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Swati Jaiswal

Swati Jaiswal weaves information and fun in equal parts, bringing immersive posts for our readers. Apart from writing on Digital Marketing, Swati also writes on pet care and animal awareness. Champing at the bit to tell people about HIIT and workout music. She frequently contributes to various guest posts on our health and fitness news brands too. When not writing, she is either thinking of plot ideas for her (unpublished) books, binge-watching or working on her law school assignments.

Top 20 Startups to follow in Europe

Ever since startups became a phenomenon, it hasn’t stopped. PayPal's creator, Peter Thiel is considered an authority figure when it comes to raising equity...

Top 20 Startups to follow in UK

A startup is one field that has a lot of misconception around it. These are misconceptions that are yet to be cleared even after...

Top 20 Startups in the US

One of the most life-changing books I read this year was Zero to One by Peter Thiel. For those of you who arched your...

Top 20 Podcasters to follow on iTunes

Podcasts have peaked in popularity just like Charlie did, in Two and a Half Men. Yeah, I tried referring to Two and a Half Men,...

Top 10 Valentines Day Gifts For Your Partner

Keeping aside the discussion of ‘a gift’s a gift', no matter what you choose to present to your loved ones, it should be meaningful....

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