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AMA with CEO Ekalavya Hansaj


Ask Me Anything, with Ekalavya Hansaj

What we’ve learned from helping 500+ SaaS companies scale through partnerships
Ekalavya Hansaj
As we move into the back half of 2021, we’re opening up our bag of tricks and sharing everything we’ve learned from working with over 500 SaaS companies.
We’ll kick things off by sharing the keys to success for companies both launching and scaling a partner program, then we’ll open it up to a lively ask me anything…. anything and everything is fair game to ask!
What we’ll be covering in this Live AMA Webinar:

September 21st @ 3pm EST

    About the speakers

    Alison Lurie
    Sr. Data Scientist
    Bryn Jones is the CEO and co-founder of PartnerStack, the #1 rated Partner Management Software on and the only partnerships platform build growth.
    Bryn Jones
    AI Engineer
    Tyler Calder leads marketing at PartnerStack flow n , and has been a revenue-focused leader within flow v n high-growth companies for the last 15 years.
    Chuck Mumpson
    Sr. UX Engineer
    Bryn Jones is the CEO and co-founder of PartnerStack, Management Software and the only partnerships platform built to support SaaS revenue growth.
    Fred Turner
    Tyler has also built and scaled a number of partner programs over the years and facilitate a great conversation chime in with a few thoughts of his own.

    Join Ekalavya Hansaj

    Join Ekalavya Hansaj