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Top 20 Startups in the US



One of the most life-changing books I read this year was Zero to One by Peter Thiel. For those of you who arched your eyebrows or glanced away from the screen, let me help you out. Peter Thiel is the man who came up with PayPal (yes Bucky, I heard the audible gasp there). However, the modern world also owes him for the creation of Palantir, the data-mining company. It successfully triangulated the position of Osama Bin Laden, the terrorist who scarred America for all generations to come.

It was while reading this book that I realized that any individual, no matter what walk of life they come from, will always be awed by the likes of Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Peter Thiel, and many more. Do they look like a random assortment of names? Perhaps it wouldn’t look that way once you know that they are entrepreneurs who spun multi-billion-dollar startups that have turned out to be some of the world’s largest privately-owned listed companies known to man.

Why startups you say?

First and foremost, let us understand what a startup is in its most basic structure. A startup, as Iron Man would probably put it, is a venture that seeks to change the world. It brings out the raw sleeping talent in you, honing it to give you the powers of the Infinity Gauntlet. On a more technical note, a startup is a business enterprise that seeks to provide the market with a unique product. The product usually aims to resolve a previously unidentified or ignored pain-point.

Now coming to your previous question, imagine being your boss. Bask yourself in the thought that you won’t have to see the face of the ginger-haired man in the office. What could be better than not having to see that forever scowl cut so deep into his face that you do not remember the last time he smiled? You get to live your passion as a means to sustain your life. It is no longer a tedious 9 to 5 drudgery.

Most importantly, you have investors lined at your doorstep for shelling out money. They are willing to take a risk SO THAT YOUR IDEA GROWS! Still not sold? Do it for the sake of your Candian-South African mate Elon Musk man! The guy slept on the floor of his company building to make SpaceX what it is today!

However, nothing in this world runs without money. For a startup to generate enough traction, you need to feed the startup with enough money during its initial run. However, that is most often not the biggest problem entrepreneurs encounter.

Why is the US such a great country to see your startup bloom?

The United States is ranked #3 globally by Entrepreneurship Rankings for a reason. That is because if you have the right idea, there are High Net Worth individuals who are willing to invest their money in you. And your dreams. Don’t believe me?

Just watch Suits and Shark Tank instead of your boring soaps. There is one prime reason why the USA continues to be a favourite for startups. It is because of the entrepreneur-friendly commerce in the country. The USA has regular startup seminars and fairs that promote ideas and draw investments for the same.

While I won’t be able to help you with whether your idea is worth a shot, I can list out the top 20 startups in the US. These startups are blazing a trail for others to follow suit. You can base your research on this, and remember, you will be rewarded with what you seek.

5 Hottest and on-the-rise Industries in the U.S.

A moment of profound silence to those who thought startups could never happen anywhere except the technological industry. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Your startup can take shape based on any industry, anywhere in the world. While it is true that you will have to rely on the technological wonders of today’s age, your startup can aspire to make it big in any business niche known to one. Still better if you can create one for yourself. However, let’s quickly dive into the best startups to look out for in the coming year. I assure you, they are ones that have fared brilliantly in the last year.

Online Grocery

Oh, God! Do I even have to elaborate on this one? Come on Karen! Why do you think the online grocery sites are spamming your Facebook wall? Why is the old man down the corner who was the pioneer of the diet movement so happy? Even though he does not step out anymore? It’s because online groceries have made life easier.

You can be anywhere in the world. In your own home (like a responsible citizen during the pandemic). Or out in your office (like the responsible individual still working to keep the economy of the country rolling. Kudos!). All that and you can still have fresh veggies delivered at your doorstep. Tada! You don’t jostle against people in the supermarket or at the local shops. All the customers have to do is open your app, select what and how much of it they need, and payout the balance.

By the time they reach home, they will have the glistening and juicy veggies. There can be nothing more tempting than that good ham waiting outside their door. Ready to be picked up, cooked, and devoured. Here is a list of startups the foodie in you would love.

Which US Startups to follow?


If you are in the US, you must have heard of Instacart. Who hasn’t? Do you want to support the local businesses and still have the comfort of ordering online? Instacart is here for you. The service works on assigning a person for you every time you order. Boasting a catalogue of 300,000 items from actual local stores, you have the liberty to cherry-pick items from your favourites. Again, there is the combined comfort of not having to step out.

This startup has impressive funding of USD 2.52 Billion. The startup has garnered investors such as Tiger Global Management, Valiant Capital Partners, and 34 other handsome investors.

Thrive Market

If you are looking for organic non-perishable items and personal care products at wholesale prices, this platform was made for you. Thrive Market works on a membership basis costing you $60 a year. The startup also sets a minimum amount of $45 for every order to be eligible for free delivery. They sport a line of products ranging from Weleda, Garden of Eatin’, Nature’s Path. They also plan to start their line of label products to increase the range of their products to home gardening.

Funding: $332 million

Investors: Javelin Venture Partners, GS Group, and TYLT Ventures, and around 45 other investors.


Brandless is a startup that serves its customers with eco-friendly groceries. The interesting part is that they manufacture beauty products, food, groceries, and household supplies under their label. Sporting funding of USD 290 million, the startup has investors like Redpoint Ventures and Sherpa Capital. It came to the limelight thanks to its sustainable forestry practices and its organic, gluten-free, and vegan products. Each item is priced at $3 and because it manufactures the goods themselves, the products are free of brand tax. Brandless provides customer services everywhere across the US.


Till now we had been dealing with small amounts of goods. Boxed is a startup that is consumer-focused and aims to home deliver goods in bulk quantities. It achieves this by storing large quantities of goods in warehouses owned by Boxed. Boxed then delivers the products within 2 days from the date of order.

It sets a minimum order of $75 eligibility for free delivery. Boxed achieves this large size orders by focusing more on products that are more popular among customer bases. Having funding of 245 million USD, it is backed by investors such as Alpha Square Group, CDIB Capital and Aeon. Boxed is yet another startup to look for in 2021.


Technology is another and perhaps the premier field for startups. Given how technology-oriented today’s age is and the need for technology to evolve every moment for us to evolve as a species makes technology the best niche for a startup. The field is diverse. The incessant amount of research in the field ensures that this will be a sector too good to be left out. The ever-evolving ideas strengthen the fact that it can never be stagnant and will never have too many startups.

Which US Startups to follow?


Few apps have had global recognition as the one Pinterest has garnered. Ever since its inception, Pinterest has had one goal and one goal only. What? To delight its users with stunning images.

It also provides a platform for all that is visually appealing. Open Pinterest and you will be amazed to see the wide collection of genres of images and creative ideas. Anime? There. Movies? There. Images of Viking weapons in all their stunning glory? There. Guide to be a more groomed individual in one easy picture? There. Want to see how your favourite actor would look dressed as Wonder Woman (though we all stan Gal Gadot)? THERE. Oh, just for your information, Pinterest has funding of USD 1.5 Billion.


Now, this happens to be one startup that is my favourite. Not just me, it will surely be the favourite of every American out there (not that I’m an American). For the uninitiated, this is the company that tracked down the terrorist Osama Bin Laden. Simply, it helped the Navy SEALs deliver him at the footsteps of Hell.

However, to be honest, Palantir is a data mining company that provides solutions to ‘what-if’ hypothetical problems. To both the private and public sectors. Started by Peter Thiel and with a funding of 2 million, Palantir is responsible for determining whether a particular project would generate enough impact to build safer automobiles and for advising and informing a government with prompt disaster forecasts and warnings.

Space X

No startup list is ever complete without the name of SpaceX featuring once, somewhere, if not multiple times. Give it up to our Canadian buddy Elon Musk who just dreamt of going to Mars for a vacation. On a serious note, SpaceX does a stupendous job of cutting the cost of space exploration by factors of ten. No Charlie, it is no joke. That is how transformative and definitive they have been in their ventures to make space exploration affordable and reliable. They specialize in sending spacecraft and rockets to outer space while stressing more and more on making reusable launch vehicles.

SpaceX has a funding of $3.2 billion.

Epic Games

Oh yes! My Fortnite fam, I have not forgotten thee. The society being the forever cynic believes nothing good comes out of computer games. Here steps EPIC Games to prove them wrong. Boasting total funding of $1.6 billion, EPIC Games provides a gaming engine to third parties. It is also responsible for some of the best and the biggest games to have been ever made. In fact, the gaming fraternity is so filled with startups, we could just make one of these lists with game startups. I am very serious when I say so.

The We Company 

Every employee reading this, thinking of starting a funded startup or just reading it because you like reading about them, close your eyes and tell me honestly if you would not like a workspace that feels better than home and brings out the very best in you? If yes, then The We Company has you covered. With total funding of USD 22.5 Billion, this startup is engaged in making dynamic workspaces. It makes workplaces that bring out the best in every employee, boosting creativity, focus, and most importantly, results.


We all know how tiring it is to wait for that one bus that plies on your route. Now, I am not counting the unforgiving people who board them with their feature set of tantrums. Not only that, but transportation also refers to the guys shipping your fridge based on an order you placed on an e-Commerce site. Transportation sucks out the living soul of every individual.

Convinced of this epic journey of dismay and pain, startups started building services. They had the aim to offer customers a plausible alternative from their existing means of transport. With an ever-blooming population throughout the world, this is one sector that has a plethora of unventured opportunities. Feed the entrepreneur in you.

Which US Startups to follow?


This startup uses Chariots! No, I am just joking. With total funding of $3 million, they call their 14 seater vans chariots. It is a startup that is intent on building and identifying better routes to commute between work and home. The fare can be as cheap as $3 for specified routes. They identify routes through crowdsourcing and are serving 60,000 rides approximately a month.

Another startup with total funding bordering around the 3 million dollar range is This startup aids autonomous transit fleets by building software for them. This startup aims to finally build a normal vehicle that can travel on road at normal road speed unmanned.

Buddy Truck

Talk about helping the local businesses to grow! Consumers who move their things from one place to another find it ridiculously time taking and expensive. This is where Buddy Trucks come in. Buddy Truck is a startup with $1.28 million in total funding. It connects you with a ‘buddy’ with a truck with an average rate of $40/hr. The new connection then delivers things to your doorstep in a matter of a few hours instead of days.

Virgin Hyperloop One

Owing to the concept of maglev trains, the Virgin Hyperloop One has total funding of $368.4 Million. It provides for transportation through magnetic levitation tubular transit systems for both passengers and cargo.

The Boring Company

A startup enthusiast can never get tired of our Canadian buddy Elon Musk. The name of the company itself speaks volumes about the work it does. The Boring Company has a total funding of 113 million dollars. It is engaged in building a series of interlinked underground tunnels to facilitate the underground transportation network.

Cannabis Products

The cannabis industry is a business avenue that has seen a lot of staunch regulatory frameworks for the past decades. However, with advancing science and a softening outlook, the cannabis industry is booming owing to its medical benefits. With proven effects like relieving chronic pain, improving lung capacity, and preventing diabetes to an extent. Hence it comes as a brainer that the cannabis industry will be a game-changer in the coming years.

Which US Startups to follow?

Flow Kana

Nothing is more romantic than a startup helping out the farmers who toil day in and day out. Flow Kana is one such startup that connects cannabis farmers from California to nationwide suppliers. The company boasts total funding of $175 million and makes, packages, and markets their own cannabis. Added to that they also own a distribution line to facilitate their trade. Their traction owes to them being the suppliers of pesticide-free cannabis. Owing to that, the startup has been attracting a lot of Venture Capitalists to invest in them.


Startups can emerge anywhere based on solely one goal, removing a pain point. Vangst is thus a startup that is an employment platform for cannabis industries (smart move Vangst!). It is a vertical hiring program with job owners who have been vetted thoroughly. Sporting funding of 12.5 million dollars, Vangst will be a cannabis niche startup to look out for.

Confident Cannabis

The startup that took the world by storm was Confident Cannabis when it decided to delve into both- B2B and lab testing. The startup provides for wholesale cannabis to legal cannabis sellers and also offers lab testing software and equipment to businesses. The business operators using Confident Cannabis can also choose to have themselves added to an ever-expanding catalogue where customers can browse and find new products. With total funding of $15 million, Confident Cannabis boasts of being the most widely used Laboratory Information Management System.

Video Streaming Services

If you need to know why video streaming services are a lucrative field to focus on your startup, I will let you do simple math. Just imagine, based on rational assumptions, the number of online streaming services that have launched just this pandemic. Now analyse the amount of traction they gained because the world came to an absolute standstill. I am sure you are amazed at what you had been overlooking till now.

Which US Startups to follow?


With great powers comes great responsibility. Similarly, with a great customer base comes the liability to suggest tailored content to the viewer. This is where Mux comes in. The platform serves as a real-time performance monitor. It helps in platforms curating a list of shows based on the viewer’s choices and watchlists. Mux has taken the world by storm as a startup by raising funds amounting to $68.9 million. Mux has proudly built the biggest open-source video player. But that is not all. Mux also sports for being the largest transcoding service in the cloud.


Many have heard of his particular startup, especially if you are a Twitch user. Restream has emerged as one of the most popular streaming service startups globally owing to the fact that their customers can stream on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and 30 other sites simultaneously. Imagine owning a startup that has a client base consisting of Microsoft, ESL, and Gameloft!

The total funding of Restream is $55 million.


Talk about living in a beauty setup and this startup has you covered. Built by a pair of award-winning florists and superb marketing executive sisters, this startup is all about DIY flower arrangements.

Not only does this save a lot of cash from the pockets of the customer, but it also helps in providing a much-needed sense of fulfilment to its users. They provide floral arrangements for all occasions and are in itself a wonderful community to be a part of. The total funding value of Itsbyu is estimated to be around $1.1 Million.

So what are you waiting for? The only thing stopping you is you. Remember, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

Review Top 20 Startups in the US.

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Top 25 Affiliate Marketing Programs that Pay the Highest Commissions




‘Would you buy this pen?’

Of course, not! There are no reasons to.

However, if I tell you it’s a high-quality instrument and not just an average pen, with a sleek design, an elegant body, a sturdy built and smooth flowing ink that could keep writing for perpetuity, you may show some interest (play along even if you won’t!)

You’d probably ask me if I built this pen or if I own it. No, I don’t, but I am making X company help sell it THROUGH me. What do I get in all this? A commission for the sale made (so please buy it!).

That may not have been laconic, but in nutshell, this is what affiliate marketing is about, more or less! 

Just as important a black umbrella is in London, are affiliate programs in affiliate marketing. The right affiliate programs can help you be the rich Jordan Belfort of The Wolf of Wall Street. And the wrong ones, unfortunately, the poor one. Do you know who Jordan preferred? The rich version!

So, what does the right affiliate program sound like? Yes, it’s the cookie time and commission type but it always boils down to money! In this post, I will take you through the highest paying affiliate programs that do not just pay generous commissions but also bring with them their brand recognition.

So, let’s start with the journey to help you be Charles Foster Kane of affiliate marketing!

What are Affiliate Programs?

Also known as associate programs, affiliate marketing programs are arrangements. They allow an online merchant web platform to pay affiliate websites a particular commission for sending traffic. The affiliate website posts their links on the merchant website and gets paid as per the agreement terms.

If you have done even a little research on affiliate marketing, you must have come across two terms. affiliate programs and affiliate networks. You already know what affiliate programs are, but what exactly is an affiliate network? Definitely not some cult, I assure you!

The affiliate network is like a directory or a list of affiliate programs on one single platform. Some quick examples for Affiliate networks are CJ Affiliate, JVZoo, ClickBank, etc. On the other hand, affiliate programs are devised by only one company. It is not a directory and is not required to promote others except one company. Few examples of Affiliate programs are the Fitbit Affiliate program, Ulta Affiliate Program, etc.

So what do you choose between the two? To tell you in all the bare facts, it’s all up to you as to how you want to start as an affiliate marketer. However, if I were your guardian angel, I’d probably ask you to go with affiliate networks. I say so because while you learn the ropes of affiliate marketing, you also get the exposure you need. Exposure is the starting point for any beginner on affiliate networks.

Baby steps!

How can you be successful as an Affiliate Marketer?

To be successful at whichever program you enrol in, you need to research and understand the sub-niche of the vertical you have a knack for. Also, to succeed in the domain, you must create and post high-quality content where your affiliate link can fit naturally. Credibility and high market reputation are two factors that are required. These are important elements if you want to be with any company as an affiliate marketer. In the longer run.

The other essential factors here are conversion rates, dashboard features, availability of tools and resources, tracking sales, favourable cookie life, and terms and conditions. Good affiliate programs provide quality resources for these factors as they are very much required for long term association with marketers.

25 Highest Paying Affiliate Programs to enrol in

Do you know what distinguishes Christian Dior from ‘Christin Bior’? No, it’s not just the brand. It’s also the quality, the trust, the genuine vintage vibes. That is what the original (and obviously the superior) stands for.

Similarly, there are affiliate programs that may look compelling from the outside. However, once you’re enrolled in, the worst chink in the armour turns out to be the commission rates.

To choose a program that works equivalent to Christian Dior (I’d have to stop referencing that before they call me out for it), you do not just go for the paparazzi, but what matters the most – commission! Of course, we’re all the sabre-toothed squirrel from the Ice Age! Or why would you be here in the first place?

Below is a list of all the high paying affiliate programs in five verticals

These are verticals chosen to keep in mind that they are the hottest buzz in digital marketing. The post shall help you delve deep into each and understand what programs best fit your requirements in your niche.


Sephora is a beauty store which is popular all across the globe. This French beauty store has more than 300 brands. The variety of products as well as price range ensures that there’s something for each one of us. From drugstore to high-end beauty and makeup products, Sephora is your one-stop-shop for it all.

Talking about the Sephora Affiliate Program, it is a program that will allow your followers to get their hands on more than 13000 high-quality products. The products are available from 300 brands. The commission rate will vary from 5 to 10% depending upon the type of products that you can sell. The cookie time for the Sephora Affiliate Program is 1 day.

A popular and high-profile beauty company that offers an extensive range of makeup and cosmetic products, Violet Grey allows you to grab products that are promoted by well-known Hollywood celebrities and other famous personalities. The company has over 100 different luxury brands in store for its customers. Each product they offer is a must-have for every beauty-junkie.

The Violet Grey Affiliate Program is running with the help of CJ affiliate. It offers a commission rate of 12% to its publishers. The cookie time for this affiliate program is 30 days.

It needs you to promote the important items that you will pick from their product data feed. In addition to this, the Violet Grey Affiliate Program comes with numerous coupons. Most importantly, it always has deals and offers that make it one of the best programs out there.

Whether you’re a makeup enthusiast or not, there are chances that you know all about Yves Rocher Makeup. This prestigious brand is known across the world. The primary reason is skincare, as well as makeup products, are made using natural ingredients. The brand has become highly popular over the span of several years since it started in 1959.

Yves Rocher Makeup has more than 2000 stores around the globe. The fact that they sell economical products makes the brand available for all kinds of people. Instead of robbing you by charging hefty amounts of money for their products, the brand keeps them at affordable prices. This makes their range popular among everyone.

Yves also offers an affiliate program where you get a good 15% commission. This is more than what plenty of other brands offer. It is also very easy to sell their products as the brand is quite popular. Moreover, the cookie time of the program is 30 days.

Not the regular product brand that comes to one’s mind, SunDaily is a unique brand that creates nutraceutical products. To put it in simple words, the products of the brand are actually those that work from the inside of your skin. Products from this brand work wonders as your skin looks wrinkle-free and radiant. SunDaily’s products are magical and they actually save your skin from damage. They mainly focus on developing products to protect against pollution, free radicals, or the environment.

What is the most interesting part about this product you ask? Well, the product comes in the form of gummies that are vegan-friendly. All you need to do is have one every day. This is one of those products that go directly in your cart. Or your consumers, for that fact.

If you have followers who like to take care of their skin in the best way possible, then you should hop on the SunDaily affiliate program. Once you are on board with this incredible affiliate program, you will get $50 for each referred sale. The payout is not only the highest in the industry. It is also a great opportunity as the product is unique and your viewers might end up making several purchases. In addition, the cookie time of this program will be 15 days.

Are you someone who prefers to use cruelty-free products? Or you have an audience that might be into cruelty-free cosmetics? In case the answer is yes, Tula Skincare products are the ones that you should definitely be promoting. Dr. Roshini Raj is the woman behind the brand. She ensures that instead of harmful chemicals, the products are made using probiotics, ceramides, rice protein, and numerous other ingredients that won’t harm your skin.

Jumping onto Tula’s affiliate program, influencers have been earning a lot from it. Tula is not only a familiar name to one’s ears, but it also offers a cookie time of 90 days. The program has a 20% commission, which is quite above the rates of most other brands.


eHarmony, does the name sound familiar to you or do I need to tell you about it? The company is a well-established dating website in America. The website is not only available in America. However, users can also use it in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. Known to be the most trusted dating website, eHarmony has built quite a unique and strong system. A system that is based on compatibility.

Whether you are a teen or an old man, eHarmony has your “the one” waiting for you. There are no boundaries in terms of age, gender, religious or political beliefs, or ethnicities. That is the best part about eHarmony.

As per the claims of the site, eHarmony has managed to help more than 2 million people find love. Their sales pitch is quite intriguing as they claim to create a couple once every 14 minutes.

The affiliate program of eHarmony will give you a cookie life of 45 days. It has a commission rate that starts from 65%. Drooling, aren’t you?

Match is a highly popular dating site. It has more than 30 million visits every month. Talking about accessibility, it is accessible in over 24 countries across the globe.

The quality of interface of Match is uncanny and you will actually end up matching with people of your choice. The quality of users that you will find on Match might surprise you and it actually has 9 million users.

From advertisements to their online presence, the brand awareness of Match is very strong. This actually makes it very easy for the affiliates to promote the brand.  With an amazing 50% commission, and 120 days long cookie time, Match offers 3 different types of subscription plans. These plans are starting with a 3-month plan where you can earn $42 commission. Next, there is a 6-month plan where you can earn $72 commission. Last but not least, they have a 12-month plan where you can earn $126 commission.

As the name suggests, sugar daddy is a website for those in search of sugar daddies. The website is a hit among those who want to find sugar daddies and the user-base of the website includes businessmen, professionals, millionaires, and models among others.

About their affiliate program, the affiliate program of is worth a shot. You will get a 45 day cookie time along with a 50% commission. It is not only a great way to earn good money. There’s more. The site will make your job easier by offering banners, text links, and several other creative ideas to get it going.

An Australian-based dating site, Cupid Media is a dating site with one of the largest niches. Along with more than 35 dating sites, Cupid Media is a site for everyone. It has over 35 million users from all across the world. The aim of this incredible website is clear! The dating site aims to connect all the single people out there. It focuses to help people find their true love in an interesting, fun, and light manner.

The affiliate program of Cupid Media allows the affiliates to earn 75% commission and has a 30 day cookie period. Cupid Media supports the affiliates via mail and the affiliates actually end up earning a handsome amount of money.

Adult Friend Finder is simply the biggest website for hookups. Well, you might have figured that out from the name itself, the website is about pure sex.

No, it’s not for you if you encourage serious dating, Carol! It also promotes hookups with no strings attached. The company gained popularity for one sole reason. Most millennials do not want to do anything with feelings and relationships. Adult Friend Finder, for this reason, grabs the attention of more than 50 million people every month.

The dating company features everything from casual dating to hookups. The best part? It promotes openness for all kinds of people including gay and transgenders.  Adult Friend Finder is an effective and affordable hookup site which will lead you to your dream world.

The affiliate program of this hookup website is very thorough. As per the commission structure, the program has been divided into four different parts. With a cookie period of up to 100 years, the commission structure of the affiliate program of Adult Friend Finder is as follows-

  1. The Percentage Program- the affiliates will get 35% to 75% commission. This will depend on the unique orders and 35% to 55% commission in case of recurring orders.
  2. Rev-Share Payout + Per Order- In this case, the affiliate will get a fixed commission which will be decided on the basis of the total number of orders that come in daily. The commission will be between $50 to $130.
  3. Cost Per Lead Program- the affiliate earns $5 for every lead. This commission structure is only valid in a few select countries.
  4. Per Order Payout by Country- The affiliate gets a fixed commission depending upon the country he/she is based in.

Health and Nutra

Plus CBD Oil is a product that works magically. Use it once and you’ll become a fan. The brand has an amazing audience as people have fallen in love with the results of the products. From products that will take care of your skin to products that will prevent anxiety attacks, they have it all. The cannabidiol has a lot of benefits and hence, it will sell itself.

The Plus CBD Affiliate Program is one of the top programs out there. It allows its affiliates to earn 15% commission and the cookie time is up to 90 days.

The Vitamin Shoppe is a huge company that has several retail stores. When it comes to supplement vendors, The Vitamin Shoppe is one of the most reputable brands out there. The brand is already well-established which makes the job of the affiliates easier. In other terms, the company stands for itself. The products of popular brands sell like hotcakes, and that is exactly what will happen in this case.

The affiliate program of The Vitamin Shoppe comes with a 45-day cookie duration. It allows the affiliate to earn a 4% commission. The best part about this is that their company already has a strong customer base. Hence, it balances out the low commission.

A global leader in the health and beauty industry, Market Health provides its affiliates with one of the leading health as well as other amazing offers. The company claims to provide the best affiliate program and also the impeccable computer code in the business.

Market Health is best for those who run websites that fall under the health, beauty, and skincare niche. Talking about the affiliate program of Market Health, the affiliates get a commission of $35 to $45. The company also has a barter special commission system for additional sales per day.

Physicians Choice is a company that supplies natural and dietary health supplements. These aren’t just any supplements. They are specifically made for those people who wish to get away from prescriptive medicines. It is developed keeping in mind individuals who wish to move on to lead a healthy life.

In the modern era that we live in, consumer awareness has increased with time. People have started being conscious about what goes in their body along with the potential side effects. Every product that is sold by the company is made using science-backed ingredients. It also uses other sustainable resources to bring the best for its consumers.

The affiliate program of Physician’s Choice is made for those who have an audience that wants to know everything about weight loss, living a healthy lifestyle, looking younger, and feeling refreshed. Basically, all things related to maintaining good health. The commission rate for the affiliates is 20% and the cookie time for the same is 60 days.

Movement is one of the best and most effective ways to keep your body fit and healthy in the long-term. Fitbit is a smart device. Made by intellectuals who combined a human’s need of being active, Fitbit sports the latest technologies. Wear a Fitbit on your wrist and the device will track your activity. What you eat in a day. Your sleep cycle and everything else. People have gone crazy for this device. Literally. And, Fitbit’s customer base is growing with each passing day.

The affiliate program of Fitbit comes with a 15 day cookie time along with a commission rate of 3%. Numerous people buy Fitbits each day. And since it is already very popular, it becomes easy for the affiliates to sell it and earn their share of profits.


BBVA Bank has been marking their presence since the 1960s, but they have been through many changing names for rebranding. They are a leading banking Franchise for the United States. They offer mortgages, credit cards, loans, accounts checks, etc., and the user can make money by referring to others by providing great deals.

For every qualified lead, BBVA Bank pays $85 per lead. The cookie time is based on sessions which means that as a user, you will not gain any credit if any of your referrals click the site and then returns to continue his application. The award-winning application can be an earning factor for many tech-savvy shoppers.

The best part of the program is that you can bring various audiences to the site, ranging from mom bloggers, people learning about handling finances, or any other businesses. If you are interested in the program can apply for the same by signing up on their website. BBVA Bank provides the affiliate marketers with all promotional materials required by them.

Started in 2006, Lifelock company believes that every consumer does require an ally for handling their device security, online privacy, and identity theft protection. Here, they help people and their families by offering requisite solutions to stay safe in this era of risky internet connections. Lifelock monitors the accounts of their users for any unusual activity, for example, change in credit filling, address changes, or even if any of their personal data is being sold to the dark web.

The LifeLock affiliate program offers a commission rate of up to $110 for every successful referral. The cookie time with the program is for 30 days.

Lifelong affiliate programs do offer many membership schemes. The users can get an idea through their basic plan offering approx $25,000 reimbursements if you are a victim of any identity theft under their reign. The company does offer their dedicated managers to the newbie users to understand their products and know-how to use the Lifelock affiliate program.

Discover is a leading payments services venture and a digital bank. They are best known for the credit cards to the consumers and students who just started to build their credit scores. The bonus for working with them is they do not deduct any annual fees for their credit cards. Apart from cards, they have other financial products like loans, home equity products, and mortgages. Discover card as a brand is the third-largest credit card company in the United States, having more than 50 million card users throughout the country.

Discover affiliate programs commission rates for every approved student card account is $20 and for every approved consumer account is $40. Also, since there is no cookie time, your referrals stay active until the user clears the cache on their device.

Discover does offer a vast range of credit cards, cashback bonus reward programs, low credit card penalty rates, and 24/7 customer service, making their affiliate program quite attractive for anyone to join.

Established in 1908, the CIT bank stands for Commercial Investment Trust and offers various financial products. They have survived many recession seasons and economic storms being much more robust with the passing phases. The range of products with them are mortgages, high-interest savings accounts, no-penalty CDs, etc.

CIT Bank is best known for its leading services for providing small business loans. The loans can allow the people to cover up money for equipment purchases, leases, and working capital to help small businesses to stand on their feet.

CIT affiliate program is created for marketers who wish to work with the small business and offers them CIT Bank financing solutions. The best part with the CIT bank is their customized programs that allow affiliates and provide tailored loan programs for the users.

CIT Bank affiliate bank proposes to give $100 for every qualified lead. The commission is one of the highest in the industry. Also, the cookie time with the CIT Bank is for 30 days.

Filing up your tax is super easy if you have TurboTax to help you with the right calculation at the right time. TurboTax is the smart solution and guarantees you to provide the maximum refund for your tax. Their continued assistance throughout the program is very much desirable, and with more than 30 million users, they are a giant entity in their domain.

The TurboTax affiliate program offers various commission rates ranging between 5 to 15%. As most of the users are active during tax filing sessions, only the cookie life with them is just seven days. The users can earn a substantial amount of income from January to April and provide their clients with a most straightforward way to file and prepare their tax returns.


Shopify is a leader in e-commerce platforms for online selling. They are all set to help people set up their online stores and provide a big range of services, including shopping carts, payment processing, web hosting, store management tools, analytics feature, etc. Shopify affiliate programs are for business leaders, bloggers to educators so that everyone can use their affiliates by promoting Shopify on social networks.

The site has its own affiliate management software to help users create unique affiliate links, tracking tools, eye-catching banners, and simple-linking tools. The e-commerce giant also offers a dedicated partner program for helping agencies and freelancers for increasing their business possibilities.

They offer a whopping 200% commission rate on a monthly subscription of referral and $200 if the referral signs up for a Shopify Plus account. Also, the cookie life is 30 days.

Having more than 600,000 users globally, the Shopify company is worth working for. Being a Shopify affiliate, you should receive priority support and free Shopify content to promote your brand.

Etsy is one of the global marketplaces that allow sellers and buyers worldwide to connect to buy and sell vintage and handmade goods. They help independent creative businesses by giving them tools to be successful and their clients to have a personalized shopping experience.

At Etsy, the user is offered low fees, continuous support, powerful tools, and education to entrepreneurs to start, scale, and manage their business. As a seller, It takes just 0.20$ to invest in getting started.

Etsy affiliates earn their commission of 4% on the qualified sales resulting from featuring links for Etsy products on their sites. Our cookie period is 30 days. Here, the affiliates can also earn commissions on selling from their web platforms or closely related shops sharing the same bank account as their shop. There is a lot of scope for affiliate marketing in Etsy because of a unique range of products appealing to a bigger audience and competitive commission rates.

One of the largest eCommerce platforms, undoubtedly, Amazon attracts a massive audience across the world. The platform offers a wide variety of products from all sectors, and the affiliate commission rate is different for every category. It ranges from 1% to 10% and the valuable items like clothes and beauty products are of the highest-selling categories and offers a 10% commission rate on price. The cookie life with Amazon Associates is 24 hours.

To qualify for the Amazon associate program, the user should have an active Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter account. Amazon has a look at the number of followers you have, and the engagement you are driving will make you eligible for the program. Affiliate marketers mostly use Amazon associates as it is not hard to sell, and they do have a higher conversion rate, especially during the sale or holiday season. If someone visits Amazon through your link and ends up buying something other than the content it was linked to, you as a marketer still get your commission on his entire cart.

Established in 2009, BigCommerce is known to be one of the famous online store builders. It has been marking its presence in more than 150 countries.

BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform that is built for growing businesses. They serve a variety of sectors inclusive of automotive, food, health, etc.

Since their inception, they have been supporting B2C and B2B ventures worldwide. They have also been powering the different ways people can shop, live, and work.

BigCommerce allows their affiliates to earn approx 200% of the commission on their client’s first payment. For every enterprise, the customer commission rate is $1500. The cookie window with them is 90 days.

BigCommerce does offer a dashboard for its affiliates to have a comprehensive look at their sales, commissions, trials, and clicks. They can view earning and track performances. They can also calculate their earnings for the period. The direct access to one of the affiliate experts allows the affiliates to understand the goals and businesses better.

An online solution for photographers, Zenfolio is an award-winning website. Their web platform allows photographers to build professional mobile-friendly websites. The solution serves to develop websites without any technical glitches.

With Zenfolio, setting up your online photography shop is not only comfortable. It is also sophisticated. Their elegant designs are eye-catching for everyone. If you wish to join them, you can choose one of the three subscription plans.

The starter, pro, and advanced are the three plans offered by Zenfolio. The pro subscription is the one that is opted for, mostly by the professional photographers.

The commission rate with Zenfolio Affiliate Program is 30% for the paid plans. The cookie lifetime with them is 60 days.

For their affiliate program, Commission Junction is teamed up with Zenfolio. The platform manages their program effectively.

The users are supported with links, images, content, and special discounts. For them, the size of your web platform doesn’t matter as they have tools for every kind to help you. In what? Being successful!

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Top 20 Startups to follow in Europe




Ever since startups became a phenomenon, it hasn’t stopped. PayPal’s creator, Peter Thiel is considered an authority figure when it comes to raising equity for startups. What he observed and what shall always remain true for the startup community is that the next Bill Gates will never build an operating software. Neither will the next Zuckerberg create a social networking site for us. If we intend to emulate them, then we have learned nothing from them.

A startup is all about new ways to ease the lives of the people around us by recognizing pain points that are indiscernible or simply have not been addressed because no one could. A startup is not all about individuality and becoming your own boss. It is about growing individually and being an institution unto yourself that people look up to for help and inspiration.

With that in mind, we today bring to you 20 startups from Europe. These startups amazed the world with the quick success that they achieved. More than luck, these startups focused on what their customers could do best with. Steve Jobs rightly said that it is not the customers’ job to know what they want.

These innovators and entrepreneurs mesmerized the world and earned cash by providing solutions. This made an opening statement which screamed that they were here to stay.

So if you wanted one reason to open that startup, I have given you three. I can give you ten more. However, more than motivation, what matters is the single-minded determination that sees us through hell and back. So grab your pens and papers and take note of what you can do.  To be great in the next decade. If these people who were nobodies five years back could do it, so can you!


I’d probably be understating when I say ‘FinTech is one industry that is growing at an exploding level in Europe’. The truth is, if you scrutinize a list of startups in Europe, of any year post-2018, FinTech dominates the game by far. The reason? The scope is infinite and so is the profit. Using software to provide financial services, the FinTech industry has been bridging a gap. Between transactions and our perception of ‘money’.

From Robo-advisors to online-only banks, FinTech has made its presence prominent over the years. We keep growing dependent on it to save ourselves from the plight of having to walk to the closest bank or ATM for any financial services. That is exactly why the FinTech market keeps expanding.

FinTech startups have found a way to excel in personal finance and saving (yes, you don’t have to save under your mattress anymore). They do this all while offering low-cost and cost-efficient applications and softwares. This is done to meet the millennial requirements of online banking.

Which Startups to follow in Europe:

These 4 European FinTech startups have been making big waves in their verticals. How? They were smart enough to understand the abundance of the Internet keeps growing.

Then again, are we talking about the availability of smartphones?

Atom bank is the first financial institution built for tablets or smartphones without any branches. Based in Durham, the bank is granted a full UK regulatory license and is authorized by PRA, i.e. Prudential Regulation Authority. FCA, i.e., Financial Conduct Authority and PRA regulates the bank.

In 2017, Linkedin listed UK top startups, and Atom Bank ranked 14th with Airbnb, Deliveroo, and Uber. In 2019, they ranked second in the Top 50 Fintech scale-ups and startups. It was the only venture in the top 20 list based out of London.

In 2019, Atom Bank announced their sixth round of funding and raised $62.4m. The companies participating were Neil Woodford, Toscafund Asset Management, Banca Bilbao Vizcaya, and Perscitus LLP. Again in 2019, they receive a grant of $12.1m from the Capability and Innovation fund. With every year passing the Atom Bank is adopting the newest technologies and making new milestones to pursue.

Monzo serves more than three million people in the UK and is valued at £2bn. This startup was founded in 2015. The startup is an application built as a new-age bank. It is specially customized for smartphones and how modern people live today.

Monzo is one of the new application based challenger banks in the United Kingdom. They primarily penetrated the UK market with a prepaid debit card and a mobile application. In 2019, Monzo entered the US market with Ohio-based Sutton Bank as a partner. It will retain their core features like contactless pay and instant spending notifications.

The company has performed many rounds of successful funding. In 2019, the startup announced Series F round for funding. They raised about £113 million. The company’s valuation was standing at £2 billion.

In 2020, Monzo’s valuation fell by 40%, and they raised £60M down in June 2020. The company valuation was standing by then at £1.24B. By December 2020, Monzo opened another round of funding and closed at £60M. TED Global, Kaiser, Novator, etc. were the few of the top investors to participate in the funding process.

Based in Frankfurt, Bita is one of the first professional data and index providers in the digital asset space. Founded in 2018, their platform allows institutional clients to design, calculate, and benchmark investment indexes. It develops strategies without relying on various traditional index providers, complicated internal tools, and multiple data vendors.

Despite stiff competition in the industry, BITA has made its place and has been successful in raising €1.25 million from a group of international and national investors to drive investments and sales in R&D. The primary funding came from a German Fund called Future Ventures. Other investors were Belgium investor Michel Akkermans and Dutch VC fund known as Volta Ventures.

BITA has made its lasting impression on international networks. The application and technology involved with BITA are getting worldwide applause from potential and existing customers.

Founded in 2015, the Lunar way is a Danish Banking app offering budgeting tools. It doesn’t stop there though. They also provide bill payment, basic account services, and money transfer. Here you can create and save your personalized goals. Choose your own credit lines depending upon your requirements. Chat with the executive for urgent assistance if required. The start-up is currently operational in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. It has raised an impressive $53 million for funding their upcoming projects.

Building new heights Lunar way in 2018, have received PISP license and AISP license in Denmark. They have broken centuries of monopoly on account and payment services. These licenses can authorize the company to make varied payment transactions allowing their clients to pay bills. It also provides analysis of their spendings, serve to transfer money, and set up a budget through their app. At the same time, cash remains in their bank account. These features are safe to explore. These elements have provided Lunar way with an edge over other Fintech companies operating in similar verticals.

Travel and Transportation

Europe is just like any other continent. Sometimes it’s heat waves sweeping across its countries. The other times it’s heavy snowfall enshrouding the cities. Or maybe the thundering rainfall that is making people’s life harder with exuberance. This is where travel and transportation startups sell like cookies on Christmas. The travel industry is booming in Europe with the hottest mobility hubs in London, Paris, Berlin, and others. If you had ever given a thought about a travel startup in Europe, it may be one of the best ideas. Considering you have the right strategies and innovative ideas that can help you stand out, this vertical is a big green signal.

Which Startups to follow in Europe:

If you feel lost and do want to turn your idea to inception, here are 4 promising European travel and transportation startups. You can follow in their footsteps or take up valuable strategies that helped them build what they have. Your choice!

Stanley Robotics is a French Company that was formed into existence by Clément, Aurélien, and Stéphane in 2015. The startup is legit the new future of smart outdoor storage with Stan, the world’s first outdoor valet parking robot. Stanley Robotics can provide a highly cost effective and efficient solution for the finished vehicle logistics operators.

Stan is designed like a waist-high toaster with a large pickup tray. It picks up your cars and parks them in an outdoor car park. Stan has real-time flight information which sends an SMS to individuals that their vehicle is ready. The company provides individuals with better benefits than any other valet parking service. What made it garner such an overwhelming fanbase is the enhanced user experience, security, and ease of use.

The use of robots as valet excellently minimizes the area or volume required for parking. It is able to accommodate about 30-40% more vehicles than a regular car park. Stanley Robotics has been successfully able to gain about €3.6M in its 2 rounds of funding.

The autonomous robots were already piloted at France’s Charles de Gaulle and Lyon-Saint-Exupéry airports in France. They also appeared at London’s Gatwick.

Medigo is funded with $11.83 million to date. It is a startup (launched in 2014) by Pawel Cebula, Ieva Soblickaite, and Ugur Samut. Medigo aims to connect people and exceptionally skilled and trained doctors in a joint partnership. All while the patient is on a journey to get physically better. The company helps its consumers book healthcare consultations abroad, in none but the best internationally accredited hospitals and clinics.

Digital prescriptions, online check-ups, and health records are de rigueur as Medigo keeps rising as a ‘smart healthcare platform’. It is continuously leaping forward at points of both delivery and access. The platform is completely free to use and available in four European languages, apart from English. Medigo has helped an innumerable number of patients with medical travel. All while offering the solutions to every one of their concerns.

The Hotel Champ is one of the best companies for hoteliers who are aiming to boost direct revenue and engagement with guests. Hotel Champ offers hoteliers a suite of conversion tools powered by efficient AI and machine learning technologies. This helps them incentivize online customers and helps the hotels to secure relationships with customers. It also allows them independence from the third parties.

With Hotel Champ the emerging hoteliers can enhance guest engagement and deliver a personalized booking experience. Hotelchamp, in 2 rounds of funding, amazingly raised a total of €4M. Amsterdam based Hotelchamp was founded by Kasper Middelkoop and Kristian Valk in 2015.

TravelPerk is a free and excellent travel booking management platform designed for business travel purposes. The startup offers the most advanced management features like centralized invoicing, and expenses. TravelPerk can deliver seamless management services to individuals.

About 90% of small business travelers spend more on meals, hotel rooms, and room services due to the lack of awareness of how these costs impact the bottom line. Here TravelPerk would have saved money and time spent on the travel booking.

TravelPerk is headquartered in London. Avi Meir, Javier Suarez, and Ron Levin in 2015, laid the foundation to this innovative startup. TravelPerk has so far raised total funding of about €108M in six funding rounds.


Vegan food isn’t something that is profiled at the back end of every grocery store or supermarket aisle. Not in today’s world, atleast.

Do you still think it’s just another niche market that will never gain enough momentum, considering the outnumbering non-vegan community? Wait till you know about Europe.

Europe has seen a significant rise in the veganism industry, with the surging popularity of PETA. Plant-based foods are on a rise in Europe, especially the U.K. The awareness of well-being associated with veganism is spreading its roots throughout the continent. Grocery shoppers in Europe are demanding cleaner, healthier, and less-damaging resources. Resources must rise to the occasion in order to protect the planet. The youth of Europe is keener to adopt veganism. This has led the way to its popularity which makes veganism startups in Europe a hot-sell. Rest assured, it is not going out of trend anytime soon.

Which Startups to follow in Europe:

These 4 veganism startups are getting an even stronger footing. Especially when about 40% of the people across seven countries in Europe are now purchasing plant-based foods more than ever. Woohoo!

Vivobarefoot founded in 1997, is a shoe company. What? Vegan shoes? Yes. The world now knows Vivobarefoot for producing the best and the finest quality of minimalist shoes with a patented ultra-thin puncture-resistant sole. Talk about maximum protection and comfort!

The vegan shoes by Vivobarefoot aim at offering the optimum biomechanics and posture. The posture is commonly associated with walking barefoot and barefoot running championing.

Vivobarefoot’s Vegan Shoes are made of 30% biomaterials which include corn, natural rubber, and algae. The high-performance foam is made using algae biomass. 

Vivobarefoot also uses recycled PET plastic bottles to make Vegan shoes. They intend to push the bio composition in their Vegan shoes to 100% as soon as possible. Vivobarefoot has raised its funding to a total of €1.48 over 1 round.

Huel, launched by Julian Hearn, a veganism supporter, and enthusiast, is an all-vegan meal replacement in the powdered form. It has been designed keeping in mind the hustle-bustle and the precisely busy life. Of not just Europeans but people from all corners of the globe.

Huel is nutritionally dense with a countless list of innumerably beneficial superfoods and ingredients such as pea protein, flaxseed, mineral blend, oats (obviously), etc. Apart from the exceptional nutritional density of the product, Huel is a brand that doesn’t stand behind in terms of flavors. With irresistibly delicious flavors enhancing its super healthy meal replacement powder, Huel is legit a delicacy in it’s own!

Huel is all things vegan and manufactured with minimal waste and packaging. This makes it sustainable and give back to our planet at the same time.

Although it’s the new kid on the block, (launched in 2015), Huel has sold over 50 million meals. In more than 80 countries! It has been cashing in on the veganism industry since day one. Since its inception, Huel has secured a total funding of 20 million euros. It doesn’t come off as surprising given the booming growth of the startup. Top it with the fact that it has uncountable innovative ideas and products.

A London-based startup by two brothers Alex and Jonathan Petrides is a company aiming to ease up your I-am-going-vegan resolution. How? By delivering ready-made plant-based meals at your doorstep. Wait for the best part… within a limited timeframe.

Founded in 2017, the comparatively newer veganism startup provides 100% plant-based dishes that only need to be reheated. Voila! Ready to eat! The meals are ‘quick-frozen’ so that the customer can choose to reheat and eat the food when needed. This way they don’t have to worry about the food going stale anytime soon.

allplants believe that turning to a vegan diet isn’t just healthier or more moral. It is also the most impactful and radical strategy to reduce our environmental footprints. All that and you can give back to Mother Earth for all she provides us with. It all started when the two founders realized that cooking a veggie from scratch and eating plant-based meals was a delightful adventure. They understood that veganism was an adventure that contributed to the wellbeing of both the world and ourselves (of course). This is what led Alex and Jonathan to launch a startup that fixates on helping people. And help the planet thrive in an eco-friendly manner.

allplants raised a sum of 4.5 million pounds through crowdfunding. It had received 7.5 million pounds in 2018 with a total of 1800 investors involved.

Paris is famously known for its luscious delicacies that are sophisticated in all their simplicity. And they all have one thing in common (mostly) – meat! Thus, a veganism startup in Paris might sound absurd. However, ever since its inception, Feed has become a ‘smart food’ company that is just bringing about radical changes in European food culture. It has been promoting veganism without really messing with the authenticity of traditional food.

Designed to cater to everyone with a zeal for traditional food, Feed is a startup that doesn’t just advocate vegan, but healthy vegan food without lactose, gluten, and GMO. Founded in 2017 by Anthony Bourbon, Feed produces meals that are convenient and affordable. The best part about Feed is that it isn’t just affordable but the meals are nutritionally rich. One meal has a 100% nutritional requirement, thus fuelling your body efficiently. With the fresh funding, Feed is now available in an array of stores in France. Apart from that, it has also been making a strong online presence.


Recently, Europe has seen a massive shift in startups. As legalization, cultivation, and trade of CBD and hemp witness a positive growth in the field of medicine, no idea is high-on-weed. Get the joke!

The CBD startups are one of the most profitable ones in not just Europe but other continents too.

As medicinal properties of CBD gain a foothold in the healthcare and medical practices, Europe has been urging startups to capitalize and seize the golden opportunity. This will help push Europe towards medical advancement on cannabis.

Which Startups to follow in Europe:

The 4 startups below have been changing the cannabis landscape of Europe radically. If you ever as much as gave a wild thought to a cannabis startup, you may as well follow behind. And see how these startups have been cashing in so hard and fast.

Rainbow is a cannabis tech startup in Paris, Ile-de-France. Started in 2019, Rainbow is making a mark on the CBD industry – fast and with prominence. The founders are a team that includes Emmanuel Jesberger, Gaétan Laederich, and Camille Brocco. This European startup intends to make individuals use an ecological product, which requires less water and no pesticides,

Rainbow combines ancient healing techniques with modern technology to create its unique stress relief products. It also launched two brands namely Kaya and Peace & Skin; Kaya with its natural formulas and CBD helps people to fight stress daily and Peace & Skin helps individuals to fight the effects of stress on the skin with the help of organic hemp and adaptogenic plant routine. The company has closed its funding rounds at €1M.

Blossom Genetics is a London based company founded in 2019 by Oskar Fletcher, Oliver Davies, and Naeem Dungarwalla.

It is one of those global organizations that produce proprietary medicinal cannabis genetics and products. Blossom Genetics aims to advance medicinal cannabis with the help of modern science. It develops the best possible products for its customers.

The startup strongly believes in the healing power of cannabinoids that improve lives. They believe in making it easy for both the patients and healthcare providers to have access to cannabis. The startup has been raising awareness about how the world can benefit from the use of medicinal cannabis.

Blossom Genetics as a vertically integrated business develops genetics and with its proprietary medicinal products, it enhances our everyday health.

Farmako is a well-known company that gained popularity in a short period of time. It was mainly because of its remarkable research on cannabis-based drugs and the development of new therapies based on cannabinoids. With its cannabinoid therapies, Farmako significantly helps in improving the safety and tolerability of various treatment options.

Transparency and sustainability are the two main foundations of Farmako in the European cannabis industry. Farmako focuses only on selected products. This way it can provide the patients with the best possible therapy by using its products. These are products that are unique in terms of both quality and quantity. Frankfurt-based Farmako is the genius idea of Sebastian Diemer.

Sanity Group, located in Berlin, develops innovative cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals and products. Founded by Finn Hänsel and Fabian Friede in 2018, the Sanity Group aspires to become the market leader in the fast-growing European cannabis market. Sanity Group has been significantly able to make cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals and wellbeing products widely accessible to individuals.

To utilize the maximum potential of cannabinoids’ health benefits, Sanity Group has been investing in the active ingredients. Apart from that, it has also been investing in fundamental research of the cannabis plant. The company readily educates healthcare professionals, patients, and customers to live a healthier life.

The Sanity Group has significantly raised its funding up to €179M.


Setting aside the overall creepy vibes that the term gives, biohacking is indeed a progressive and hot industry in the startup field. It has seen some prominent growth over the past few years with the advancement of technology. Now, biohacking isn’t all about inserting pieces of machinery into your body or turning you into a cyborg. No! The movies show it all wrong!

When MIB portrayed Elon as an alien from another planet, maybe they were not so farsighted. Because Elon’s idea and interest in linking human brains to smartphones definitely do seem possible and rational to a point. Atleast now!

Biohacking dominates most other industries that are open to startups. Europe specifically has a great progression towards the field. The primary reason is that pharma fails to bridge the gap between human diseases and the desire of modification and enhanced performance.

Since the competition is quite low and the market is far from saturation for the next few years or (decades), European biohacking startups have been making a fortune with their innovations and capitalization of tech-biology.

Which Startups to follow in Europe:

Biohacking could be the solution to just be better at what we do or how we live. However it also outruns the possibility that computers and AI may someday outsmart us. These 4 biohacking startups in Europe understand that. Their innovative ideas, with a tinge of crazy science, has made them the most popular companies to look up to.

MyDNAPedia DNA testing helps the individuals to know if they are carrying the risk to develop widespread genetic and lifestyle diseases. With the help of MyDNAPedia, one can know the strength of their immunity to fight communicable diseases. It is actively helping individuals lead a healthy and wholesome life.

DNA testing has become a revolutionary trend in healthcare and has helped in reshaping medicine and medical advice. A good lifestyle and good genes are the main keys to a healthy life; many diseases are delayed and even avoided when an individual adopts healthy habits. MyDNAPedia helps you to know what nutrition. It also provides a diet that is best suited for your body and strengthens your immunity. This in turn, helps defend against the deadly infectious diseases.

Moodmetric helps the individuals to measure their stress levels, helping them to recognize the stressors. It helps in keeping you calm and energetic so that you can perform better tasks at work, home, and play. MoodMetric Measurement helps people to understand and recognize how their body reacts in different situations. Next it uses their personal ways to recover.

Moodmetric also has an app that follows your stress level 24/7. It shows the total load in graphs. With these data, one can analyze how workday events, physical activity, and sleep affect their stress levels. The real time feedback features help the individuals to find ways to balance load. It allows them recovery for the sake of their own wellbeing. Moodmetric is a Finland based company founded in 2013 by Niina Venho.

This is a biohacking startup has worked significantly to treat diseases and problems like heart failure, arthritis, diabetes, and more for which we currently don’t have specific drugs and by fixing all these problems the wellbeing and health of a patient can be improved. BIOS has always focused on analyzing the data and decoding the language of our nervous system.

The startup in association with top pharma R&D, and academic organizations of the world, launched a flagship program to release neural cardiac therapy. It believes that chronic illness can possibly be treated with the understanding and correction of the real-time signals. It has raised total funding of €4.5M and ever since it’s inception in 2015 in Cambridge.

The German Company CorTec was co-founded in 2011 by Jörn Rickert. CorTec with its medical devices efficiently provides a direct interface between the brain and technology; the devices have an amazing implantable system that records brain activity. It readily influences brain activity by electrical stimulation, enhancing communication. This is going to be dramatic… between the nervous system and technology. What? Yes.

This helps the physicians to treat neurological diseases.

CorTec services comprise the full range from designing and encapsulating implantable electronics over interconnections, to electrodes up to developing firmware and software. All CorTec products are manufactured and engineered in Germany according to one’s requirements. They ensure the protection of implant electronics for decades. CorTec has raised a total of €18M funding.

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Top 20 Podcasters to follow on iTunes




Podcasts have peaked in popularity just like Charlie did, in Two and a Half Men.

Yeah, I tried referring to Two and a Half Men, because why not? But, you get the point right? Podcasts came, they stayed, and now they are simply ruling our hearts. We can’t stop gushing about podcasts. Because they are like audios that leave you in a state of ecstasy in a weird yet very fulfilling manner.

Are you elated? There is a podcast for you. Do you want inspiration and motivation in life? There is a podcast for you. You’re feeling depressed and exaggerating everything? There is a podcast to soothe your nerves. Podcasts have simply turned out to be our go-to and I guess they are better friends to us than our actual human friends. Just kidding you humans, I love y’all more than podcasts, or do I?

Now that I have made it pretty obvious that we should all be hands down obsessed with podcasts, why don’t I share a list of Top-20 podcasters you need to follow on iTunes? With every passing day, iTunes is evolving to become a platform that has the best of everything. From music to podcasts, to the incredible playlists, iTunes has it all. iTunes has a bundle of some jaw-dropping podcasts. But there’s one problem, not every podcast can feel like music to your ears, and worthy of a try. Which is why I’m here to help!

But wait for a second, why have I curated a list of podcasters instead of the podcasts? If it isn’t obvious as of yet, I will explain it to you. It is because a podcast is a storyline, but who brings it to life? Who puts the heart and soul to the idea to create a stunner that y’all enjoy? Who sweeps you off your toes with his or her (The future is woman, people) charms? Or who ensures that you pay utmost attention to the podcast? Who does it all? Yes, you got it right! It is the podcaster!

Why is a podcaster important?

A Podcaster is like those ingredients that made your cup of tea taste like it was a sip of heaven. A Podcaster is like a chocolate ganache. It instantly enhances the taste of an ordinary muffin and magically turns it into a cupcake. A podcaster is like that one person who is the life of every party. Do I need to explain it any further? Trust me, I can go on and on and on about it honey because there’s no stopping me. Anyway, now that you know exactly what I’m talking about, let’s delve in, and get started with the top 20 podcasters on iTunes!

Josh Clark

A natural actor and podcast host of the popular show ‘Stuff You Should Know’, Josh has appeared in recurring science-fiction series. He has also played roles in countless comedies including Tom Hanks comedy Big. He had a recurring role in the science-fiction series Heroes and also portrayed Lieutenant Joe Carey in Star Trek: Voyager.

His first screen role appeared in the movie Other Side of Victory. Ever since he continued to work as a television actor. He has now also made appearances on several insanely famous recent episodic programmes such as Grey’s Anatomy, and Criminal Minds.

Which Podcast to Listen to?

Stuff You Should Know: A wannabe satanist or geographer? That may be bleak for a question but Stuff You Should Know is one hell of a podcast. It is nowhere next to blunt and monotony. From Satanism, cult, LSD, El Nino, medicine, to politics and true crime, Stuff You Should Know has you covered on everything with humour and openness. Co-hosted by Josh and Chuck, this podcast has a wide range of subjects that are up for discussion and corrections. Without any hubris, Stuff You Should Know is an ideal listen for a curious mind.

The two liberal hosts model how anyone can talk about drugs, anarchy, or satanism. All this and they can still be in support of their rationality or normality, going against the stereotypical glorious democracy with natural sibling-Esque ease.

Andrea Mead Canning

A Canadian-American journalist who currently works for NBC News, Andrea Mead Canning is a 46-year old brave and unruffled personality. She hosts the globally-renowned Dateline NBC podcast. A mother of six, Andrea surprisingly is camera-ready with zilch efforts. Snark-filled humour makes her storytelling even more realistic.

Working up her career ladder, Andrea started working as a correspondent on ABCNews for Good Morning America and Today show. Post that, she made her breakthrough interview with Charlie Sheen. This landed her ragingly good career opportunities.

Which Podcast to Listen to?

Dateline NBCWait? Does Dateline now have a podcast? Yes, and Dateline fans can not be any more thankful. In case you do not have any time to watch TV anymore, you can still catch up on the show in all its rawness, experience the immersive real-life mysteries and in-depth investigations on air. Canning and her charm that’s equal parts pop culture, snarkiness, and excellent storytelling make the podcast particularly congratulating and intriguing.

Karen Kilgariff

A notable member of Mr.Show, Karen Kilgariff is a writer, comedian, singer, author, actress, television producer (halt!). Karen is a podcast host who began her career as a standup comedian. She later transitioned her career to being an actress and writer of illustrious shows such as The Ellen Degeneres Show.

Her first podcast in 2014 with Chris Fairbanks, Do You Need A Ride reaped immense appreciation for its unique theme. That’s primarily because the podcast originally took place in a car and the hosts interviewed guests while they drove around. Karen in 2016, went on to join Georgia Hardstark to start a true-crime podcast My Favorite Murder. The podcast has now garnered a gargantuan fan base with over 19 million listeners. Karen in her podcast strives to discuss common problematic issues with absolute compassion for the victim and the perpetrator of the crime. These elements give the show an edge over other true crime shows.

Which Podcast to Listen to?

My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and GeorgiaA therapy to deal with your anxieties bout true crime, My Favorite Murder is a podcast that is much more than a show that discusses true crime. Selecting one event from a wide range of verticals such as survivor story, true crime, historical events, and single murder, the podcast recounts and discusses the events. Apart from just serving your obsession for great narration, this podcast also talks about burning issues that are generally backside. Discussing themes like sex work, religion, and mental illness, My Favorite Murder is a show you couldn’t get enough of.

Alexandra Cooper

Alexandra Cooper is a Boston University graduate. She became the Internet sensation as her podcast Call Me Daddy started garnering millions of listeners online. Passionate about content creation, Alexandra started her own YouTube Channel to share regular vlogs. She also gave up her high-paying job to pursue content curation as a career.

Though wishing to become a pre-eminent celebrity through YouTube, Alexandra’s fate had some other plans for her. As she started her podcast, her listeners loved her. And the fame she aimed to achieve was showered on her for her podcasts. Apart from being a skilled content creator and podcast host, Alexandra is also an avid fitness enthusiast and sportsperson.

Which Podcast to Listen to?

Call Me Daddy

Call Me Daddy is the brutal answer to the question ‘Why can only men brag about their sex lives?’ The podcast normalizes the fact that women too can talk about sex, relationships, preferences, and embarrassing moments without the fear of being shamed or judged.

The podcast talks to its listeners and connects them with intimate topics in a frank and refreshing way. Easing them to share their not-so-comfy moments or be open about their sexuality, Call Me Daddy is an uprising podcast. It revolts against the face of outdated gender norms that need changing more than ever.

Rachel Martin

The host of Morning Edition and NPR’s podcast Up First, Martin is not just any news correspondent. Having served as the National Security Correspondent for NPR, she has regularly travelled to Iraq and Afghanistan. From reports on numerous important issues including wars and the efficacy of the Pentagon’s counterinsurgency strategy, Rachel has done it all!

Martin has been constantly bringing to light the rapidly changing demographic of the U.S. military. She has also been giving precious insights into how more and more women are now joining air combat units.

Islam in America, her piece of work while she was a religion correspondent for NPR during 2006-2007 won the ‘Best Radio Feature. Now, Rachel invests her wits and her impeccable reporting skills on NPR’s Up First. She isn’t just entertaining people with not news but her humorous narration at points.

Which Podcast to Listen to?

Up First: Relevant content, succinct delivery, and well-executed, reliable news – that in a nutshell is Up First. Most of us hate skimming through newspapers to catch up to the big headlines of the day. However, it gets nonchalantly unchallenging with Up First that covers all the relevant bites of news in 10 minutes time-frame.

Everyone prefers to hear the news that doesn’t tilt its coin to one side. Up First, alongside its hosts, including Rachel Martin presents you information and valuable insights in an unbiased manner. All that, even when they are talking politics. Comparatively more comprehensive than The Daily, Up First is innovating at its core. It isn’t just news but the witty banter that Rachel often initiates. Up for some engaging content with a crisp and targeted approach? Try Up First, the first thing in the morning (get the joke?)

Ashley Flowers

The CEO and Founder of audiochuck, Ashley Flowers has been utterly obsessed with true-crime since she was a kid. She aspired to be a detective, as the idea of solving cold cases sent chills through her spine. Although she could not turn her dream into a reality, she did follow her passion for the genre. It was then that she started producing podcasts.

Apart from her career, Ashley has an incredible family. She frequently takes out time from her busy schedule to spend quality time with her husband and Chuck (the dog). Ashley is also a fan of hot yoga and hiking. She describes these activities as her go-to methods of getting away from stress or emotional tension.

Which Podcast To Listen To?

Crime JunkieAre you as obsessed with true crime as Ashley and Brit? Has your obsession gone up to a level that you keep craving for more? Do you just love to engage in murder mysteries and weird crime stories instead of watching rom-coms? If mystery drives your soul and your soul feeds on crime stories, then Crime Junkie is a podcast that you’ll love. Crime Junkie is a crime podcast where Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat tell you about crime stories. The stories are narrated in a way that makes you feel like you’re chit-chatting with your best friend. She maintains the flow of the story, and you’ll simply go nuts over the podcast.

Joe Rogan

Joseph James Rogan is an American podcast host, mixed martial arts colour commentator, and comedian. He has also been seen working as an actor as well as a television host. An enthusiastic man that he is, Joe stepped into the world of comedy and then jumped on a deal with Disney. Rogan can also be spotted in NewsRadio & Hardball.

Which Podcast To Listen To?

The Joe Rogan Experience: Hosted by none other than Joe Rogan, The Joe Rogan Experience is a podcast that has moved on like fire and has become one of the most popular podcasts, as it was showered with millions of views on each episode. The podcast is amazing for those who love comedy.


A fashion queen at heart, a television and Instagram addict, and a hairstylist by profession, Ash is the complete package. She might come off as a basic girl, but she is a fun-loving and a very jolly girl at heart. Ash’s favourite movies are The Craft, Heathers, and Jawbreaker. Ash simply loves everything about hair, makeup and style and she’s also fond of horror. Ash’s sister is also a true fan of everything related to crime and horror. That’s how they landed on the idea and gave birth to Morbid: A True Crime Podcast.

Which Podcast To Listen To

Morbid: A True Crime PodcastA very lighthearted and fun-to-listen podcast, Morbid: A True Crime Podcast is about all things spooky. If you are full of weirdness, then this is the one for you. The hosts of the show are Ash the hairstylist and Alaina the autopsy technician.

Trevor Noah

A very successful comedian who hails from Africa, Trevor Noah is the host of The Daily Show. The show is the recipient of the Peabody and the Emmy Award. Noah has also earned a name for himself throughout these years as an innovative and excellent narrator and interviewer.

which Podcast To Listen To?

The Daily Show With Trevor Noah: The Daily Show With Trevor Noah is a podcast that will stay with you for life. It is a late-night talk show which airs every Monday as well as Tuesday. The Daily show describes itself as a fake news program and the best part is that it also uses self-referential humour. Quite frequently. The show is especially loved by the young crowd.

Michael Barbaro

A man with several moods and a strong-willed, Michael Barbaro is an American host and journalist. Michael is also the host of The Daily, which has become one of the most popular shows in America. His voice and the narration are widely popular amongst his listeners. These elements don’t just make The Daily one of the best podcasts on iTunes but also quirky and interesting. Say anything that’s an antonym to inky and cumbersome – that’s The Daily

Which Podcast To Listen To?

The DailyA radio show as well as a podcast that is made to deliver daily news by The New York Times, a prestigious American newspaper, The Daily is a podcast that is hosted by Michael Barbaro. Each episode of The Daily consists of the everyday reporting of the interviews from The New York Times.

If you are someone who likes to get your dose of daily news in a unique way, then you should count on The Daily. It sure does its job appropriately. The interviews are summarised and then put forward along with a few other videos to complement the story. Further, the podcast ends with a quick summary of the headline.

Brené Brown

Brené Brown is a lady who has been studying empathy, shame, vulnerability, and courage for 2 decades. She is a research professor working at the University of Houston, a visiting professor at The University of Texas. That’s not it, Brené is also an author of five books that have moved to become #1 New York Times bestsellers. The books are Dare to Lead, Braving the Wilderness, Rising Strong, Daring Greatly, and The Gifts of Imperfection.

Brown believes in walking the path of vulnerability to find courage. Brené’s motto is Courage over comfort and I feel that it is something that everyone should adapt to. She has two beautiful kids and is leading a fulfilling life.

Which Podcast To Listen To?

Unlocking UsJoin hands with an incredible woman Brené Brown and explore as well as unpack unexpected stories, unique ideas, new music, films, books, and exciting experiences on Unlocking Us with Brené Brown. It is going to be one hell of a roller coaster ride, and it will be worth it.

Rachel Lindsay

Rachel Lynn Lindsay Abasolo is an American media personality. She is popular for the role of being a contestant on The Bachelor’s 21st season. Lindsay was also the first African-American Bachelorette in The Bachelorette’s 13th season. Being the jolly woman that she is, Rachel is a woman who is full of fun and surprises.

Which Podcast To Listen To?

Bachelor Happy HourMake way for the original Bachelor Nation podcast as co-hosts Becca Kufrin and Rachel Lindsay risk it all for dating and finding love on national television. From sharing fun stories and experiences to revealing those spicy details, Bachelor Happy Hour can be anyone’s go-to. You cannot miss out on this one. From relationship advice to unravelling embarrassing incidents, you can trust this podcast to set your mood right.

Catherine Townsend

Ever heard of a P.I. hosting a podcast? Well, now you do! Catherine Townsend, an American writer and private investigator who has been topping the charts with her show Red Collar. It’s a podcast that talks about the creepy and nerve-chilling American psychos and their true crime stories.

As a writer, Catherine Townsend has written for multiple highly-esteemed newspapers such as New York Daily Mail, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, The Daily Beast, and The Independent newspaper.

Talk about the success and this lady has defined it in her own rebelling terms.

A putative author of Sleeping Around and Breaking the Rules, Catherine Townsend always had a knack for writing. It was then that she discovered her true passion – solving mysteries.  Channelling her inner Nancy Drew, Catherine studied in a detective educational institution. A while later, she was immediately exploring the field of FBI, police officers, and private investigators with much enthusiasm.

Which Podcast to Listen to?

Red CollarA true-crime podcast hosted by a private investigator herself, Red Collar talks of not just mentally ill freaks committing crimes but also white-collar criminals that seem to be nonviolent offenders but hide deep secrets beyond their simple financial scandals. Catherine or just ‘Cat’ dives into the mind of these real-life American criminals. She talks about criminals who hide in plain sight and discovers their stories. Narrating stories that faded into obscurity or were never brought up by the mainstream media, Red Collar will have your grip to the edge of your seat.

Chana Joffe-Walt

Joffe-Halt began her career as a radio host for KBCS, in Seattle. She later started working as a freelancer for NPR. Next, she was recruited for Planet Money that became the breakthrough of her career, giving her countless high-profile work opportunities. Although Chana’s podcasts including This American Life and Planet Money are immense hits on the Internet, it doesn’t stop there. A particular podcast ‘Nice White Parents’ has garnered both fame and cynical judgments from Americans. Also, people from the other race. As a veteran education reporter, Chana talks about how the education system is segregated. She talks on everything that doesn’t digest well for an orthodox ‘white man’.

Which Podcast to Listen to?

Nice White Parents: Serve yourself in this veritable ‘all-you-can-eat’ buffet of a podcast that fills you up on issues synonymous with the word ‘white’. If you’ve been living a nice ‘white’ life, turning a blind eye to the pre-existing racial problems that surround you, this podcast won’t enlighten you. Instead, it will give you a punch of raw and veritable facts that you otherwise would consider ‘meh!’.

Hitting the nail in the head of the education system of public schools, this podcast is an exception. It points out what is wrong with the so-called progressive white parents that purport to support the public education system. But do they? Chana Joffe-Walt in the podcast, Nice White Parents skillfully protests the misguided hatred for colour. Continually through her podcast, she enlightens the readers to be more responsible and open to accepting a diverse community.

Jacob Goldstein

An NPR Correspondent and co-host of Planet Money, Jacob Goldstein has put a long-lasting, positive impact on the American economy. The answer to ‘how’ is his understanding of the complexities of economics itself. His interest in technology has led him to stories in reputed magazines and publications including Luddites and UPS. 

Before sweeping off the world with his insanely famous podcast, Goldstein was a staff writer at the Wall Street Journal. He has also contributed to the New York Times Magazine frequently. Goldstein now not only manages the show Planet Money with his fellow podcaster but is often aired regularly on This American Life, Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

Which Podcast to Listen to?

Planet MoneyThe decade-old show that sprang to fame for its host, Goldstein gives you insight into the economy through its infinite lens of understanding and storytelling. Jacob Goldstein, the co-host narrates and encompasses the economy in a way that makes the issues at hand look simpler. Even in all their sophistication. Giving you a better understanding of the world, Planet Money allows the most thorough and coherent coverage on finance.

Imagine listening to financial issues in a wonky and innovative manner. That is all you need! The antithesis to dry, mundane economics textbooks, Planet Money is a podcast like no other. It periodically also talks about healthcare economics, its complexities included, besides the usual ‘what’s going on with the economy’ topics.

Jenny Fischer

Remember the doe-eyed, mild manner receptionist from ‘The Office’? Yes, the one who played the love interest of Jim Halpert; now she does a podcast. Jenna Fischer aka Pam Beesly (in The Office) is one of the most loved TV personalities. She is truly a combination of honesty and modest, just the same as the role she portrayed in The Office.

The Emmy-nominated actress with her charisma and storytelling, after having done innumerable higher-profile roles in Hollywood, now runs a podcast. With none other than her BFF Angela Kinsey. They candidly talk all about The Office and behind-the-scenes moments, occasionally calling up their co-stars on it. This makes the show way more intriguing than it already is.

Which Podcast to Listen to?

Office LadiesThough the podcast is relatively new, it has reaped a huge fan base and garnered much love from its listeners. Topping the charts almost everywhere, Office Ladies, co-hosted by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, is a podcast made right out of heaven. For every The Office fanatic. A rewatch (rather re-listen) of the immensely popular sitcom The Office, Office Ladies dives deep into each episode with perfect audio, quick-witted hostesses, and conversational subjects. It keeps going onto random tangents or lets the audience in on funny behind-the-scenes. Office Ladies, in all its honesty, is a podcast that will keep you hooked with laughter, information, and excellent narration.

Dan Bongino

A former secret service agent and podcasts may not sound so connected but wait till you meet Dan Bongino! Dan Bongino, a Security Consultant is the host of illustrious and insanely loved The Dan Bongino Show. He is also an author, in fact, a New York Times’ bestselling author and just as great a former politician. Dan was the Republican Nominee for US Senate and the Republican Nominee for US Congress, too.

Apart from having excelled in particularly every field, he stepped into, Dan on his podcast debunks liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric. This aids the podcast in providing you unbiased current events with a tinge of humour.

Which Podcast to Listen to?

The Dan Bongino ShowLike it is with the mainstream iTunes listener base who are very serious about current events and reliable news, The Dan Bongino Show comes as a blessing. Dan Bongino, the host of the show does a fabulous job surveying and scrutinizing the top issues of the day. Apart from in-depth analysis to bring to you a comprehensive, reliable, and succinct podcast, it also keeps you up-to-date with current events.

The podcast is nowhere next to the general ‘what’s up with the world’.  Dan’s unwavering opinions and incredible love for his country in a society full of pretences come as a refreshing breath of air in the show. The Dan Bongino Show doesn’t just provide you with information but pushes you through your bad. It innovatively embeds sarcasm to lighten your day.

Dave Ramsey

America’s trusted voice for all things that scream ‘money’, Dave Ramsey is a businessman and financial expert. Guess what? Yes, you guessed right. He is also the hugely famous podcast host of the show ‘The Dave Ramsey Show’. Defining success through the number of lives he has changed, Dave Ramsey is an individual that believes in helping people through their financial constraints at his fullest potential.

A strong protestant of gossip for which he often faces criticism, Dave Ramsey is a man who believes in making money the right way. A way that doesn’t involve anything that remotely resembles gossiping. Dave runs a multi-million-dollar company and claims that his investors can get up to 12% average annual return. That is if they follow his guidelines right.

Which Podcast to Listen to?

The Dave Ramsey ShowDo you want to take control of your money? Dave Ramsey can help you with that. No, you don’t have to book an appointment with him to get his priceless insights on finance and money. Just tune in to his podcast, The Dave Ramsey Show.

His show opens with Baker Street in the background and the introduction rolls with a veritable saying.

‘Debt is dumb, cash is king’.

With a great start, an intriguing and attractive opening, and a promising outlook on business and money, the podcast is one of my favourites. The Dave Ramsey Show is a podcast that teaches you the baby-steps to earning getting your credits straight. The right way!

Kathryn Nicolai

Kathryn is the owner of Ethos Yoga and the host of the podcast Nothing Much Happens. It is a podcast where she induces a sweet sleep to people having troubles with sleep lately. As a yoga instructor, Kathryn trained her mind to build seamlessly blended techniques. This, in turn, helped her build better sleeping habits over time.

Kathryn’s impeccable storytelling skills, narration and a comforting voice on Nothing Much Happens aid in shutting down your brain for a while. This translates to you waking up enthusiastic and motivated to live better.

Which Podcast to Listen to?

Nothing Much HappensThe remedy to insomnia and anxiety, Nothing Much Happens is a podcast that wraps you in a blanket of good-night sleep you so yearn for. Kathryn’s voice is so serene and soothing that you’d barely have the feeling that you’re listening to a podcast.

You fall asleep to her voice, trust me on this.

When you lead a life that is teeming with stress and anxiety, hitting the bed and falling to sleep like a baby becomes a myth. Thus, Nothing Much Happens: Bedtime Stories for Grown-Ups is a cure-all to all your sleeping problems. Kathryn asserts the blessing of a podcast to be, ‘A little creative project’. But trust me it is so much more than that. Enchanting you with the stories, this podcast has content that puts your mind at ease. It helps you drift to your dreamland without many plights.

Kevin Roose

A regular guest on ‘The Daily’, Kevin Roose is a Times tech columnist obsessed with both the good and bad parts of the Internet. Kevin says that as a preteen he was obsessed and equally fascinated with things like microtargeting, meme culture, and conspiracy theories cramming on the Internet. He believes that our increasing reliance on the Internet to seek answers and gather information is changing. This, in turn, changes what we enjoy and the sources we value and trust. Kevin is also a well-known writer, writing and speaking on topics of automation, A.I., digital wellness, etc. He also hosts a science-based podcast Rabbit Hole.

Which Podcast to Listen to?

Rabbit HoleThe podcast asks one big and crucial question: ‘what is the internet doing to us?’ This may sound like a ‘stoner question’. However, when you look closely, the realization will dawn upon you – we’re intensively dependent upon the Internet. If you delve deeper you’d realize there’s enough bad to stand against the good that the internet has been doing to us. This is what Kevin Roose in his podcast Rabbit Hole tries to elucidate.

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