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How I earn over $50000 per month using Facebook



If Facebook were a country, it would probably be larger than China. No kidding! With over 2.23 billion users watching memes, promoting products, hosting fundraisers, and what not, Facebook has easily quashed its competitors to stay at the top of the game, boasting the largest audience reach.

For me, the term audience reach rings the tone of money. I wouldn’t say why because we all know the larger the audience, the better the chances of earning money through either being of service or providing one.

From Starbucks to the local ‘Save More’ store, everything is on Facebook, and so should your business. If you have missed out on the craze of monetizing your skills and business or Facebook, I will help you understand all the ways through which you can earn up to $50,000 a month using Facebook.

Okay, hold those eyes gleaming with dollars and let us understand why Facebook is indeed the platform that can shower money on you (if things go right).

Why is Facebook the Right Platform to Earn Money?

It’s much more than the crazy audience reach that makes Facebook the right platform to start seeing’ some cash rolling in. Users on Facebook don’t just exist; they engage. Ever notice how one small ‘meme’ that originates out of nowhere takes the whole Facebook by the sweep, and next, everyone’s talking about it and creating video compilations directed by Robert B. Weide (if you know, you know!)?

What does this mean for you? One right campaign and you have the power to change how they see you and your business which in turn will bring more traffic to your Facebook Page.

If you’ve never thought of earning through Facebook, think again because Facebook may not be the panacea that can make you go from rags to riches, but it will definitely help you earn good money depending on the job you choose for yourself (on Facebook).

Maybe this post will help you go out there, face to face with Facebook and earn money after all!

Low-Cost Operations

When you start thinking of monetizing your skills or business on Facebook, money isn’t the first thing you care about. Why? Facebook has such low-cost operations that when you shall be spending thousands of dollars on other channels, Facebook does the job for you at a fraction of the cost.

If you are into content curation or blogging, you can start writing without worrying about having to pay Facebook for the audience you build. Once you have a user base, you can start monetizing your Facebook Page (blog or content) at the lowest charges.

Facebook is the platform to hot sell and promote your products even if you have financial constraints. Not just businesses with limited marketing budgets but the larger business who aim to see what the real-time people will like and buy, try trial marketing on Facebook before they commit to promoting through full-force campaigns.

Communication through Media (loads of it)

I know every platform when you can earn money allows you to post media, but I am sure it’s nowhere near to Facebook (or Instagram) when it comes to embedding media to your content. Communication through media is a very powerful way to appeal to the audience and connect to your potential customers.

Embedding media into your content gives them a better understanding of your products, skills, and business premises without having to visit your Facebook page. Most people on Facebook interact through powerfully crafted strategic videos and photos that pique their curiosity. Without any sort of media, I’m sure people wouldn’t be willing enough to visit your Page and see what it’s about.

Facebook also allows its users to ‘tag’ people into the content they post on its platform, which means tagging a few of your loyal customers will allow their friends to get an insight into your business, thus driving more potential customers.

But that’s not the end. The ‘tag’ feature is way more powerful than you think. How? I’ll tell you: Suppose you’re a lifestyle influencer and you post a photo on Facebook with an ombre lipstick in your hand, smiling your best smile with the caption ‘Let’s paint the world in a rainbow. Come on, share your ombre lipstick experience and tag your friends to join the trend’.

This will do two things for you: first, since ombre is in trend, people will be more than willing to participate in the challenge and do some fun experiments. Second, they wouldn’t want to look like an odd owl in their circle (or maybe they’d want to actually promote the trend) and tag their friends to follow behind.

Thus, a strategically initiated campaign with Facebook’s tag feature can do a lot to make you visible on the feeds and stories of millions of people.

Helps you reach the Right Audience

Think about this: selling SaaS to personal bloggers who don’t even care to know what that means. You get the idea now; promoting to the wrong audience isn’t going to take you anywhere, but Facebook here’s to help.

When you share information related to your business or pitch your products on Facebook, Facebook scans through the content to allow it to reach the audience that is most interested in it.

For example, if you post on tips to apply winged eyeliner, you would want people with interest in the beauty niche to read instead of those that are fanatic about gaming. Thus, posting relevant information can get more credibility, and with Facebook, one part of the burden subsides when it allows your content to reach the right audience through its algorithms.

How does Facebook work to reach the right audience?

Facebook decides what to show in your feed by cutting through the crap using its algorithm that works on certain criteria; four to be exact.

  • Inventory: Facebook algorithm scans through all of the latest status or stories put up by the pages people in your friend list and people follow or engage into.
  • Signals: Based on the user’s behavior in the past, the Facebook algorithm examines the complete range of a signal, which includes the post, the niche, average time spent on one page and one content, to be specific, engagement to the content (via tagging, commenting, sharing, liking and reacting).

These signals are very important for Facebook to understand what individual users like to spend their time on. From a money-making point, these signals are the core functionalities that allow Facebook to show accurate and relevant content in a person’s feed.

  • Predictions: Signals and Predictions are inextricably interlinked. The predictions are generated based on the signals the algorithms receive. Did the user read the content? Did they ignore it? Have they commented on any relevant posts? Did they tag a user? This, in a nutshell, is what conjugates data to make predictions.
  • Score: A Relevance Score based on the signals and the predictions that the algorithm receives is created to wind in content that will be relevant to an individual user.

Targeted Advertising made easier.

Now that you know how the algorithms work, it’s obvious that delivering targeted content gets easier for you. You can pay a small amount to Facebook to use the information that millions of people enter into their profiles (without violating their privacy, of course) and deliver targeted content to people that fall in your vertical.

For instance, you can use Facebook Insights to calculate how many people of a certain age group in a certain location are interested in scuba diving and then develop content or ads relevant to scuba diving, either affordable packages or videos on scuba diving adventures, etc. and pay Facebook to allow the content to appear on the feeds of these people.

Promotes positive word-of-mouth

Facebook helps businesses earn authentic reviews (hopefully positive) from their real-time customers who have high engagement on their Facebook pages. With options like sharing reviews on walls, re-sharing a post, and commenting, Facebook allows its audience to reach out to the businesses and tell them what they think about it.

The ‘Like’ is a powerful tool.

There’s commenting, sharing, and tagging, and then there’s the ‘like’ functionality that promotes the basic concept of more likes equals engaging content. Think about it: which page are you most likely to follow in the same niche? One with 258k likes or one with 2k? Obviously, the one with more likes because it builds the idea that people before you have liked what they’ve seen, and there are high chances that so would you.

But wait! Pull the breaks right there, because if you think that Facebook likes are the panacea that can cure all ill in the world, you’re wrong. The only thing that the Likes button can do for you is to give your audience an idea about how appealing your Page is.

It has nothing to do with increasing engagement or blasting revenues through the roof, or scooting your business to heights of glory. NO! This is a huge notion that most people tend to have, but Facebook Likes aren’t at all that they’re cracked to be. So before driving hard and investing your money into buying likes, ask yourself if it’s going to do any good.

Helps Steer Traffic to Your Website

Including a link to your website on your Facebook Page can help steer a generous amount of traffic to it, given you have a good user base. So, what’s new to that? Yes, I know that you mean to say Instagram and other platforms too allow you to link your profile to your website, but what’s unique about Facebook is that it allows you to add links to each one of your posts.

These links that you add to your post can be different (from your service page, blog, etc.) rather than that of your website in general, which helps increase user engagement on the whole of your website since users will only click on links they want to spend their time on.

Customers from Facebook are likely to be receptive towards buying your products or services because they haven’t actually bumped across your site on the Internet; they have willingly come to it, given that they already know about your business or job.

How to earn up to $50,000 a month using Facebook?

I know the numbers seem difficult, some may say absurd, but I won’t convince you how they aren’t absurd; you’ll know it yourself when you dive through the many options through which you can earn on Facebook. The maximum audience reach of Facebook opens doors to a vast number of opportunities, most of which can be monetized with effort and investment.

However, don’t count your chicken before they hatch; go through each option; see how much potential it has and which options you can easily gain expertise in.

I’ve made a list on the basis of ease of adoption of the idea, so as you go down the list, you’ll be seeing options that may require some preoccupied skills to start monetizing them through Facebook. Let’s begin with it already.

One. Two. Three. Money, here they come!

1.   Selling Products and Services on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is the Olx of social platforms, a free-for-all feature where you can buy, sell and trade most items around your place and local area without having to pay a commission to Facebook, unlike other buying and selling apps.

Buying and selling don’t require you to teach maths to people who can’t do the basic additions and subtractions, you just have to keep your prices optimal and your items appealing (use proper editing and photoshop), which means no hazy or dull pictures- it’s cringy.

Rolled out in 2007, the marketplace is accessible to everyone, so they can not just buy your items; they can share it with their friends, which increases the chances of you selling more products.

Much like virtual garage sales, you can frequently put up sales on your items, and be it the bridal gown you don’t want to wear or that cliche collection of video games you think you’re too grown up to play, there’s a buyer for everything on the marketplaces.

If you’re a social media influencer, it gets even better for you since you can easily engage individuals in C2C or B2C and let people find that something special they’ve been looking for from someone who they trust.

Facebook helps you in bucketing you the list of the right audience who are actually interested in the products you’re selling, based on user activity, thus making it easier for you to sell anything from household items to rare book collections.

The Marketplace isn’t, however, limited to products and items, and if you own a service company or provide individual services, Facebook will help you sell them. So whether you are a makeup artist or a home tutor, Facebook has just the customers for you.

Reselling on Facebook

The other way you could earn money is to resell products at cost effective prices on Facebook to make more money. Multiple reselling companies such as Meesho allow its consumers to buy products at attractively marked down prices and resell these products to their friends, family, or consumers on their Facebook Pages.

2.   Facebook Contests and Competitions

Contest and Competition are an interesting way to earn good cash through Facebook. Some contests hosted by high-end companies and accounts offer prizes worth $1000 or more. You do not only get to participate in a contest, but you can also reach people on your page or personal feed to join, and some companies pay you for bringing in more contestants.

This strategy helps the new and emerging brands to gain the popularity, trust of the customers, and to increase the awareness of the brand. The Facebook contests are on a regular basis, and you can more often find giveaways- so always be on a hunt for these, follow companies who have a history of arranging giveaways, follow influencers who host regular contests, and join groups that specifically post links to joining contests and giveaways and with very little efforts, you’ll be making decent money if not a fortune.

3.   Blogging and Content Writing

Not just your website or blog, but Facebook! If you haven’t heard of blogging on Facebook before, you have missed out on some major money-making stuff. Initially, you can start blogging in your feed with ‘What’s on your mind?’, selling to your friends, and then eventually move to Facebook pages and reach a larger audience.

All you need is to get your creative juices flowing, and in a limited time, you’ll find a larger audience gripping onto each word of your Facebook blog and reaching out to you. When you create a Facebook blog to start posting content, you should advisably choose a niche you have expertise in instead of trying to be ‘everybody’ who knows-it-all.

To make blogging on Facebook more effective, link essential pictures, and data and once you have accumulated enough traffic from your Page, you can monetize it through Ads and collaborations with companies that run in your vertical.

Content Writing on Facebook is similar to blogging and this, in fact, has a larger scope of income than blogging. Why? Every company, big or small, is on Facebook, and every company understands the importance of pitching their products to the audience before selling it on-the-go. As a Facebook Content Writer, you’ll have numerous job opportunities thrown your way where you have to write content for individual accounts and companies, include blog posts, provide relevant and catchy product captions and add video captions, and so much more.

As a Facebook Content Writer or Blogger, you have an endless list of jobs where you can utilize your writing skills, all while sitting in the comfort of your home, choosing to work at flexible hours.

4.   Affiliate Marketing

You heard it right! Amazon or eBay aren’t the only places where you can start your career as an affiliate marketer. In fact, if you want to try your hands into this vertical and see if it’s really your thing, Facebook can be the right place to start without having to invest in different platforms or owning an affiliate website.

If you’re wondering how working on a Facebook Affiliate Network works, it’s just like marketing on any other platform. You have to enroll in a program, post links of the products in your program on your Facebook wall, and once a user makes a purchase using your link, you get a commission as specified by the program you enrolled into.

The links, just like affiliate links on websites, have a special code and an embedded affiliate ID to let the merchants know that it is you who helped them sell a product and how many of it they sold through your affiliate links.

It doesn’t just stop here, and in addition to companies paying you for redirecting customers to their landing pages and buying their products or services, some companies may also pay you when someone from your Facebook page visits their site or buys sponsored products from your page.

Other than creating your own page for starting as an affiliate marketer, you have to try joining groups in your niche and start marketing on these groups. This is easier, for you don’t only have a pre-built user base and good audience reach, you can keep a score of what products are the hot-sell in the group and where the competition lies.

5.   Social Media Influencing

Honestly, adding social media influencing on this position is a dilemma not only because it’s extremely tough (not impossible), it demands you to have an existing audience base that is huge and impactful enough to make a difference.

With so many people opting for social media influencing, you have to understand that this segment might be saturated already, especially on Facebook.

A few years back, being an influencer on social media was easy because the Facebook algorithm allowed organic posts to reach a larger audience with little to no difficulty. Over time, the algorithm has changed a lot, and with organic reach declining, it takes double the hard work and creativity to get success in social media influence.

Apart from that, you’d have to follow three elements important to make influencing a success-Content, Continuity and Time. You know of the first two, but if you have the notion that working two hours a day will get you to become an influencer, I’m sorry to burst your bubble.

Having said that (I’m hoping that wasn’t pessimistic, I want you to know what’s ahead before you venture into this field), if you are willing enough to make it work, posting high-quality content with relevant hashtags and comprehensible and innovative strategies to reach your audience, you can crack it after all.

As a social media influencer, you’ll have a deluge of opportunities to either collaborate with brands, promote a business, embed sponsored ads into your content, and so much more- all for some really fat money.

6.   Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is used by multiple companies for marketing a product via referrals, and all you have to do as a referral marketer is promoting brands or a product in order to get rewards. Referral marketing not only serves by giving you an extra incentive on referral but also builds a trustful audience for future purposes.

Refer-a-friend Bonuses

Have you ever referred PayPal to a friend to earn cashback when they signed up by installing the app through the link you sent them? That, in a nutshell, is a refer-a-friend bonus.

Many companies offer referral bonuses for sharing apps and websites on social media. For instance, Rakuten gives you cashback when you refer your contacts to make a purchase on their platform.

It is an effective and easy way to add extra cash to your wallet, where you just have to send the referral links to your family and friends, and once they use your link, you and your friends get an instant bonus. There are multiple other companies offering you referral bonuses, and in return, they get a valuable customer base and better conversions.

Talk about hitting two birds with one stone.

7.   Facebook Ads

Based on the nature of monetizing the ads, Facebook can be one of the most potent ways of earning money both for the users and businesses for different price ranges that depend mostly on the medium of delivery of ads, target audience, and the expansion and engagement of the advertisement across social media.

On Facebook, you have two options on a broader scope to earn money: Creating ads or embedding ads.

Let’s see how both of them are done.

Creating Ads

If you have the technical know-how and know your way around creating ads, you can earn a hefty amount of money for creating ads for either your page or someone else’s. The longer the users engage with your ad, share it, and show interest in general, the better is the pay. Most one-tier companies usually pay their clients some serious money based on how popular the ads get. What do you have to do? Buckle up and come up with the best content that can please the target audience.

Embedding Ads

If you aren’t a technical geek, you can still earn money through ads. It’s a simple concept, and you have probably heard of this before: add ‘ads’ on pages and posts, and every time a user clicks on these ads, you get paid by the company (by Google AdSense).

Another way you can monetize your content is by embedding in-stream ads to your videos, and the major difference here is that the users don’t have to click on ads, but you are paid based on the views and engagement on the videos you have linked the ads to.

Embedding ads in videos is the best way for social media influencers to earn passive money without having to promote the product themselves. If you’ve watched Bright Side’s videos, you’ll see a few ads in between the videos that have a ‘sponsored’ tag. This simply means that Bright Side collaborated with X company and embedded an ad for the company to earn commission through the ad based on the views on the content and the engagement rate.

Video creators can add ads in three ways: pre-roll, mid-roll, and image ads; however, in order to post ads to your video content, your content should meet these three criteria:

  • You must publish the video on a page for in-stream ads and not your personal profile.
  • You should have over 10,000 followers on your Page.
  • You should have gained more than 30,000 1 minute views.
  • The video should be no less than 3 minutes in duration.

8.   Facebook Promotions

It’s a no-brainer that promoting on any social media platform is the best way to reach the maximum target audience. This is why companies and individual influencers look for Pages that can promote their content or the business in general. If you have an adequate user-base that often engages with what you post on your Page, you can see some companies offering to collaborate with you in order to promote their services or products.

Depending on your Page’s niche, you can earn hefty amounts, and apart from this, some established companies also give you the opportunity to try their products free of cost and promote them online before they are launched in the market and available to people, which is again, paid.

9.   Facebook Account Management

If you think that you are Facebook savvy, then you can earn a  good sum of money working from home with flexible hours. You get paid to manage the corporate social media accounts, and as a social media virtual assistant, your responsibility includes scheduling social media posts, responding to comments and interactions with the viewers and followers, creating social media graphics, monitoring ad campaigns, and building the audience size.

With the social media influencers making a lasting impact all over Facebook and more businesses are coming online, managing a huge audience becomes extremely difficult for influencers or companies who have other jobs to do rather than post regular content to keep their audience engaged.

This is one reason why Social Media Management has gained such momentum these days, and all you have to do is have the right set of skills, and the job becomes duck soup.

Besides Facebook, if you are familiar with the other social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram, then you might get chances to manage those social media accounts for corporate users.

10. Reporting Critical Security Flaws and Bugs

Large platforms like Facebook always look for close security flaws to make the user experience safe and secure. Websites on Facebook may have flaws that make these sites prone to ethical hacking that may lead to leaking of sensitive user data.

So, if you are a programmer and can detect a bug or coding flaw that is harming the web site’s security and needs to be patched, you get paid by the Facebook Bug Bounty for bringing the issue to light.

If the flaw hasn’t been reported before, this improves the user experience for others and brings in good money for you.

You basically get paid for finding mistakes. Do sounds mean? It isn’t really!

Tracking your Facebook Growth with the best Tracking Software

Having no way to track your data to analyze your growth (or your pitfall) means throwing away all your efforts. Analyzing data is some serious business, and if you start monetizing your ideas on Facebook, you’d want to know how everything is going in there in the ‘conference’ of complex technology that measures your growth rate and audience engagement.

Voluum, with its easy integrations to Facebook, attends this ‘non-existential ‘conference’ first hand to give you real-time metrics on your conversions, monitoring your ad campaigns, and everything that is important to your job based out of Facebook.

If you want to make the cut and get an in-depth analysis of what’s working out for you and what’s not, what customers can’t stand for a second, and what gets the maximum engagement, Voluum can help you do that! Period.

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Top 10 Tips to Get Highest ROAS with Facebook Ads



The first thing we consider before we buy something or before we invest our hard-earned cash into something is- “Will it be worth the money?” This metric is often dubbed ‘Return on Investment’. However, when we are talking about Facebook, the terminology slightly variates and becomes ROAS- Return on Ad Spend. The essence boils down to how much return was generated against every dollar that was invested in the advertisement. ROAS becomes an important metric because it helps determine how many people your advert reached. The more the reach of the advertisement, the more the revenue generated and hence the more is the ROAS.

Worrying already about whether you are making every dollar you invested count? Do not fret my friend, I will help you determine that right away. As with all metric calculation of this sort, you can determine your return with the help of the following formula

Return on Ad Spend = Conversion value divided by cost. An illustration of this would be like this. Imagine you spent $100 on a product that costs $500. This means ROAS is 5. In simpler terms, you generated 5 times the value you invested.

Coming to addressing the issue at hand, if you have been struggling to boost your ROAS, I have churned out proven tricks that can help you boost your ROAS more than 4x times. Don’t believe me? There’s something called try-and-buy. You don’t have to buy my words, but once you start seeing the results trickle in, as the ROAS of your Facebook ads keeps jumping one fold up, you will know (and maybe thank me a little).

But before we jumpstart to the tricks, let me give you a quick insight into ROAS, how to calculate it, and why you should be spending on Facebook ads in the first place.

What is ROAS?

The Return On Ad Spend is a type of marketing metric specifically designed to measure the business earnings in terms of revenue for every penny spent on advertising or marketing. In other words, ROAS means how effectively you can spend your marketing budget.

Is ROAS similar to ROI?

ROAS is comparable, not similar to ROI. ROAS stresses the cost of the ad campaigns, while ROI focuses on the overall investments in marketing.

Understanding the ROAS as a form of advertising to bring revenue is important for any business. The ROAS can allow companies to know if the marketing strategies are worth the effort and money spent. The business’s success always depends upon the ROAS.

Companies are desired to know that if any particular kind of advertising campaigns are working as anticipated. If the results are not as expected, the campaign needs to pull back immediately to counter the effects. It doesn’t matter what kind of platform is chosen for advertisements because a failing campaign can incur hefty losses and rip off your advertising budget.

How to calculate ROAS?

Understanding ROAS is not an easy task; here, anyone can assume that it will be challenging to calculate. But is this true?

No, the ROAS is relatively easy to calculate. It implies a simple formula, i.e., the total value of conversion divided by advertising cost.

Conversion value here stands for the amount of revenue the business is earning from any conversion. If it can cost $50 in ad spend on selling one unit of 200$ product, the ROAS is 4 for every dollar spent on advertising; you earn $4 back.

ROAS calculations can be specific or broad. Total ad spending can be calculated via ROAS and compared with the total revenue or can target revenue and expenditure in any particular area. There are many paid and free services available online that can assist businesses in tracking their ROAS. It is essential to subscribe to avail ROAS services because it helps companies to set realistic goals for their future. For instance, companies use Google ads or any other services to know about a particular ad campaign’s effectiveness.

The business that can advertise on Facebook are divided into two categories:

Companies sell services or products online, allowing customers to pay on a website immediately. Service providers that convert potential clients and generate leads from Facebook via email or phone communication channels.

Measuring your ROAS business is easy if your business lies in the first category because purchase conversion events and Facebook pixel directly track them. However, if your business lies in the second category, it becomes hard to measure the ROAS because of monitoring gaps. Here you have to track the various leads manually and convert cross-match them with the Facebook data. You don’t really have to sweat it however, there are multiple tools that you can use to calculate ROAS and understand if it’s going uphill or not!

Why spend on Facebook Ads in the first place?

Before we venture out why Facebook is a good place to advertise your services or products, lets quickly review some facts:

  1. Back in 2014, the daily users of Facebook were 1.39 billion as against the population of the world’s most populated country China which clocked at 1.37 billion.
  2. Facebook is the third most popular website ever, surpassed only by Google and YouTube.
  3. The average time a person spends on Facebook is close to an hour.

Do we even need more examples to be cited for you to consider that you are missing out on valuable leads and revenue every day you do not market on Facebook? If you still do not understand the value of this social media platform as a marketing platform, sleep with the knowledge that 89.3% of businesses all over the world engage in marketing over Facebook and 39% of all Facebook users are active customers of brands that have a higher media presence in Facebook.

This is why spending money on advertisements stands the best lead generation chances when they are spent over on Facebook. If you want to advertise somewhere, Facebook is the place to be. Imagine the benefits that the amateurs derive from the free advertisement features on Facebook. Now, if you were to shell some money for gaining traction and for personalized Facebook services, is not that a lucrative place to invest to reap rich rewards?

What is a good ROAS for Facebook Ads?

Remember the illustration we gave you on ROAS for Facebook? The revenue generation was a direct multiplier of $5. Now there was a reason we gave you that number. Talking in real economic jargons, the sustainable amount for a business spending money for advertising on Facebook was found to be a return of $4 to $10 on every dollar spent for advertisement. Although the number does seem a bit random and a lot of profit, trust us when we say it is not. Advertisement is only one avenue of business. You still have assets to maintain, production costs to account for, and most importantly, yourself to sustain. Doesn’t look like a microeconomics class anymore, does it? Jokes apart, if you are making less than that, you need to saddle up and start focusing on increasing it by employing the steps listed below.

10 Proven Tricks to Boost your ROAS with Facebook Ads

1.   Start targeting the right way

Strategic targeting is the foundation for boosting your ROAS manifold with Facebook Ads and there’s not just one but elements that together build what we call the ‘core’ of targeting.

Targeting in marketing is like essence to vanilla – you can’t go without it. Do you want to start a business? Start targeting. Do you want to promote your brand? Start targeting! Want to optimize your ROAS to maybe 10X? Start targeting already!

Is Loki wreaking havoc in Asgard? Call THORgeting  (wait, what?).

  • Understand your target audience

What exactly is the audience? A crew of potential buyers! Thus, unless you know what kind of people you want should be approaching for your ads, you just can’t make it! Understanding your target audience is the best tried and tested suggestion to maximize your Return On Ad Spend.

To make your ads resonate with your audience, start learning more about them, their interests, their hobbies, what platforms they spend their time on, what appeals to them, their selection and habits, and the demographic.

Although personalization leaves you with a more refined chunk of the audience, this helps you craft hyper-targeted ads for the right audience who would be genuinely interested in what you are selling. Once you have a filtered audience that shows interest in your products or services, start creating lookalikes so that the constraints on the scalability of your ads are somewhat lifted when the lookalikes start broadening your customer reach.

This brings us to our second point…

  • Lookalike Targeting instead of Cold Targeting

Cold audiences are really what they are – COLD! It may be possible to target these audiences with low-cost campaigns, it can entirely depend upon the effectiveness of research, eventually going down to guesstimates and ‘may the luck be with you’.

What is lookalike again? The audience created by Facebook based on the people who previously took actions on your ad, or engaged with it actively. Thus, when your brand is still growing, it is better to target lookalike audiences instead of cold audiences that have never interacted with your ads, since the former’s accuracy increases depending on how bulky the ‘seed’ is that the lookalike is crafted from.

If you already have a ‘hot’ audience, that is an audience that has already purchased from you, creating a lookalike becomes more effective. All you have to do is provide a sample of your hot or source audience to Facebook (no matter what the number) and next, Facebook delves into the available data and looks for the commonalities between the individuals that form your source audience. Facebook, then creates an audience (the lookalike) that overlap commonalities with your hot audience.

Lookalikes are the game changers in optimizing your ROAS with Facebook ads since they aren’t just your ‘more’ likely potential customers but also dissolve away the problem of reaching out to the wrong people.

  • If your product isn’t exclusive to a niche, use Worldwide Targeting

Sometimes businesses get so obsessed with targeting a specific spectrum of the audience that they may as well give tough competition to Joe Goldberg from YOU!

Do you know where they go wrong? Right, it starts wrong when it starts with obsession! If you are too specific about what audience to target, you’ll not only negatively impact the scalability of your business but also decrease your ROAS instead of increasing it.

For example, if you target an audience that are women between the age of 14 – 45 interested in buying sanitary pads in the U.S., you will have a large target audience that can turn into potential buyers. However, if you add other factors such as office-women in Colorado interested in buying 100% cotton pads (because you sell it) with extra-large wings and better absorption, you don’t just narrow your target audience, you lose a larger frame that may have been interested in sanitary napkins.

If your product isn’t exclusive to a niche, say, cannabis or veganism, use worldwide targeting instead of demographic targeting. When people split countries that they are targeting, they fail to understand which countries are the most profitable for their business. Not testing, but testing efficiently, instead of narrowing your approach will help you find the top-performing countries and cities that can make your product ‘hot-sell’.

However, if you can’t target all the countries, go for an entire area that is under your coverage. No harm done!

  • Keep taking feedbacks from your target audience

This is a topic I can write an essay on, but succinctly, interviewing your audience and taking their feedback is a crucial fact to conducting an effective advertisement campaign.

If you don’t know what your audience likes or dislikes about your ad and products, you’ll never improve, and nobody wants static – it bores them. Apart from understanding where your audience gives you a big thumbs up and where it ‘boos’ at you (hopefully not), you also get testimonies to showcase and attract more customers.

If your ads are performing well, it is definite that your audience is happy about it which means you’ll have a more ‘positive’ feedback score. Now, what good does that do? It won’t just allow Facebook to increase your visibility but also help you decrease the cost of your conversion and boost the return on ad spend.

How does this add up? In a nutshell, increasing your visibility is just Facebook’s way of saying thank you for giving more content to its users which they actually like. A win-win!

2.   Get Creative with the Visual Aspects of your Ads

I know they say not to judge a book by its cover, but this isn’t your bibliophilic world – it’s digital marketing and here, if they don’t like what they see, you are already out of the equation.

If people see something really interesting in your ad, be it audacious wit or intrigue, they will instantly want to know more about it.

Creative-mode on!

  • Focus on the Visual Aspect and Representation

To start with the creativity flowing inside of you is to limit to a point that you don’t end up making a huge dent in your wallet. Meaning? Do not spend the last penny on one graphic or visual representation that you found compelling. Instead, try and invest in multiple modes of representation that are equally appealing and second to none. A company that opts for multiple modes of representation such as images, pamphlets, videos, etc., will always process better ROAS than a company that keeps sticking the same ad on every platform.

The audience eventually starts experiencing what we call ad-fatigue!

In the digital world, rich creatives aren’t limited to uniquely riveting graphics, but relevant content that can be successful in capturing the attention of the audience. Your ad could be an amalgamation of color, sense, relevance, and nonpareil.

  • Maintain a Call-to-Action Mode in all your ads

‘Thanks for watching’ – ever seen an ad say this? No, because viewing an ad isn’t going to make you money on Facebook or increase your ROAS. To make a better impression on your audience and ask them to actively engage with what you have to offer, you have to ASK them to.

It’s simple! If you don’t ask, you don’t get it.

Call-to-action is an important tactic that will make the audience hooked to know more about your product or brand and by call-to-action, I do not just mean to leave a message that asserts ‘Buy Now’. Call-to-action can be anything that demands action from the audience such as ‘Hurry Up!’ ‘Watch Now’, ‘Read More’, etc. All of this brings your audience back to your product or brand the second time, thus increasing the ROAS with your Facebook ads.

  • Understand the right format before publishing an ad

Yes, it’s a thing. Your audience may have a favorite format just the way they have a favorite TV soap. To optimize your ROAS, it’s important to understand what ad format best suits your content without affecting the visual hierarchy or the understandability of the ad.

For instance, if you have several pieces of information that you want to put together in an ad, you can preferably use a carousel; if you have multiple products that you are releasing in a single ad, a specific collection ad format might work. Testing and researching different forms to get the hang of which format your audience interacts with the most is vital for optimizing your ROAS effectively.

  • Use rich creatives and optimization for the landing page too

This may just be an article-ception if I am to write a complete post on this (trust me, I can). It’s not just the ad that demands a little usage of the creative portion of your brain, it’s also the landing page, otherwise, your ad isn’t attractive, it’s BEGUILING, and you’d be crazy if you didn’t understand the difference.

If your ad seems promising and the landing page is peanuts, your audience loses all the interest you developed with such hard work (and money). The landing page is the receiver who catches the ball in the end zone while your ‘quarterback’ advertisement charges the Hail Mary pass at you. If your landing page doesn’t catch it, you don’t take the trophy home.

So, first things, first – here’s a cliche piece of advice – make your landing page beautiful and relevant to your ad. Secondly, have a congruent style and third maintain the consistency on your landing page so that the visual hierarchy apart from the basic look of the page is optimized.

Want to know more? Here you go!

Simplicity is sophistication. Use simple headlines. As much as I hate contrasting my own advice here, that is to be creative, you can’t go abracadabra with the headline unless you want to baffle the audience. Incorporate descriptive text that matches the one used in your ad. Where you show your creativity is the style and tone of the landing page so that the audience feels there’s ‘no another’.

Show your customers where to click. Since this is no Maze Runner, you wouldn’t want your audience to scratch their head, wondering where the call-to-action is represented, thus, keep your CTA clear and crisp. Your CTA is what works towards conversion or away from it, so allow the CTA to speak for itself and make it compelling so it stands out from the rest of your landing page content.

Test and optimize the loading time. What do you do when the buffering movies or the slow WiFi connections pester the crap out of you? You either switch to a different video streaming platform (or throw your phone away) and turn off the WiFi, respectively. It may be the same if your landing page keeps loading to perpetuity.

About 85% of the landing pages take at least 6 seconds to load, and if your page is any faster or any slower, you either win the game or your butterfingers miss out on the conversion. You don’t want your customer to wait, then wait a little more, curse inaudibly and then close your landing page, so keep optimizing it for better performance and speed.

3.   Split Testing, Split Testing, and Split Testing

You successfully created an ad that made all the difference for you? Have you been advertising the same at every possible platform where your brand has a presence for a LONG time? Yes? Now it’s time for you to let it go!

What? Why? When your customers and viewers have seen the same ad repeatedly on a perpetual loop almost everywhere, they will eventually be bored of it and instead of bringing you conversion, the ad will start fading into obscurity gradually.

However, I understand if you’re struggling to move on and the paranoia whether the new ad will be just as successful, is haunting the soul out of you. This is where split testing or A/B testing becomes the holy water for you!

Split testing or A/B testing is like tasting the ice cream flavors you want to choose one from and then settling on one that you find the most delicious. Eh, what? A/B or split testing is putting up multiple ad combinations and variations such as CTA, landing pages, headlines, etc, on a screen and testing their effectiveness as to which one has the highest chances of selling.

When you’re viewing two variations of one campaign, you can effectively scrutinize which one is more interactive and riveting to the consumers, thus helping conversions and increasing the ROAS of your Facebook ads.

How can you perform Split Testing on your Facebook Ads?

Facebook has an exclusive feature that specifically allows you to split test different combinations of your ads to optimize them for higher conversions and a boosted return on ad spend – Dynamic Creative.

When you have finally stopped using a successful ad as a crutch and want to focus on the larger picture, Dynamic Creative helps you assess 2-3 ad variations of the same theme and campaign. Monitoring the profitability of each ad sample and diverting resources towards the most convincing and rewarding materials avoids you from spending all your dollars on one ad (that you think is generating more returns) and thus, preventing you from losing the greater picture!

All you have to do to get Dynamic Creative run split testing for you is provide it with different versions of ads with varying elements such as images, videos, titles, text, etc and let Facebook analyze and create combinations that worked the best in generating better conversions, thus higher ROAS.

As the results trickle in, you will have a general idea of which ad combinations are the lucky wheels for you and which aren’t.

4.   Test all Placements and Devices

You wouldn’t want your ad to be placed at a segment on Facebook where people don’t even bat an eye. You wouldn’t want your ad to not be compatible with all the devices you are aiming to target, either. Thus testing all devices and placements for your ads to check their compatibility and visibility is a great way of scaling your ROAS.

  • Placement:

Now although we are solely focusing on Facebook in this issue, it is still worthwhile to scout your unknown territory once in a while, especially before you decide to invest in a platform. When you consider Facebook, you will have to make sure that your advertisement drops off at the right place and not with people who do not have the faintest idea of what the product is. The ideal places where you could drop those adverts are:

  • Facebook feeds
  • Instagram feeds
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Instagram stories
  • Facebook stories
  • Facebook suggested videos
  • Inox directly to the Messenger in the form of chatbots
  • Messenger stories
  • Facebook adverts in-stream videos

This is not all though. You need to regularly and periodically evaluate the placement strategy to make sure what works the best and then improve upon it.

  • Devices:

Focusing your ad on what the user is viewing the platform on forms an important part of campaign policy. Will the user be using a mobile or a computer? While the placement of the ad, you will have to be careful of the medium audience that you are targeting. The device selection and targeting play an important part in the lead generation buildup. A computer user would rather prefer more computer-based performance boosters adverts rather than a mobile user. A tested if not foolproof way to go about this is to:

  • Identify performance indicators
  • Developing a cost-effective marketing strategy
  • Evaluate results
  • Mock trials before implementation
  • Identify customer volume and reach
  • Optimize the evaluation process.
  • Repeat

Identification of the target audience depends on what the choices of the audience you would prefer are and the priority of those choices based on their standing.

How to optimize your Facebook Ad Placements?

Facebook placements cover up a significant part of the social media ads. It depends upon the audience you are looking ahead to target; if you are targeting mobile and desktop users simultaneously, not all placement options will be available for you.

If you target the mobile device users only through the placement, you can explore serving the newsfeed and the option on Facebook named “instant articles.”

If you choose to target only desktop or laptop users, you will always be limited to right column placement and Facebook newsfeed. Here the newsfeed is self-explanatory, and the right column also refers to the compressed versions for your ad at the side of Facebook UI.

Many placement options are available only for specific campaign objectives, inclusive of suggested videos and in-stream videos. Another concern is the optimization of Facebook placements, as not every placement can work with every campaign objective. Two approaches can be considered for placement optimization, and they are:

Trial and error method:

Every type of business is different, and so are the marketing and advertising techniques for them. Many people target only news feeds, while others look for the “right-hand side.” Few placements perform better than the other type of business, but you need to look for the one that performs better for you. By testing all placements, you can optimize Facebook for yourself and see placements profitable for you to keep going on. 

Goal Centric:

This may sound quite contrasting to the method mentioned above, but it all boils down to the niche you are operating in and the target audience that you have accumulated over time. To create a new campaign on Facebook, the foremost thing you should do is define an advertising objective. Once you have decided, devote the right amount of thought to your user experience for your ad.

5.   Set up Tracking for your Conversions

For optimizing your Facebook Return on ad spend, you had to track and monitor your data regularly. Once you know the worth of every lead and the conversion rate from lead to a client, you can test your ads and audience to see what will generate the best ROAS for you. To optimize, delete all low-performing ads or ads sets, optimize the ads that are doing well, test new ads, or how they can perform against the goal set by you.

Setting up tracking your conversions involves:

  • Implementing mechanisms for monitoring the actions that you want users to look up to your website, like requesting a quote for your service.
  • Purchasing a product.
  • Calling up the office for signing or booking up the monthly newsletter.

It also involves data collection and reporting it in meaningful ways.

The advantages attached to tracking conversion rates are undeniable. The first key is to keep a check on clicks and hits and turn it into money. Although regular keep track of analysis and collection of all metrics may feel daunting, the extended benefits will outweigh the efforts.

6.   Get Granular with your data

As academic as this sounds, data and groundwork are the foundation of your ads. Marketers tend to think that the only asset they have is their products and their brand, but data is the most precious asset for a marketer. If you do not have the correct data that has been thoroughly vetted, you are building your ‘shop’ on a hollow ground that might be sucked in anytime.

There are two ways you can get insight into the much-yearned user data:

  • Dynamic Creative: The Facebook exclusive feature helps you understand which combinations of your ds bring in the most conversion, thus enhancing your ROAS.
  • Facebook Pixel: Just like Google Analytics, Facebook Piel means the whole world to a marketer (in a non-romantic way). More than just a tracking or reporting tool, Pixel allows you to work more efficiently by gathering data without imposing restrictions that cookies usually do.

Facebook has considerably upped their game to know what intrigues its users and what can ultimately bring more to the marketer’s pocket, thus, if you aren’t making enough use of the utilitarian data that Facebook has to offer you, you are only scratching at the surface.

7.   Setup and optimize your Target ROAS Ad Campaigns

We already mentioned to you the sustainable ROAS that you should be aiming for if nothing else. However, whether it is a good ROAS is something that is very subjective. How your business is doing, what your services are focused around and the surrounding information all go into consideration when we deliberate on what is a good ROAS.

When considering Target ROAS, the focus changes from quantity to quality. In simpler terms, target ROAS focuses on the value generated from each of the conversions instead of calculating the total equitable lead generated.

In order to build a target ROAS, try implementing the following steps into your advertisement campaign.

  • Allocation of funds for your advertisement campaign should strictly be based on the gains that you make. The reason behind this can be broadly divided into two parts. Firstly, a deep-pocketed ad campaign at the expense of your loss will eventually break you. Secondly, if there is no return on your advertisement, then what is even the point of continuing with it?
  • Identification of ads: Out of the one dozen ads that you run on Facebook, not all of them perform that well. Now unless you have a million-dollar budget to fund your ad campaigns (please call me if you do), identifying the advertisements that perform the best help in minimizing the costs, hence automatically increasing your ROAS. Another benefit that you simultaneously accrue is that you can identify the niche where your customers are based. Based on this invaluable data, you can create a targeted advertisement for the community to increase the sale of your products.
  • Last but not the least, generation of ROAS in itself is not the end result, neither the desired one. You need to evaluate the margins and see if you have made significant profits. All of this is a waste if you have dwindling finances.

8.   Be Subtle with your advertising approach

Remember how petering some ads can be and avoid everything that can push your ad into the same category. One general piece of advice is to never promise your audience the moon and hand them a stress-releasing ball. Ads that are manipulative and pushy tend to put a negative impact on the conversion rate, thus, decreasing the ROAS of your ads.

How can you ensure that your ad is not manipulative? I don’t even have to answer this; you know it, already. If you ever feel you are stretching too far from your limits to make your ad convincing, chances are your ad is turning more manipulative and pushy than conversing. What happens next? You start from scratch!

Being subtle and relevant to the audience while showcasing your ad or pitching your idea is the best way to win them. Understand the trigger points, show how your product or service can provide a solution to the issues being addressed. Whatever you do, make sure you embed information into your ad rather than just incorporating flashy taglines and cliche buzzwords that talk about your brand and your brand alone.

9.   SEO using the right keywords is SUPER Important

Optimized your ad placement? Check. Optimized ads as per device specs? Check. Optimized the content of your ad? No. Why?

SEO using the right keywords is an important strategy to ROAS higher than 4x because, at the end of the day, keywords will decide if your content should be visible on top or lost at someplace in the middle of nowhere (no, not KNOWHERE from Guardians of the Galaxy).

You can’t be everybody and neither can your content be everything. Keywords help to determine the traffic and revenues that your ad is going to generate. In simple words, the right keywords equal higher ROAS. The right keywords are the ‘low hanging fruits’ that are lying in a corner, waiting for you to come discover and make the most of them. If you’re struggling to get an ideal ROAS that anywhere above 4x, then it’s time you retarget your keywords and reap rich rewards from your ads.

So, where do you start? The basics.

  • Focus on high search volume keywords but don’t be exclusive about them. High volume search keywords are important to bring in more visitors that can help improve your Facebook page rankings. However, remember that these keywords may be the most searched in volume, but they do not tell if the people searching for these keywords can be your buyers or not.
  • Lower Funnel or Long-tail keywords make all the difference. These keywords bring you ready-to-buy customers, no exaggeration. The volume of these keywords is less, but the buyer’s intent is way huge to outbalance the search volume. When you are on the hunt for the right keywords, the lower funnel keywords could be the area where the richest vein of gold lies and you hadn’t even known.

10. Stronger Retargeting with Facebook

A painful portion of your potential customers bounced off your website without converting? It happens to the best of us which is why a strong comeback or ‘retargeting’ in the marketing terminology can help you significantly boost your ROAS with ads.

Most buyers leave your ad without converting because either the price or the delivery charges were too high for the product. What you can do in your retargeting campaigns is trigger these pain points and optimize them with offers or discounts to increase the likelihood of conversion and bring in more ROAS to the table.

If you have been retargeting cold audiences, you’ll probably never make that flattering 8X ROAS you want with your Facebook ads. Instead, remarketing (or retargeting) those that have already engaged with your brand before but left you hanging (much like a platonic relationship), can dramatically snowball your ROAS.

Final Words on optimizing ROAS efficiently

As much as we love writing and exploring more ways to make money, we do it all for you. Understand that we do this regularly ourselves because these measures are effective, but will become quickly outdated if we don’t keep improving and upgrading ourselves. Advertisement is a measure of popularity and a means to instant fame if it can provoke the right sentiment in the people.

With digitalization, even more avenues of generating wealth have surfaced, options that our predecessors could not dream of, let alone access. The advantage of online advertising is that anything that is connected to the web works on a code, and every code has a pattern. If you know the dynamics of this pattern, you can use it to your advantage. The internet is fair, and most often, it is rewarding.

The reason why you should focus on optimizing your ROAS is more than just revenue generation. The above-outlined processes will make sure that you do not lose on generating the maximum value for yourself for every penny that you spend on Facebook for advertising. However, the journey from a marketer to advertising for the brand you own is in itself a very rewarding journey that few have the liberty to experience.

Since and especially because it is algorithm-based, the benefits that you can reap from advertising on Facebook are limitless. All that we hope for is when you do reach there, take a break and look at how far you have come.

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9 Ways to Grow your Podcast Followers



Promoting podcasts is one of the unsurpassed ways to get the audience’s eyes and ears on your latest show. Sounds easy, right? But the flip side of the coin has a different view. If you wonder that Podcast is an instant way to bring you in the limelight, maybe you have only your heads in the clouds because getting popular through podcasts isn’t a piece of cake.

The new fad of podcasts has drastically evolved over time, which has nearly made it hard for every novice guy to stand out from the crowd. Apple alone has indexed more than 800,000 podcasts, and there are plenty of names on the list.

The outlasting competition will keep growing, and there’s no way to get over these rising figures. You might have also listened to many podcasters how they have built up such a massive audience base within a few times.

But instead of being an eager beaver, if you glance at their strategies and way of execution, you’ll figure out how they have got that huge number your eyes fancy for. So that you could sort out the entire confusion, here we have shared mind-blowing strategies that’ll help incredibly pull in a massive crowd during the showtime.

Why are podcasts emerging as the new trends?

It’s hard to convince people to read you or see your videos in the midst of today’s hustling-bustling lifestyle. Owing to this, numerous online marketing strategies are turning out to be less conventional as people don’t have time to stream a video or read content attentively. But Podcasts are emerging as an incredible strategy making headlines in the world of online marketing.

The audience can download your sayings on their devices and can listen to you whenever they get time. While driving, working, or during the time spent in a private zone, people can listen to you in their own style, making Podcasts quite special.

So, if you were thinking of going out there and making people listen to you – now is the time!

5 Brilliant Hosting Platforms to host your Podcast

But choosing the best platform to host your podcasts should spring as the most critical thing in your mind because the best platform will draw a huge crowd in your episodic series of spoken words, and people will then start knowing you. So let’s have a look at which platforms you can choose to shine through Podcasts.

BuzzSprout- An Easy to Use Option

BuzzSprout can be the best platform for you to kick-start a podcasting journey. This hosting provider is in the limelight among beginners who aren’t familiar with online marketing practice. The platform was launched in 2009, and from that time to now, the platform has given a massive push to the popularity of today’s top podcasters.

The easy to use features of Buzzsprout make it stand out among other hosting platforms for the podcast. Simply upload your recorded audio and leave the entire tension of handling and managing your account on Buzzsprout and its passion-driven team. I liked how the platform offers you the social media sharing option, which is vital for every new podcaster to grow. Though the bandwidth limits and the paid plans of BuzzSprout sometimes frustrate users, BuzzSprout also allows you to develop your own website and choose the best domain.

Free Plans: 90 Days Free Plan

Paid Plans: Starts from $12/ month

Podbean – Popular for Unlimited Bandwidths and Hosting Plans

Podbean is another well-liked option among podcasters. The platform catches my attention mainly on its unlimited hosting plans that come alongside unlimited bandwidth. The overall interface of the Podbean is highly readable, which ensures user-friendliness. The customizable themes and tools for designing your own website provide a competitive advantage to this Podcast Platform. Though, users can also get an option of embedding podcast players on their respective websites. Podbean submits your recorded files automatically to the top directories so that the audienceapproaches you easily.

Though, you can also monetize your podcast content using the Podbean advertising option. I think it makes the Podbean relatively a better option because Podcasters who want to support themselves through some additional income source would get a great company from Podbean.

Free Plans: Limited Storage for Podcast Files

Paid Plans: Starts from $9/month

Smart Podcast Player – Includes the best Ever Media Player

Smart Podcast Player is famous for its excellent media player. Record your voice and simply embed it on your website. You can create an episode and list your podcasts on the homepage as well. The helpful tools provided on the screen and social media sharing option lift the users’ overall podcasting experience.

You can create your own website on this mind-blowing Podcast Platform. Since Smart Podcast Player is accessible on all devices, your website will easily be featured on all screen sizes. You can also give an attractive edge to your website as the platform offers you customization options. Besides that, you also get much more support from the platform in comparison to most other hostings, that drives visitors to your website.

Free Plans: Not available

Paid Plans: Starts from $8.09/month

Simplecast – Best for Big businesses

I must say, Simplecast was important to make a place in this list because the platform offers truly amazing features and offers to its users. Users can embed their recorded podcasts within a few clicks. Though, if someone listens to your podcasts, you can overview it as Simplecast provides you access to check detailed analytics. The top class customization option enhances the overall appearance of your website. Businesses that work at a large scale can opt for Simplecast. In their $35/month plan, Simplecast allows you to include additional team members to handle your website. In the latest updated version, users can get access to some additional features that uplift your podcasting experience and allow you to try your hands at other tools to give an edge to your podcasts.

Free Plans: Comes with a 14-day free trial

Paid Plans: Starts at $15/month

Resonate – A Decent Choice

In the end, another best Podcast platform that impressed me a lot is Resonate Podcast. However, Resonate has not been working in the industry for a very long time, they have apparently launched a hosting platform that is reaping enough positive reviews. You can professionally host your episodic series of podcasting on this platform and thehosting goes smoothly without any hassle. You can also track how your podcasting is performing as the platform provides you access to detailed analytics. The embed player looks cool and enhances the appearance of your website, alongside the interface.

Free Plans: Not Available

Paid Plans: Starts from$ 25/month

9 Ways to Grow your Podcast Followers

It isn’t a surprising question, “How to Grow my Podcast Audience?”

Getting success on a Podcast solely depends on your mouth wording! Maybe, a friend or someone on youtube has answered you something like this. But has that satisfied you? Of course not. After all, despite extensive efforts, your Podcast journey fails to live up to your expectations.

But, it isn’t time to lose hope. It’s time just to start out; even though it will be the second chapter of your podcast journey, you should continue it. But this time, you’ll take strategic moves that helped me to grow. What am I talking about? Check out below.

  1. Choose a Reliable Podcasting Host

Aforementioned, picking out the best podcast hosting platform that fits your requirements is the first step to starting your podcast journey in a way that ensures you do not encounter many problems on the way (not on the platform’s behalf at least).

Though, I’ve listed some of the best podcast options above, you can’t buy them all, right?

Unless you went crazy for your podcast or work as a family lawyer (get the joke?)

Here are some important points to consider before you go out there, arms flailing and choose any platform for your podcast:

  • Check out the varying types of publishing tools they offer. Not all Podcast platforms come with the same tool that you get in other
  • Check out the media sharing options provided by the platform, so you can connect your existing customers or people who know you.
  • Ask yourself if you can use the hosting on both iOS and Android Devices?
  • Most platforms provide flexible storage options whilst few appear to be pestering due to limited storage as you will be able to store your podcast file in a limited amount.
  • Do remember that many times the brand offers its users access to unlimited bandwidth. Make sure you consider this option, because in the near future, if luckily your podcast goes viral, this little feature is going to assist you a lot to keep your and your audience’s experience on your podcast smooth and elegant.
  • What is the price? Several brands offer free plans to their users, but they have limited features, thus, if you are just starting out try your hand on the free hostings before you pay for an upgrade. If it’s the first time, you can choose free plans for your podcast hosting.

Once a hosting platform checks into all these requirements, go for it without a second thought. Now let us glance at the next strategic moves.

  1. Contact! Connect! Create a Community

If you seek instant growth on the podcast, begin contacting your family and friends, take help from social media, and create a community. Even though you have a small listener base, the public will attract towards you after seeing people within your podcast community as it attracts them. It encourages random people to listen to you.

Also, make sure you come up with quality content because speaking gibberish while only being garrulous leaves a negative impression, which isn’t okay for a brand. You’ve just started, so make sure you don’t let any of your shortcomings become a barrier on your next move.

You can also connect with other podcasters through a partnership if you wish for prompt growth. However, in this way, you’ll get another big advantage – you’ll be introduced to their strategy through a close look.

  1. Focus on Value Generation Rather Than Quantity Production

Your one word can emotionally connect your listener within one shot, so instead of producing big content, keep it short but add more value to it. Present your line like a precious statement.

Don’t keep going on and on like your college sweetheart who just won’t shut up about her cheerleading skills!

In the absence of succinct and valuable content, people, instead of following, will start snoring at your voice while you aren’t even half-way there!

Therefore, before you consider taking action, work more on value generation concepts. Which points can attract users? Focus more on such topics. However, the best strategy to play with your user’s mind is to ask anything that the general public follows, implements, and uses in their life.

Don’t describe your story in a nutshell. Break the issue and, bit by bit, explain the solution in simple words, so users retain your podcast for a long time. For this, you can take help from Quora since Quora with its 190+ monthly users is the best Q&A tool to get valuable insights to the general audience’s mind.

You can find here a big list of questions being asked by the real public on Google. Search every question related to your content and see if you can answer them in the tone that suits your podcast’s genre. If yes, you should feel damn confident about it.

Value generation becomes quite easy if you search the issues as your own issues and find the solution that helps you get rid of them effectively.

One golden tip (that you must have heard before) is- Always look through your audience’s perspective while you answer your own questions.

  1. Make a Quality Audio

It’s okay to start improvising when you’re just starting out. You don’t have enough budget? Use your headphones and outshine amongst the other competitive podcasts as you grow.

Still, it’s required that your recorded audio from headphones should sound very clear. If there’s a functional glitch with your headphones, then, of course, you should purchase a special mic for recording your voice. Don’t panic. You’ve no need to spend a big buck; you can find the best quality mic online at a low price as well.

You can also check what other podcasters or Youtubers are using to record sound. Quality audio delivers a clear message to the audience, so make sure you’re well-prepared with the required instruments to start podcasting like a pro.

  1. Head to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Okay! You’re all set with a quality Podcast. You’ve done recording, so now what? It’s the time to proceed with the next most valuable step, “The SEO,” and make your content visible to the audience.

If you think that creating a Podcast will hit the jackpot for you, then someone has definitely advised you wrong. The Internet on its own is a huge empire of information; you can see thousands of things on the same topic which is why you need to stand out amongst the crowd.

Possibly, the content you’re planning to come up with on the internet fails to defeat others. But SEO is the key to outperform in the online marketing sector even when the competition is indicating a red-signal to the newcomers.

For instance, if you have a website, you can embed your Podcast Media Player from the Hosting platform in your web-pages. But sometimes, due to SEO ignorance, the visibility of your website on search engines starts wiping out. If you want that more and more audiences visit your website and experience your content, then consider these few basic SEO points:

  • The right keywords
  • Catchy title
  • A short description in a nutshell
  • Easy to understand plus valuable content

Your podcast should be well-optimized, so it can easily rank in the Google search engine. However, your ultimate goal should be to rank your position among top Podcasts in iTunes if you want to capture a huge crowd.

  1. Create a Trailer

Well, it’s one of the best ways to get noticed and get Apple Podcasts to bring you in the limelight and pin your show on the top page. So make sure you are all set with a catchy trailer that grabs the audience’s attention. Though it’s quite simple, just take a quick overview of any movie trailer. Which things attract you most about them? Figure out all points and take action accordingly

You can also take a few portions from your podcast and create an instant but questionable trailer out of it. It encourages the audience to start listening to you. Though, the best way to go is to add some music to it, so it sounds more interesting and enthusiastic (if that’s the aim).

Don’t jump to the climax; create a trailer with a few lines that incredibly tickles the mind of your listeners and forces them to tap into your episodes. One minute trailer is enough for creating an appealing trailer. I have also seen podcasters creating 3 to 5 minutes of trailers, which often turns out to be very boring because we’re not running a complete episode, it’s supposed to be what it should be – a blurred edge between a teaser and a trailer.

  1.  Welcome a guest

Guests are one of the perfect ways to boost the count of your Podcast Followers. Though guests can be anything, it can be your friends, someone special, or an expert in this field. If you’ve just started this podcast journey, of course, it’s going to be difficult for you to invite a big guest. Duh!

Still, if you somehow manage to bring at least a few well-known people on your podcast, it’ll start engaging the audience. You may be able to throw an interview with big-name personalities, but in the initial stage, you’ll have to be very confident about your work and interview people may not be that famous but have a knack for what they do or believe in.

There’re tons of ways to invite a guest to join your podcast and add value to your episodes. You can invite famous book writers as well, as there are high chances that people who read their books will surely listen to you.

Also, you can use cross-promotional strategies for example, if your guest is a YouTuber, you can ask them to put your podcast link in their description box, and in return, you’ll put their video links on your website. This is why inviting guests is one of the best strategies to grow your podcast followers – it helps you grow as a community and not alone.

  1. Encourage Listeners to Take Action

Here comes the most critical point that you must tick in your checklist. Hardly a few listeners on podcasts are regular listeners that makes it quite challenging for podcasters to induce them into taking actions.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Currently I’m the way!

To bring in a deluge of people to join the followers’ base on your podcast, ask lots of questions to the audience, leaving out a hint of mystery towards the end.Start where you left off in your upcoming podcasts so the readers stay connected and at the same time eager to know when the cliffhanger finally ends. To cut it short, bind the listeners in a sequential manner with your podcasts episodic series.

It keeps encouraging your audience and helps you keep them intrigued all the way. You can also offer them gifts for free or conduct some contests for lucrative giveaways.

  1. Keep Improving Your Quality

Don’t forget to improve the quality of your content. People always want to hear something new, and luckily if you’ve built a strong audience base for your podcasting episodes, of course, your old wordings and incessant repetition will frustrate them and eventually bore them out enough to move onto a better and refreshing podcast.

In your latest podcast episode, you can point out a few things about your last podcasting episodes as well, so new listeners can go back to listen to them which is how you guide your listeners indirectly. It’s the best marketing strategy for sure.

However, it’s essential that your episodes should be aligned in a series, so none of your listeners encounter any issue. Give a clear title, so neither the visual hierarchy or the understanding is negatively impacted. Put attractive and instant-to-grasp calls-to-action elements, or use verbal tone in the way that it repeatedly reflects in a listener’s mind.  Initially, you may find it a bit problematic to you, but as you start getting insights into which questions and answers people like the most, you start mastering the art.


Podcast is undoubtedly an amazing approach to outshine in an unfiltered style because it’s the ideal way of establishing a personal connection with your smart audience who hate fake content stuffed on the internet in a colossal amount. Maybe, you don’t want your content to be the next one among them, right?

So this is how your journey of becoming a master in podcasts can go better. Your podcast growth depends upon your understating of the internet world, what your right audience is and how you can win them over with strategies that do not fade into obscurity over time. It can keep providing the best outcomes if, right from the beginning, you keep everything in a flow and make it more understandable to the reader.

It’s Snowtime, Baby! (I’m sorry this isn’t The Secret Life of Pets 2 and I’m not Alexandre Desplat)

*Correction, it’s Showtime, Baby!

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20 Best WordPress Themes for Advertising Companies



Some of us have a WordPress site just for fun or to give our hobby a little push, while others do it for a living. For some of us, it is something that we do just to wing it at life, while a lot of us have websites that they create as a career. It is not all fun and games for many of us to create a website, its look & feel and hence, it becomes important to bring in the A game in order to attract visitors and earn money. If you are one of those who are here for that reason, you must be interested in getting to know all about the different WordPress themes in case you are the owner of an Advertising Company.

When it comes to creating a website for advertising companies, the Advertising WordPress themes come at your disposal as they are particularly designed to cater to the needs of your business. The themes come with a plethora of awesome features, fonts, sliders, parallax effects in order to hop on the ranks and monetize your sites. Advertising is one of the most common ways to earn money from your website through ads. The WordPress theme allows you to add advertisements to your pages as well as your posts, ensuring that you create a tempting space so that customers are attracted to it.

While most of the themes out there might be clutter, there are a few that are simply mesmerizing and spectacular, to say the least.

Below are 20 themes that will not only make your website look gorgeous, but they will also play a vital role in spiking your website’s conversion rates. These themes are so tempting that they make it hard for the visitors to even take their eyes off of them in order to take a look at anything else on the web.

These themes are not only designed to help you customize or aid your advertising company, but they’ll also make it easy for you to make money.

1.   Wise Mag

Imagine looking for a well-optimized WordPress theme everywhere on the web, only to find out that Wise Mag was the perfect match all along. It is just like finding your car keys in the entire house only to finally find them in your pocket. Wise Mag is a flawlessly lightweight theme and comes up with an incredible design that will attract all those visitors to your site.

Wise Mag can be customized easily and ads can be added to its posts, pages, homepage, and on the bottom as well as top of the site. The theme is also quite flexible and you can choose its color palette as per your mood and choice. Wise Mag also comes bearing a few extra gifts in the form of features like the famous WordPress live chat plugin, which by the way, is absolutely free. Do your visitors have any issues or queries? They can connect with you using the plugin on the website itself.

This simple yet rich theme is a match made in heaven for all the advertising companies out there and its uniqueness is what makes it stand out. The theme allows you to be as creative as you can get and it comes with many incredible features like live chat unlimited, syntax highlighter, easy to configure, affiliates disclaimer, and Adsense optimized.

2.   Grimag

We have always grown up hearing our grandma’s how simplicity is the key to life. Well, it is true up to an extent, but when you mix simplicity with modern ways, your end result turns out to be magic. Talking about magic, let me tell you about Grimag. Known to be the magic of the world of WordPress themes, I mean a combination of simplicity and modern ways, Grimag is a theme that has a not-so-hidden talent of being the most powerful and wonderful publishing solutions for SEO-experts as well as editors.

This theme is ideal for those business owners who are money-minded as its best traits are to attract customers and increase the conversion rate of your website. The theme comes with dark and light skin so you get the option to choose from any of the two with just a click of a button.

You get sharp retina graphics with the theme; when it comes to translations, Grimag allows you to select any language that you wish. You can also play with fonts and colors and its features such as unlimited sidebars, one-click updates, style customizer, incredible admin panel, and many others make it just so easy and fun to use it. The theme is simply content-driven and it is fully responsive, making it your go-to.

3.   Holmes

If you love watching Hollywood movies, you must have noticed how every movie has an essence to it and everything else just revolves around it. Just like there is one main essence to a movie, and the rest of the story acts as an add-on, Holmes is a WordPress theme with an essence that it is considered to be the best advertising theme which comes with a plethora of templates that your advertising company would ever wish for. Holmes is highly customizable and it comes with a thorough admin interface.

If you are already overwhelmed by all the features that it has, you’ll get even happier to know that it is very simple to import the theme’s demo. It can be done with a click and you don’t even need to have the knowledge of coding to go ahead with the theme. On top of it all, Holmes comes with a 100% responsive retina which will definitely look impressive on all screen sizes and it can be installed easily. Holmes theme’s main features are several portfolio list layouts, portfolio list shortcode, gallery shortcode, and various other features that make it the perfect package for a theme you could ever imagine.

4.   Lisfinity

A lot of people in this world stay well-groomed at all times, and they don’t only look flawless, but they also stay up-to-date with the latest trends and fashions. You get what I’m saying right? Lisfinity is just like those people in the world of WordPress themes. The theme comes with some of the most stylish and modern demos for your website and it has features that perfectly complement its unique and spectacular design. The theme comes with a powerful search tool and it makes the experience of the customers hassle-free.

In addition, it has an amazing how-it-works panel and it is also very responsive. The theme is highly configurable and it gives you the control over what goes on your website while also offering monetization options.

5.   Knowhere Pro

Built for being a WordPress theme for complex classifieds, Knowhere Pro is a theme that is actually complex in ways that it can be configured in way too many ways while also being used in more ways than you would ever imagine. The best part about Knowhere Pro is that it is highly configurable. To put it in simple words, Knowhere Pro can be given any shape you want to give it, and hence, you can set it however you’d like.

Not all of us come with instructions, and it can be hard to figure out us humans. On the contrary, Knowhere Pro comes with demos that tell you all about the ways in which you can use it while also offering ready-made options that make it all the more easy to create an intriguing website. This means that it is not at all difficult to figure this theme out and it is also equipped with numerous plugins to make it all the more fun.

6.   AdBreak

There is something about being minimalist these days. From fashion to trends, we all have started to dig the concept of minimalism, and now that it is in the air everywhere, why stay behind in the case of WordPress themes?

Well here’s AdBreak, a minimalist and a modern theme for all advertising companies. AdBreak with a touch of minimalism and flat design is a great option for advertising companies aiming to keep it simple and interactive to the readers. Whether your company is a startup, a small business, or a big company, it really doesn’t matter as AdBreak fits well for all the roles providing you with that perfect contemporary design that you always needed but never thought of.

It is very easy to set up and use, letting you take control of the steering wheel as you go on to build a website of your choice, with everything up to your creations and built using your own hands and mind.

You don’t even need to be a professional coder, making this theme suitable for everyone. The theme also comes with a flexible layout and well, it keeps getting better. Plugins give it an extra glow and let’s not forget about the fact that it is search engine friendly.

7.   Leon

Memories are what keeps the human race intact with the good as well as the bad times that they spent in the past. But what makes such memories? Do we remember everything? Or the things or the experiences that impact our lives, or make us feel something are the ones that turn into memories? I’m sure you all would choose the latter, and you’re absolutely right.

This is exactly what Leon does. This WordPress theme creates such a memorable and a powerful online presence that it makes it hard for the visitors to go. It aims to increase your website’s conversion rate and with just a few clicks your visitors will not even realize when they went to become your valuable customers. Leon also comes with a plethora of features like over 10 custom sections, amazing fonts, demo content, 24/7 support, and so much more.

8.   Oklahoma

Let’s just face it, we’re all here to find the best of everything and why would we want to compromise with the best WordPress theme? Oh and we all also love things that are multitasking right?

Just when I was thinking about serving multiple purposes, let’s talk about Oklahoma, which is a multipurpose listing and directory theme allowing you to build a stunning and spectacular website without going through a lot of pain. When it comes to Oklahoma, no stone remains unturned and the theme comes with several features that simply make it a flawless theme.

Oklahoma is user-friendly and it has a bucket full of features along with its modern as well as a sleek design, which makes it all the more fascinating. Go on to spin your head with all the creations you want as you make use of the ultimate customization options that come with this theme. Your website will be a reflection of what you always imagined it to be, all thanks to the facilities that come with this theme, making it so easy for you to do it all. Equipped with super features, and plugins that are included with it, Oklahoma just makes it easy and handy for you to wing it all in style.

9.   Listing Hive

Gone are the days when one had to go through mountains of troubles to find the best kind of themes for your website. It was not long ago when it took a lot of effort, coding skills, and designed to create a compelling website using a theme. Now that Listing Hive is here, all of that complex process has just vanished and it can all be done with a wink of an eye.

If you choose the right theme with amazing features and plugins, then it can do wonders for you, and this is all true in the case of this impeccable theme- a lightweight, modern, and clean theme that lets you build a website of your dreams. The minimalist design of the theme is basic and you can change its color as well as the look and feel according to your mood and aspirations.

10. LarrysList

Looking for a classified or directory ads theme? LarryList makes for a perfect WordPress theme for your advertising company. The theme is highly responsive and it works smoothly on mobile, and desktop, as well as tablet devices. The theme simply looks great and I’m sure that it will do wonders to bring in all those visitors towards your website. It’s also always ready for translation, and even the non-techies can use it with ease.

11. Jobile

I believe I feel out of the world whenever I surf through a website that slips from one page to the other like butter. In a world where we constantly look for ways to ensure that everything happens quickly because we don’t have time or the patience to do it any other way, Jobile makes its entrance.

Drum rolls, please.

Jobile is a responsive, clean, fast, and lightweight WordPress theme that comes with a highly flexible bootstrap, making it’s game way too strong.

There is no doubt that this theme makes your website look absolutely impressive and stunning and it also ensures that you don’t miss out on grabbing the attention of your potential customers. You’ll be surprised to see how easy it is to change your website’s layout with this theme and how it comes with so many interesting elements that make it look stunning. You’ll also be given the opportunity to make stunning sliders along with the call to action buttons to simply up your game.

12. The Fox

A multipurpose WordPress theme to cater to all your needs, The Fox comes with an impeccable design and its responsiveness and flexibility are what make it worth all your attention. We all dream of a powerful theme, don’t we?

The admin panel of this theme is simply powerful. Give your website a look at the perfect aura with the endless opportunities and features provided by this theme and make the magic happen by racing the horses in your head. It will be a matter of a few minutes and using this theme, the end result will be worth it all.

13. Advertising Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

In an era that runs on the Internet, we all long for engagement and if you are just a business owner standing in front of numerous themes, asking one of them to get you that engagement, well then Advertising Agency Responsive WordPress theme is the right one for you (yes I referenced Notting Hill). Crafted in a very elegant manner advertising Agency Responsive can help you present your business’s product or service in such a way that your audience won’t be able to resist.

We all dig minimalist designs, and this theme walks on the same road as it presents your website in such a compelling way that it becomes hard for anyone to take their eyes off of it. The theme will be full of mystery and it will keep your viewers busy as they will unfold something new each time they scroll through your website. Social media buttons are also integrated into this theme and so your audience will also be able to hop on all your social media pages to dig into the other details of your business.

The page style of this theme is drag-and-drop, which means that the viewers will be able to take full control of each element of the page. The theme is well-groomed and polished, just like we all used to be before Corona hit the world and we fell in love with our night suits. To put it in simple words, there is nothing about this theme that’ll disappoint you.

14. The Voux

Designed with love and all the beauty of the world, The Voux is a WordPress theme that is all about the details. Perfection really is all about the details right? That is exactly what The Voux is based on. It comes with several demos that can be designed by you to make a website you always imagined. The theme does not require any prior knowledge of coding and you will actually get your hands on it pretty easily. The Voux also offers many header styles which also make it much more attractive.

Get on board with the theme to get a feel of the ultimate social experience and monetize your website along with several features that make it all the more fun. This theme does not back down on professionalism, coming with several features like adaptive images, lightbox gallery, header styles, infinite loading, and header styles.

15. Marshal – Business Analysis and Market Research Agency WordPress Theme

Marshall is a theme which is suitable for Advertising as well as Marketing companies for its smooth and gracious working. It fits your idea of being minimalist, lightweight, and comes with a plethora of interesting features that add to its essence.

The live drag-and-drop page builder makes it easy and fast to use. Hopping onto the key features of this theme, yes just like all of us have a key facial feature, this theme has a key feature that comes with custom widgets that instantly enhance the functionality of your website. The social media buttons are also available and they’ll allow you to display content in a very impressive way.

Another impressive point of this theme is typography, which will allow you to choose from more than 500 Google Fonts. Marshall also loads quickly, which means that your customers will have a convenient experience on the website and not to forget, a one that’ll be fulfilling.


16. Elbrus

Versatility is one of the very few traits that make anything suddenly 10x better and the same is the case with this WordPress theme called Elbrus. Elbrus is a multipurpose WordPress theme that can be customized in whatever way you want. Whether you want to create a simple and decent site with the basic features, or you want to create a site with all the fascinating features, high-profile look, and professionalism, everything is possible with Elbrus by your side.

The theme makes it simple and easy to do anything with a Revolution Slider which lets you build classy headers using pretty indelible effects.

The theme’s visual composer allows you to shuffle the elements of the page and arrange them as you please. That’s not it, the theme’s mobile optimization is incredible with high responsiveness for both tablets and mobiles. It does not come off as a surprise that the theme presents everything on your website in a very subtle way and it brings a representation that reflects your brand’s vision in the best possible ways.

17. Maggie Lite

Reminding you of the yummy noodles and instantly making you hungry, Maggie Lite is a WordPress theme that isn’t yum, but classy and clean with its feature-rich theme interface and a 100% responsive design. The theme comes with dark and light colors, several web layouts, colorful category backgrounds, and it has so much more to offer. Apart from that, Maggie Lite comes with an eye-catchy home slider, tabbed widgets, news ticker, and several other features that make your website all the more enticing and prominent on the Internet.

The theme also has multiple ads sections, which means that it is Adsense optimized. Being translation ready just means that this theme can be accessed by anyone out there.

18. Goliath

A 100% responsive WordPress website that is totally compatible with Advertising Companies, Goliath is a theme that instantly enhances the look of your website and it is well-optimized, making it run smoothly on all kinds of devices as well as browsers. The theme comes with a built-in rating system, improved review display, and several cool tools, making it a top-notch theme for your site. This theme makes it easier for the business owners to set up their advertising and it also comes with an ads system that lets you make way for Google Adsense, image banners, or Iframe.

The best part about this theme is that it comes with numerous exciting features such as visual composer drag & drop page builder, mega menu plugin, and several others making it one of the best themes out there.

19. True Pixel

Have you ever craved a theme that is like a complete package of everything you ever wanted? True Pixel is a fully responsive, Widget ready, flexible, clean, classy, and basically a perfectly balanced mixture of a simple yet highly sophisticated WordPress theme that comes bearing style.

The theme lets your customers experience the look and feel of an eye-catchy layout and it also ensures that the space to display your content on the website is not compromised. Built keeping in mind the needs of speed, flexibility, and usability in order to please an impatient audience, True Pixel really is the complete package that will prove to be your website’s coolest life partner. The theme also comes with a truck full of color schemes, options, and features which make it all the more worthy.

20. Adv WordPress Theme

First impressions deserve all the hype that they get, don’t they? There is no doubt in the fact that first impressions are dealmakers or breakers and the statement also stands true for Adv WordPress theme whose versatility makes an impactful first impression as Adv WordPress Theme comes bearing fetching buttons and immersive galleries (see what I did there?).

The design of the Adv WordPress theme is quite flat and straightforward and the theme also lets you go wild with your imagination as you can customize it till you’re satiated with the end result. It is quite convenient to edit, arrange, and do all the other things on the pages of the theme. The buttons help, content areas, drag and drop headers, and all the other tools that come with the theme allow you to create the correct vibe for your advertising company in order to give your customers the ultimate surfing experience.

The theme is fully responsive and you won’t have to worry about it not working appropriately on tablets or smartphones. The theme also comes with parallax effects which create a unique illusion further giving your website’s homepage a very smooth vibe and feel. Another great thing about the theme is the big menu which adds a beautiful touch to the overall look of the theme, also streamlining the navigation on your website. The theme has the power of increasing your conversion as well as engagement rate. It’s worth a shot!

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