offer a 5% commission from their Inventory. You can even earn a high as up to 50% of the reservations made by the customers that redirect through you. That’s some high-end commission. Man, I see myself going from zero to 5 digits in a limited time-frame!

Final Words

To be an affiliate marketer is one thing, to be a successful affiliate marketer is another. What I just explained above is succinctly the tip of the iceberg. Those dollar signs gleaming in your eyes (yes, I see you!)  won’t help become a successful affiliate marketer. To start, you’ll need to forget every wrong idea they’ve planted in your brain. Remember two things before when you go for it:

  • Affiliate marketing isn’t tough, it’s just like any other job you would do and every job requires determination.
  • It isn’t a scam. There are prodigies and examples who have been making a fortune through affiliate marketing and you can do it too!
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20 Best WordPress Themes for Advertising Companies



Some of us have a WordPress site just for fun or to give our hobby a little push, while others do it for a living. For some of us, it is something that we do just to wing it at life, while a lot of us have websites that they create as a career. It is not all fun and games for many of us to create a website, its look & feel and hence, it becomes important to bring in the A game in order to attract visitors and earn money. If you are one of those who are here for that reason, you must be interested in getting to know all about the different WordPress themes in case you are the owner of an Advertising Company.

When it comes to creating a website for advertising companies, the Advertising WordPress themes come at your disposal as they are particularly designed to cater to the needs of your business. The themes come with a plethora of awesome features, fonts, sliders, parallax effects in order to hop on the ranks and monetize your sites. Advertising is one of the most common ways to earn money from your website through ads. The WordPress theme allows you to add advertisements to your pages as well as your posts, ensuring that you create a tempting space so that customers are attracted to it.

While most of the themes out there might be clutter, there are a few that are simply mesmerizing and spectacular, to say the least.

Below are 20 themes that will not only make your website look gorgeous, but they will also play a vital role in spiking your website’s conversion rates. These themes are so tempting that they make it hard for the visitors to even take their eyes off of them in order to take a look at anything else on the web.

These themes are not only designed to help you customize or aid your advertising company, but they’ll also make it easy for you to make money.

1.   Wise Mag

Imagine looking for a well-optimized WordPress theme everywhere on the web, only to find out that Wise Mag was the perfect match all along. It is just like finding your car keys in the entire house only to finally find them in your pocket. Wise Mag is a flawlessly lightweight theme and comes up with an incredible design that will attract all those visitors to your site.

Wise Mag can be customized easily and ads can be added to its posts, pages, homepage, and on the bottom as well as top of the site. The theme is also quite flexible and you can choose its color palette as per your mood and choice. Wise Mag also comes bearing a few extra gifts in the form of features like the famous WordPress live chat plugin, which by the way, is absolutely free. Do your visitors have any issues or queries? They can connect with you using the plugin on the website itself.

This simple yet rich theme is a match made in heaven for all the advertising companies out there and its uniqueness is what makes it stand out. The theme allows you to be as creative as you can get and it comes with many incredible features like live chat unlimited, syntax highlighter, easy to configure, affiliates disclaimer, and Adsense optimized.

2.   Grimag

We have always grown up hearing our grandma’s how simplicity is the key to life. Well, it is true up to an extent, but when you mix simplicity with modern ways, your end result turns out to be magic. Talking about magic, let me tell you about Grimag. Known to be the magic of the world of WordPress themes, I mean a combination of simplicity and modern ways, Grimag is a theme that has a not-so-hidden talent of being the most powerful and wonderful publishing solutions for SEO-experts as well as editors.

This theme is ideal for those business owners who are money-minded as its best traits are to attract customers and increase the conversion rate of your website. The theme comes with dark and light skin so you get the option to choose from any of the two with just a click of a button.

You get sharp retina graphics with the theme; when it comes to translations, Grimag allows you to select any language that you wish. You can also play with fonts and colors and its features such as unlimited sidebars, one-click updates, style customizer, incredible admin panel, and many others make it just so easy and fun to use it. The theme is simply content-driven and it is fully responsive, making it your go-to.

3.   Holmes

If you love watching Hollywood movies, you must have noticed how every movie has an essence to it and everything else just revolves around it. Just like there is one main essence to a movie, and the rest of the story acts as an add-on, Holmes is a WordPress theme with an essence that it is considered to be the best advertising theme which comes with a plethora of templates that your advertising company would ever wish for. Holmes is highly customizable and it comes with a thorough admin interface.

If you are already overwhelmed by all the features that it has, you’ll get even happier to know that it is very simple to import the theme’s demo. It can be done with a click and you don’t even need to have the knowledge of coding to go ahead with the theme. On top of it all, Holmes comes with a 100% responsive retina which will definitely look impressive on all screen sizes and it can be installed easily. Holmes theme’s main features are several portfolio list layouts, portfolio list shortcode, gallery shortcode, and various other features that make it the perfect package for a theme you could ever imagine.

4.   Lisfinity

A lot of people in this world stay well-groomed at all times, and they don’t only look flawless, but they also stay up-to-date with the latest trends and fashions. You get what I’m saying right? Lisfinity is just like those people in the world of WordPress themes. The theme comes with some of the most stylish and modern demos for your website and it has features that perfectly complement its unique and spectacular design. The theme comes with a powerful search tool and it makes the experience of the customers hassle-free.

In addition, it has an amazing how-it-works panel and it is also very responsive. The theme is highly configurable and it gives you the control over what goes on your website while also offering monetization options.

5.   Knowhere Pro

Built for being a WordPress theme for complex classifieds, Knowhere Pro is a theme that is actually complex in ways that it can be configured in way too many ways while also being used in more ways than you would ever imagine. The best part about Knowhere Pro is that it is highly configurable. To put it in simple words, Knowhere Pro can be given any shape you want to give it, and hence, you can set it however you’d like.

Not all of us come with instructions, and it can be hard to figure out us humans. On the contrary, Knowhere Pro comes with demos that tell you all about the ways in which you can use it while also offering ready-made options that make it all the more easy to create an intriguing website. This means that it is not at all difficult to figure this theme out and it is also equipped with numerous plugins to make it all the more fun.

6.   AdBreak

There is something about being minimalist these days. From fashion to trends, we all have started to dig the concept of minimalism, and now that it is in the air everywhere, why stay behind in the case of WordPress themes?

Well here’s AdBreak, a minimalist and a modern theme for all advertising companies. AdBreak with a touch of minimalism and flat design is a great option for advertising companies aiming to keep it simple and interactive to the readers. Whether your company is a startup, a small business, or a big company, it really doesn’t matter as AdBreak fits well for all the roles providing you with that perfect contemporary design that you always needed but never thought of.

It is very easy to set up and use, letting you take control of the steering wheel as you go on to build a website of your choice, with everything up to your creations and built using your own hands and mind.

You don’t even need to be a professional coder, making this theme suitable for everyone. The theme also comes with a flexible layout and well, it keeps getting better. Plugins give it an extra glow and let’s not forget about the fact that it is search engine friendly.

7.   Leon

Memories are what keeps the human race intact with the good as well as the bad times that they spent in the past. But what makes such memories? Do we remember everything? Or the things or the experiences that impact our lives, or make us feel something are the ones that turn into memories? I’m sure you all would choose the latter, and you’re absolutely right.

This is exactly what Leon does. This WordPress theme creates such a memorable and a powerful online presence that it makes it hard for the visitors to go. It aims to increase your website’s conversion rate and with just a few clicks your visitors will not even realize when they went to become your valuable customers. Leon also comes with a plethora of features like over 10 custom sections, amazing fonts, demo content, 24/7 support, and so much more.

8.   Oklahoma

Let’s just face it, we’re all here to find the best of everything and why would we want to compromise with the best WordPress theme? Oh and we all also love things that are multitasking right?

Just when I was thinking about serving multiple purposes, let’s talk about Oklahoma, which is a multipurpose listing and directory theme allowing you to build a stunning and spectacular website without going through a lot of pain. When it comes to Oklahoma, no stone remains unturned and the theme comes with several features that simply make it a flawless theme.

Oklahoma is user-friendly and it has a bucket full of features along with its modern as well as a sleek design, which makes it all the more fascinating. Go on to spin your head with all the creations you want as you make use of the ultimate customization options that come with this theme. Your website will be a reflection of what you always imagined it to be, all thanks to the facilities that come with this theme, making it so easy for you to do it all. Equipped with super features, and plugins that are included with it, Oklahoma just makes it easy and handy for you to wing it all in style.

9.   Listing Hive

Gone are the days when one had to go through mountains of troubles to find the best kind of themes for your website. It was not long ago when it took a lot of effort, coding skills, and designed to create a compelling website using a theme. Now that Listing Hive is here, all of that complex process has just vanished and it can all be done with a wink of an eye.

If you choose the right theme with amazing features and plugins, then it can do wonders for you, and this is all true in the case of this impeccable theme- a lightweight, modern, and clean theme that lets you build a website of your dreams. The minimalist design of the theme is basic and you can change its color as well as the look and feel according to your mood and aspirations.

10. LarrysList

Looking for a classified or directory ads theme? LarryList makes for a perfect WordPress theme for your advertising company. The theme is highly responsive and it works smoothly on mobile, and desktop, as well as tablet devices. The theme simply looks great and I’m sure that it will do wonders to bring in all those visitors towards your website. It’s also always ready for translation, and even the non-techies can use it with ease.

11. Jobile

I believe I feel out of the world whenever I surf through a website that slips from one page to the other like butter. In a world where we constantly look for ways to ensure that everything happens quickly because we don’t have time or the patience to do it any other way, Jobile makes its entrance.

Drum rolls, please.

Jobile is a responsive, clean, fast, and lightweight WordPress theme that comes with a highly flexible bootstrap, making it’s game way too strong.

There is no doubt that this theme makes your website look absolutely impressive and stunning and it also ensures that you don’t miss out on grabbing the attention of your potential customers. You’ll be surprised to see how easy it is to change your website’s layout with this theme and how it comes with so many interesting elements that make it look stunning. You’ll also be given the opportunity to make stunning sliders along with the call to action buttons to simply up your game.

12. The Fox

A multipurpose WordPress theme to cater to all your needs, The Fox comes with an impeccable design and its responsiveness and flexibility are what make it worth all your attention. We all dream of a powerful theme, don’t we?

The admin panel of this theme is simply powerful. Give your website a look at the perfect aura with the endless opportunities and features provided by this theme and make the magic happen by racing the horses in your head. It will be a matter of a few minutes and using this theme, the end result will be worth it all.

13. Advertising Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

In an era that runs on the Internet, we all long for engagement and if you are just a business owner standing in front of numerous themes, asking one of them to get you that engagement, well then Advertising Agency Responsive WordPress theme is the right one for you (yes I referenced Notting Hill). Crafted in a very elegant manner advertising Agency Responsive can help you present your business’s product or service in such a way that your audience won’t be able to resist.

We all dig minimalist designs, and this theme walks on the same road as it presents your website in such a compelling way that it becomes hard for anyone to take their eyes off of it. The theme will be full of mystery and it will keep your viewers busy as they will unfold something new each time they scroll through your website. Social media buttons are also integrated into this theme and so your audience will also be able to hop on all your social media pages to dig into the other details of your business.

The page style of this theme is drag-and-drop, which means that the viewers will be able to take full control of each element of the page. The theme is well-groomed and polished, just like we all used to be before Corona hit the world and we fell in love with our night suits. To put it in simple words, there is nothing about this theme that’ll disappoint you.

14. The Voux

Designed with love and all the beauty of the world, The Voux is a WordPress theme that is all about the details. Perfection really is all about the details right? That is exactly what The Voux is based on. It comes with several demos that can be designed by you to make a website you always imagined. The theme does not require any prior knowledge of coding and you will actually get your hands on it pretty easily. The Voux also offers many header styles which also make it much more attractive.

Get on board with the theme to get a feel of the ultimate social experience and monetize your website along with several features that make it all the more fun. This theme does not back down on professionalism, coming with several features like adaptive images, lightbox gallery, header styles, infinite loading, and header styles.

15. Marshal – Business Analysis and Market Research Agency WordPress Theme

Marshall is a theme which is suitable for Advertising as well as Marketing companies for its smooth and gracious working. It fits your idea of being minimalist, lightweight, and comes with a plethora of interesting features that add to its essence.

The live drag-and-drop page builder makes it easy and fast to use. Hopping onto the key features of this theme, yes just like all of us have a key facial feature, this theme has a key feature that comes with custom widgets that instantly enhance the functionality of your website. The social media buttons are also available and they’ll allow you to display content in a very impressive way.

Another impressive point of this theme is typography, which will allow you to choose from more than 500 Google Fonts. Marshall also loads quickly, which means that your customers will have a convenient experience on the website and not to forget, a one that’ll be fulfilling.


16. Elbrus

Versatility is one of the very few traits that make anything suddenly 10x better and the same is the case with this WordPress theme called Elbrus. Elbrus is a multipurpose WordPress theme that can be customized in whatever way you want. Whether you want to create a simple and decent site with the basic features, or you want to create a site with all the fascinating features, high-profile look, and professionalism, everything is possible with Elbrus by your side.

The theme makes it simple and easy to do anything with a Revolution Slider which lets you build classy headers using pretty indelible effects.

The theme’s visual composer allows you to shuffle the elements of the page and arrange them as you please. That’s not it, the theme’s mobile optimization is incredible with high responsiveness for both tablets and mobiles. It does not come off as a surprise that the theme presents everything on your website in a very subtle way and it brings a representation that reflects your brand’s vision in the best possible ways.

17. Maggie Lite

Reminding you of the yummy noodles and instantly making you hungry, Maggie Lite is a WordPress theme that isn’t yum, but classy and clean with its feature-rich theme interface and a 100% responsive design. The theme comes with dark and light colors, several web layouts, colorful category backgrounds, and it has so much more to offer. Apart from that, Maggie Lite comes with an eye-catchy home slider, tabbed widgets, news ticker, and several other features that make your website all the more enticing and prominent on the Internet.

The theme also has multiple ads sections, which means that it is Adsense optimized. Being translation ready just means that this theme can be accessed by anyone out there.

18. Goliath

A 100% responsive WordPress website that is totally compatible with Advertising Companies, Goliath is a theme that instantly enhances the look of your website and it is well-optimized, making it run smoothly on all kinds of devices as well as browsers. The theme comes with a built-in rating system, improved review display, and several cool tools, making it a top-notch theme for your site. This theme makes it easier for the business owners to set up their advertising and it also comes with an ads system that lets you make way for Google Adsense, image banners, or Iframe.

The best part about this theme is that it comes with numerous exciting features such as visual composer drag & drop page builder, mega menu plugin, and several others making it one of the best themes out there.

19. True Pixel

Have you ever craved a theme that is like a complete package of everything you ever wanted? True Pixel is a fully responsive, Widget ready, flexible, clean, classy, and basically a perfectly balanced mixture of a simple yet highly sophisticated WordPress theme that comes bearing style.

The theme lets your customers experience the look and feel of an eye-catchy layout and it also ensures that the space to display your content on the website is not compromised. Built keeping in mind the needs of speed, flexibility, and usability in order to please an impatient audience, True Pixel really is the complete package that will prove to be your website’s coolest life partner. The theme also comes with a truck full of color schemes, options, and features which make it all the more worthy.

20. Adv WordPress Theme

First impressions deserve all the hype that they get, don’t they? There is no doubt in the fact that first impressions are dealmakers or breakers and the statement also stands true for Adv WordPress theme whose versatility makes an impactful first impression as Adv WordPress Theme comes bearing fetching buttons and immersive galleries (see what I did there?).

The design of the Adv WordPress theme is quite flat and straightforward and the theme also lets you go wild with your imagination as you can customize it till you’re satiated with the end result. It is quite convenient to edit, arrange, and do all the other things on the pages of the theme. The buttons help, content areas, drag and drop headers, and all the other tools that come with the theme allow you to create the correct vibe for your advertising company in order to give your customers the ultimate surfing experience.

The theme is fully responsive and you won’t have to worry about it not working appropriately on tablets or smartphones. The theme also comes with parallax effects which create a unique illusion further giving your website’s homepage a very smooth vibe and feel. Another great thing about the theme is the big menu which adds a beautiful touch to the overall look of the theme, also streamlining the navigation on your website. The theme has the power of increasing your conversion as well as engagement rate. It’s worth a shot!

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